Seth Addresses the Mass Shooting in Boulder, Colorado

Birt 24 mar 2021
Seth addresses the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, and suggests some words that should be retired when talking about these events. Take action on gun safety by visiting
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Seth Addresses the Mass Shooting in Boulder, Colorado- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Well don't fucking talk about it then you fucking fascist shill

  • Seth - Thank you. 👏👏👏 That was concise and beautiful, AND hopefully blunt enough to shake up and wake up a number of people who can't seem to GET what is really going on and that strong positive action needs to be taken to stop (or at least significantly curtail) these kinds of horrific actions.

  • You guys love your guns what do you expect? If you were there would you get a discount card?

  • What's happening is literal insanity, a mass murder happens we talk about it for a few days, say thing need to change and the government doesn't change anything, and is surprised when it happens again

  • Finally as you know,Anderson Cooper thought that Seth Myers was gay.

  • We knew 'mass shootings'...would return with democrats in office. It's their favorite call in the playbook. They build themselves a stage to stand on. Mass shootings are their work

  • Cheers!

  • U suck Seth Meyers, maybe run out of words quickly .

  • The problem is not enough people carry guns. Things like this don't happen when the public is armed. How far do you think this would have gone if people in the store were armed?

  • I blame covid ending

  • Amendment II. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. There is a funny thing with this, and note I am not against firearms. The funny thing about this amendment is that is has contributed to one of the biggest frauds of our lifetime, there is nothing in that amendment that specifically states that every day citizens have the right to bear arms. They do not, that well regulated militia is by definition your national guard units who are assigned to protect and serve their respective states. Which leaves every single American and wannabe militia member by definition under the law are illegally owning firearms. The second amendment was put in place under a time period where civil unrest and war was more likely than it is today. Not taking into account the destruction to democracy that the last 5 years has been. I'm not against firearms legally, but if you are to follow your own laws the majority of you own your guns under false pretenses and you can thank the nra for blatantly taking advantage of your fears and stoking them further to perpetuate the fraud.

    • The reason for the well regulated militia (national guard units) was because the government at the time feared a standing army and left the free & independent states to form their own defensive units hence the well regulated militia(national guard units).

  • The shooter was a radicalized Muslim. Boulder, Colorado has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. Didn't stop this guy did they?

  • The "new" words being used by the QAnon gullibles about Boulder & Atlanta are "False Flag Operations" - It was faked or staged by the Democrats - to drum up support to "take away our guns and freedoms." Unbelievable.

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  • Sad when late night talk shows show more responsibility and compassion than the minority political party of a country 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • heard an anchor say that it “clearly was not an act of terror”... like, what else do you call a mass shooting? what other effect does it have on a population?

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  • if we're allowed AR-15s, why not hand grenades? flame-throwers? bazookas? tanks? My precious 2nd Amendment rights are being violated because I'm not allowed to own a guided missile system!! Those damn liberals!!

  • Common sense gone. Period!

  • When the Altanta shooter was arrested, they release him and when white people get attacked, the shooter is held without bail. Get rid of these RACISTS that want the legal system to only work for them.

  • Even if guns are banned you people do realize that most people know what the dark web is these days right? It wont stop some crazy person from getting a weapon.

  • I think Biden should just mandate that everyone in the US over the age of five must at least own 20 guns, half being semi-automatic and armor-breaking and at least two weapons must be carried all the time. Maybe then after a couple of years it finally could sink in that more weapons do not make anyone any safer.

  • These will continue to happen until community policing is done away with And people stop harassing and antagonizing people.

  • Maybe they could add ''mass murderer'' in the title.

  • This was very powerful, thank you.


  • The GOP and the NRA: F--k you--No gun control! #StopVotingGOP altogether

  • Text Now : (Eight-Five-Six) (Three-Two-Four) (Seven-Zero-Seven-Zero)

  • So sad nothing changes in the us despite all the thoughts and prayers, platitudes, there is something seriously sick about the US, it’s like a link in the brain of the whole country is missing between cause and effect, it is inexplicable to all rational people everywhere else in the world.

  • Thank you for including suggestions of ways to improve things in your critique. Constructive criticism is too rare.

  • How about terrorist? If you ask me it's an apt description.

  • "Thoughts and prayers" is just lip service. The default thing to say when a person feels they should say "something" so as to appear caring and compassionate. How about saying "I am pissed off, disgusted and outraged that nothing ever changes".

