Sebastian Stan Says Anthony Mackie Struggles with Social Distancing

Birt 24 mar 2021
Sebastian Stan talks about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, playing his character Bucky for a decade and what his first New York City apartment was like.
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Sebastian Stan Says Anthony Mackie Struggles with Social Distancing- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Flat out The Aviator OCD. I get you man. I was born for this. I kept COVID away from my Dad doing these things though!

  • Sabas!

  • The way he laught its just so cute

  • This is rich coming from Stan bc he was fucking being a super spreader traveling everywhere during the pandemic

  • I have a very unhealthy obsession with him 😭😍🥵

  • The jacket is fire 🔥

  • His name sounds like a country in central asia. Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Sebastianstan

  • Hopefully he doesn’t leave the mcu anytime soon

  • not to be dramatic or anything but i’d jump off a cliff for sebastian stan...

  • This guy is just rocking that cute and macho vibe at the same time... WTF man

  • Thank goodness Sebastian Stan speaks in general American accent. If he spoke in English accent....

  • He has played Bucky for 10 years. I literally grow old watching him playing a super soldier.

  • I can’t see seb without hearing Anthony Mackie saying “Sebastian Stan, man you’re looking good” in my head

  • Oh my god! Seth has crazy eyes 👀😂

  • You see the simps of Wanda but now we got Sebastian stans?

  • protect this man at all costs

  • Lol take a shot everytime Sebastian says "you know"

  • Stans jackets are very cool and really attractive 😍

  • This host has android vibes

  • His good looks is one thing...BUT HIS FASHION SENSE IS IMPECCABLE 🔥🔥🔥

  • *Seb is an introvert.*

  • Can someone explain to me why people keep commenting random words that don’t make sense?

  • Did it glitch alot at the beginning for anyone else?

  • This guy too cute and adorable to play winter soldier 😍

  • Sebastian is just AMAZINGLY AWESOME🥰🥰😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️He's a great actor and a brilliant person ❤️

  • not me googling new york city 323 west 42nd street lol

  • The jacket!!!!!! Damn

  • There's no way Sebastian can be this perfect I just love him so much

  • Those blue eyes feel like home

  • Why is he always so sad?

  • Young Hugh Jackman and Mark Hamill. How is that🤯

  • Cake said 107 tho

  • I need his taste in style!

  • yes sir you are a disease, rather contagious 😔

  • i just want to give him a hug yk

  • Idk if i missed it, but does he already have a home cinema theatre or is this a future project to prevent working on the kitchen cabinets? 😉

  • Seth is getting so much better at interviewing guests!

  • Seb looks like a Disney Prince

  • Hope Sebastian Stan stays around the MCU for a while, he's a genuinely a really great actor.

    • He apparently has a really long 7+ picture deal with Marvel. So... hopefully.

  • is anyone else getting tired of covid-related questions lol

  • What a fucking liar...boasts about how seriously he takes covid precautions yet took several vacations across the world with his new european girlfriend in the middle of the fucking pandemic

    • He was in Prague for work. Ok he has girlfriend in Spain but he made big charity for children there. This man does a lot of charity, he's a good man. Crazy fans would like him to be alone all his life.

  • "Somehow they decided to give us a show," when him and Anthony Mackie had, arguably, the best press interviews and became fan-favorites because of them

  • That laugh ❤️

  • I have only one question Seb Why does Sam aggravate you?

  • who said luke skywalker....come on disney give us what we want

  • I wouldn't be surprised if hes smiling cause Anthony Mackie is making jokes in his earpiece

  • Who casually says "unbeknownst" in a conversation?

    • People who have well-developed vocabularies and a firm grasp on more than one language, I’m guessing.

  • ISchats suggestion: "Chris Evans Lights The Internet On Fire With Chest Tattoos" Me: Oh, ok. I might check that out. Also, ISchats suggestion: thumbnail of Sebastian Stan just smiling. Me: Yup, I'm watching this one!

  • SEBASTION STAN. yep that's the comment

  • Fave people ever

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  • #BuckytakesEurope is so cute & LOL at Mackie complaining that Sebastian didn't invite him to Bucky's b'day :D

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  • BYE i thought the title said anthony mackie struggles with social anxiety HAHAHAHAHAHAHAh


  • Such a nice guy. Great show and anyone else think he’d have been a great wolverine?

    • I love him but I think that would be a miscasting

  • is it just me but if you look away... you can kinda hear cole sprouse

  • Okay, a bit random, but I LOVE Sebastian's jacket SO MUCH. That pattern is cool!

  • my lovely sebas😌

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  • God this comment section is a thirst fest for Seb and honestly same

  • So you can Stan Sebastian Stan?

  • Simply one of the most talented and coolest actors. He couldn’t be more perfect as Bucky

  • OMG I HAVE THAT EXACT SAME SHIRT THAT SETH IS WEARING....big up G2000, Non iron shirt ftwwwww

  • #restorethesnyderverse

  • LOL "he looked at me funny & I looked at him funny"

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  • I‘ve been smiling throughout the whole video to the point that my face hurts now 😂


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  • 0:58.. omg the way he smiled ah.. 😭❤️

  • Am I the only who kinda died when he said: "We knew we would stick together bc we both were alive at the end of endgame." How can he be so calm saying that?😱😭

  • This guy is the whole package...not Chris Evans.

  • He makes me scream without the s✨✨

  • Love how he shits on "Fox News" like everyone else lol

  • Man he’s one perfect specimen.

  • I love that Howard Hughes references have been replaced with "Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator".

  • I mean, I’d struggle with social distancing too if I had friends. Tbf it doesn’t matter if someone follows the guidelines or not as long as they aren’t bringing other people into it who don’t want it.

  • Sebastian, Thank you.💗

  • Are you telling me we would've gotten more Bucky content on Seb's Instagram without covid?? AAAAQHHHHHHHRJJDEKJFJIDO1O

  • More like Sebastian “Please Ruin My Life” Stan. Am I right?!!

  • 2:19 his laugh 🥺

  • How dare you look that way, Sebastian Stan..............................I can't focus.

  • Please, Disney and Marvel, cast Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker right now!!!!

  • Someone needs to make Sebastian and Anthony react to New Cap memes. That video would kill the internet!

  • What happened to Seth Meyers??

  • Seb: “I went full on like The Aviator DiCaprio OCD” Me: “I understood that reference!”

    • The Aviator is my favorite movie, I’m so happy he referenced it lol

    • Same! 😅

  • sebastian's laugh is so cute :)

  • I really hope Disney wakes up and gets Sebastian to play Luke Skywalker in a stand alone series. I know he has already said he would love to do it.

  • Text Me: Eight Five Six Three Four Nine Four One Nine Seven

  • i love seb

  • Sebastian Stan. Man, You are looking good.

  • Ain’t no way this man is 38

  • sebastian is really out here looking like this ,,,, pain



  • He is smiling so much... is he ok?

  • Loved Bucky in the comics as a kid, love Sebastian Stan playing him now. (The casting director for Marvel movies should get an Oscar or ten.)

  • He’s so fine bro 😭✋🏼