  • Seth Man, I’m not gonna lie. You were not very good in SNL to me.. BUT you have mastered your comedy with some genuine heart and care for others. I enjoy clicking on your show every damn day. Respectfully.

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  • Wow! So succinct yet so poignant!!! 💕😊

  • Why would a regular person need that kind of weapon, why are they available at all. Stop mentioning the killers name. Stop giving them the notoriety Focus on the victims and their families.

  • Mass murder

  • I live in Boulder a few miles away from that kings. I was driving home from an appointment when an ambulance vehicle was just booking it beside me and took a left at the red light. I didn't connect the dots until hours after I had heard about what happened. I wasn't there, but I was close enough that it felt real. Not just real but REAL. This is my community, the people I see and eat and work with. This is horrifying.

  • Good comedy takes a lot of intelligence and honest observation which you master so well. Living half the World away We have a hard time understanding this recurrent and unfixed killing phenomenon in American culture which otherwise the world respects and look up to.

  • Columbine should have been enough to address mass shooting problem. Americans love for guns is too intense, so I doubt there ever going to go away. I believe free healthcare and more help for people with these mental problem is needed. In schools, you need an entire class to talk about this.

  • "Thoughts and prayers" -- GOP hypochristians "What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, "Go in peace; keep warm and well fed," but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead." -- James 2:14-17 (NIV)

  • Repeal the 2nd Amendment

  • If the people that offered "Thoughts and prayers" held their Congress person accountable, their would be less need for Prayers.

  • Clear and to the point. And yet so many people are still arguing that their freedom to buy and carry uncontrolled guns is absolute and supersedes anything else... how cruel and insane.

  • “When will they love their children more than their guns?”

    • Wow, that really is profound. That's the question, isn't it? When will we love our children more than our guns? How can we as a society keep excusing the horrible actions of a few and putting our children and loved ones at risk? I know lm just repeating your point but l really want to find an answer. What can we do to combat the mentally that we have the out and out right to defend ourselves against an out of control government that hasn't itself, aside from what happened on 1/6 which though instigated by the president was not an actual act of our government, actually rallied against the populous?

  • Hey Seth, this doesn't have anything to do with the Boulder murders,(but thank you for your points) but the words we can do without. Would you please tell reporters and T.V. news hosts to quit saying "unpack" and "deep dive"? Certain phrases seem to spread and these two seem to be the trends of today. I'm no wordsmith but can't they be a little more creative? How about "delve into"? How about simply "explore"?

  • Donated- thank you for the recommendation!

  • Words matter. The culture needs to change.

  • Pinned it down. Wtf do prayers do. Nada

  • May the lord forgive the sins of the dead and punish those responsible. May the families be blessed and get help to relief this tragic event, and may the murderers be held responsible and accountable for what they've done and be punished the hardest way possible.

  • Yes we know that you are a cesspool Hollywood atheist

  • Wouldn't it be nice to hear these words from the president?

  • Living in Germany I can't imagine to live in a world in witch everyone around you might carry a gun. I just can't. Don't get me wrong, we have shootings in schools, too. But still I feel save with our gun restrictions. (Sorry, it's not my first language).

    • @Telemach Breuer Ja, wollte damit sagen, dass wir auch keine "heile Welt" haben. Aber da liegen - wie Du sagst - eben doch Welten dazwischen.

    • Richtig, das mit den Schiessereien in Schulen, aber die Häufigkeit ist nicht so groß. War Winnenden (2009 o. 2010 glaube ich), nicht das letzte mal? D. h. also alle paar Jahre und NICHT 1x pro Woche. Dazu kommt noch, daß die Anzahl von an Schußwunden gestorbener Personen in ganz Europa, nur einen Bruchteil von den in den USA bedeutet. (Ja, ich hätte auch auf Englisch antworten können.)

  • I also went grocery shopping the same day in Canada and guess what? Nothing happened, a shooting was the furthest thing from my mind. For Christ's sake compare the US to countries that have gun laws and give yer heads a f***ing shake!!!! I care about our American friends and this stuff makes me so mad!!!!!

  • 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  • Words of wisdom! Politicians, political commentators and news anchors take note. Hypocrites need not respond!

  • Gun laws don't work! Look at chicago! We need more armed citizens who know gun safety and their states self defense laws to protect the people around them. The media never covers the literal thousands of firearm uses for self defense that have saved many lives throughout the years. Get a CPL people!

  • When they say something like "its not the time to look at gun reform, it's time for thoughts and prayers" is that their version of a filibuster?

  • Well said, Seth!

  • Oh geez, it didn’t occur to me that by using the term “shooter” we really are taking away from the severity of the crime. I will try my best to only call them murderers from now on, because that’s what they are.

    • @Valerie Rodger Well, yeah... that's true too. Turns out these are complicated situations. Who knew? ;P

    • @Sean Thompson "active shooter situation" is an accurate and meaningful term - most people who are shot survive, so just because somebody is going around shooting doesn't mean that people are being murdered. Once it's over and we are discussing it, absolutely, if people have been killed, use the terms that most effectively communicate the serious nature of the crime.

    • @Sean Thompson • Yeah! Oh and I also just remembered the word shooter is actually used quite often to refer to first person shooter video games so it literally makes the tragedy sound like a game.

    • Ditto. An "active shooter situation" sounds a lot less scary than an "active murderer situation." It's weird how certain words have more or less gravity in our perceptions. An active shooter just sounds like something you'd hear at a gun range, while an active murder spree is actually scary.

  • Me: looks at title: ANOTHER ONE?! what the hell are you doing America

  • Hey gun nuts. A trained " good guy with a gun " was one of the victims. Riddle me that asshole.

  • You said it, stop calling them shooter. They should be called something they would be embarrassed to be called. Like "Barney Fife' or something like that...

  • If Americans aren't capable of solving a simple problem like gun violence and gun regulation, how can we expect them to solve the more complex ones like high maternal mortality, extreme wealth concentration, belief by many in crazy conspiracy theories, drug addiction, bad education and being overtaken by China in science and technology and global influence.

  • Food for thought: in the last two decades, many years exceed 365 mass shootings in a year, meaning we have more than one a day in the US. We're beyond thoughts and prayers. Waiting for the second coming isn't going to stop murderers kill people. Societal and legal reform will.

  • Well said, Seth and staff!

  • Comedias SHOULD BE Presidents - Polititians are clowns.

  • Almost every other country on Earth has Medicare for All, so that people who need mental health care can get it. Profits before people is the American way. Let's start putting people before profits, the rich are rich enough.

  • also: NEVER vote republican.

  • Also the word "normal", except for when saying "does this look normal?"

  • Why is the MSM avoiding talking about how many people killed in Chicago every month? Never mind, I know why.

  • Thank you so that was short and to the point. When people started saying thoughts and prayers okay it was nice and show that they were thinking of the victims and their families and they wanted to reach out to them even though maybe they live far away. But now it's just something to say because you don't know what to say and your idea of going into that group or other types of groups that are similar is a great idea. I personally am tired of caring thoughts and prayers. There's something else if you want to say words that can be said.

  • Thank you, Mr. Myers, you're so correct. Words do matter. I refuse to say the name of the individual that shot my 7 year old son Daniel to death in his first grade classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary I use the word "shooter". Seth is almost sanitizes the atrocity by affording it a "sporting" connotation. My 7 year old son Daniel was murdered by a killer....period. And what is "unimaginable" is that, despite support from 96% of Americans...our Congress remains unable to enact even simple, modest legislation to address the epidemic of gun violence. As a founder and managing director of the non-profit organization Sandy Hook Promise, I speak to the media fairly often. I will adopt Seth's suggestions into my lexicon from this day forward. Thank you, Mr. Meyers.

  • Repeal the second amendment NOW. Canadians don't need guns to protect themselves. Neither does most of the world. ONLY a bad guy with a gun needs to be killed by a good guy with a gun. Harvest every gun until they are all gone and make simple possession a major felony with a minimum 10 year prison sentence and watch the blood stop flowing.

  • That's my supermarket, right outside my window across South Broadway. It's been imagined because it's been replayed endlessly these past 2 decades. But no, it is not something a person who really lives in Boulder would do to innocent strangers. Even with this pandemic on before we arrived Jan 29th, we have met kind, happy people who very much care about making real world problems, better. You can hardly imagine a place that feels safer. And one murderer- who may have been a good person who lost his way to embody the sicknesses of our society's shadow self- will not change that, if we embrace what we had and still have. I am sorry for the lost lives- their pictures instantly made me cry- but love is coming from all over. " It's not always gonna be this gray." #Boulderstrong

  • A very disturbed man with a well-documented violent was able to get his hands on an assault weapon thanks to some 2nd Amendment/NRA asshole judge overturning a 2-year long ban on those evil weapons just weeks before this happened. That judge's name should be published, and then (s)he should be disbarred. If the Supreme Court doesn't finally see the light from all of this and make obtaining a license and registration for any weapon in the U.S. as "difficult" as obtaining a driver's license, then they should all be booted as well. All of them.

  • Unless there is a possibility of bullet proof human beings developing, and soon, then this is essential reading: The right to bear arms, was written by right thinking leaders, in an age when weapons were capable of only a single shot (please give that some thought, it is an obvious way out of the ' right' v life v no civilisation, mire). No one in any country has the inalienable right to buy or own, let alone to use those weapons, to destroy an innocent life. To shift the focus onto semantics, or chosen words, is just another hurdle to jump before the real issue is faced. Buy as many as you want, but only single shot weapons should be licenced. This could be the first step to to re-civilizing the planets leading democracy

  • Well said!

  • Gun rights advocates are worse than pedophiles. Prove me wrong.

  • Amen, Seth! ❤

  • Multiple people shot to death in the U.S.: why was this story on the news?? I thought those programs were supposed to talk about events that are new and different.

  • Can we just admit that "Thought's and prayers" just means "don't care"

  • Sick of hearing thoughts and prayers. 🤮🤮🤮

  • Short but powerful, thanks Seth

  • "people" who do such self indulgent things should be named for what they are, wankers.

  • Back off my fam Scollins! Love them dad jokes! 💕

  • 0:22 ("I think were all running out of words ") Well isn't it good then that you've got people tellin ya what to say , so you can promote gun confiscation and usher in the new world order. By god I hope you've got a tripple dose of vacc.

  • What possible legitimate reason could there be for civilians to own automatic ASSAULT RIFLES with high capacity magazines? When is the government (the GOP is mostly the problem) going to get the cajones to stand up to the NRA (a small minority) and enact a few common sense gun control measures such as an assault weapons ban and universal background checks to protect the rest of us (95% of the population) from mass shootings by domestic terrorists? The GOP claims to be the party of family values yet their intransigence has allowed 18 families (8 in GA & 10 in CO) to be destroyed in less than a week to say nothing of the thousands of others in recent years.

  • Well done, Seth. The bullshit word droppings are useless.

  • Gun control it's a must. That means, the 2nd will stay but as you pass a test to drive a car you should pass one to own and operate a gun.

  • United States of Mass Shootings.

  • Again! You are a comedy talk show host! No one cares about you opinion!

  • Sad that is is totally “imaginable” We gotta have real action not “we’re looking into it but now is not the time” When the *F* is it time then?

  • Thoughts and prayer come to the rescue of 'Merka yet again.

  • The entire tRump administration would like to offer it's lack of thoughts & prayers.

  • Boulder rich women being gunned down in grocery store makes every one feel unsafe to go get ice cream in America, corporations don't like that and will pressure law makers to pass the strictest gun control laws and bullet identification

  • Thank you Seth

  • BUt aMuRiCa nEeDs mOrE gUnS. America really needs to take peoples guns away. Too many idiots go on shooting sprees.

  • Everyone wants to sounds virtuous but they never explain what “ common sense gun laws” would have prevented this.

    • @Мікалас Кaрыбутоў probably so, if background checks could look for documented mental health events that shows that someone has violent tendencies then they shouldn’t have most firearms.

    • @Brew House This case demonstrates that currently they s*ck. Moreover, they should be federal. Most of criminal law and related procedures should be federal, otherwise it is equivalent of placing armored door in the middle of the field.

    • @Мікалас Кaрыбутоў background checks are mandatory in most states

    • Sound background check. This murderer already had cases of violent assault on his record.

  • Killer and murderer. Very good point. I heard an advertisement on the radio, which was aimed at reducing gun violence. It was incredibly powerful and compelling. Rather than just argue about passing another gun law that wouldn’t actually have prevented this shooting (he bought his gun with a federal background check), I would like to see us explore additional means of prevention. My wife worked under one of the public health masterminds that orchestrated the national anti-tobacco ad campaigns. They were HUGELY successful. Rather than being bogged down in $100 million law suits against law-abiding citizens over second amendment rights for decades, we could be putting those dollars into public health campaigns, mental health services, etc... I get that I am a gun owner and other people hate guns. I’m ok with those folks fighting for what they believe in. All I’m asking is to explore more solutions. Gun laws are not as effective as one might hope. Many of the CA mass shooting, Gilroy, San Bernardino, the one at the junior college in SoCal, were committed with guns or magazines that were illegal in CA and/or federally. Let’s try to do more. We can.