Seth’s Favorite Show Tiny Secret Whispers Is Streaming on Butternut

Birt 24 mar 2021
Seth talks about the new streaming service, Butternut, that hosts Tiny Secret Whispers.
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Seth’s Favorite Show Tiny Secret Whispers Is Streaming on Butternut- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • its tuesday! another episode recap! i butternut miss it, Adabell has me clinging now; i forget the actress, but her teenage-mrs.-marple thing should've been nominated...

  • Also, Y'all, we need to make this trending #TinySecretWhispers #ButternutMissIt

  • Wait.... Did he say ONE OF her twins??????? How many "twins" does she have?????

  • Five dollars with commercials, ten dollars without commercials and if you get just commercials we send you five dollars. 😂

  • i think i'm glad they never show shoemaker reacting to seth during these, the reality could never live up to what's in my mind

  • I hope they give these segments their own playlist on the channel. 😆

  • This butternut streaming platform 🧈 be real!

  • I recommend doing the Butternut free trial so you can take a gander at few of their other shows before committing to the $5 tier.

  • This is exactly the way I want to consume Tony Secret Whispers

  • I would get Butternut, but I just added GGMaxPlus, which gives me ad free access to all Golden Girls related content. You have not lived till you have seen Rue McClanahan's one woman show "Bea and Me."

  • I love this show and I don't even have to watch it

  • The spiky carp infrequently drag because rooster surgically slap forenenst a lame stretch. bright, super comic

  • It's a little early for April Fool's.

  • I always enjoy Seth talking about Tiny Secret Whispers. I cannot justify this. I just do.

  • I’ve been telling all of my older relatives about this wonderful show. They’re looking everywhere for it and I just can’t remember what channel it’s on 😉

  • Yeah, he's kinda dragging it out a little too far.

  • Text Now: Eight Five Six Three Two Four Seven Zero Seven Nine

  • my fav show on butternut is "Doughnut Dreams" its a little raunchy with that Long Johnny character, but its funny.

  • “Bake the Butternut, Wake the Nutterbut”... From “Dyslexia: Don’ts and Do’s”, by Bass Ackwards, Desposition Press, 2120.

  • I was wondering if the show was real because the first 2-3 pages on google is all about Seth Meyers. Wow. Great job esp if ppl finally start to watch it. 🤣🤣🤣

  • I love how netflix has an ad on this

  • Seth! ... I googled Tiny Seccret Whispers! rascal!

  • Seth's playing the long game on this one but to be fair it's not really working for me nice try though Seth.

  • Why do another take, when you know that people are going to talk about it! You´re the perfect example Seth.

  • This butternut be the last we hear of this show!!!!

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  • Now I don't know whether to watch that episode or not! I don't want one bad episode to ruin the whole series!

  • This is nonsense, are the writers on vacation?

  • He actually had me going till the last 30 seconds 😂

  • Secret Sea Captain Whispers is the crossover we all need

    • Tiny Secret Sea Captain Whispers

  • I really love a long term bit but have lost the thread on why I should laugh at this one. (Except for the puns)

  • I think you should have no audience because it makes you talk to fast.

  • Can't unsee that Cage wig.

  • Omg! Adabelle did what?! What happened to detective Delgado? Twins? Can’t wait for the next. It’s getting interesting. They butternut spoil it. 😉#TSW

  • I have pretty much been locked in my apartment for a year and have watched pretty much everything...twice. Imma need Seth to make this telly show happen asap.

  • Love this running bit. XD

  • Honestly, I simply dont trust Adabelle. Comes in out of the blue to put back together their old crew? Can't pronounce deposition? I can tell you one thing, I'm pumped for next week.

  • Seth, ya beautiful moron, I love ya!!

  • Whatever you do, do NOT look up "butternut" on Urban Dictionary. 😳

  • Anyone know if there are any t-o-r-r-.e-n.t.s of the show.........? 😭

  • This show makes me so happy 😊

  • Also, try convincing your boyfriend that “Butternut” is not some lowbrow porn streaming service when he sees the $10 charge on your credit card bill next to Dekkoo’s gay streaming service… *_Neither of them are porn!!_*

  • While we’re on the subject of segments with people we trust with all our heart never to lie to us as they share their expert reviews, when are you going to invite Fred Armisen back for another art history segment? Museums are closed so for many of us Americans his segments make up the bulk of our artistic and cultural education, which is especially important when life returns to normal and we begin traveling again so we don’t make fools of ourselves when visiting art galleries in Europe and striking up conversations with European tourists we meet about art

  • I think you’re a turd and are making this up. I just wasted 15 minutes of my life searching for this delusion of yours. Then stupidly I spent a few more minutes trying to look up the butternut station. So thanks a lot.

  • You know, after listening to all the howling mistakes Seth makes about "Secret Tiny Whispers" I am starting to wonder if "Late Night with Seth Meyers" is a real TV show or just an Internet spoof or some kind of meta in-joke. As a big STW fan, I find it unsettling.

  • A TSW recap? You think I don't know that?

  • Wait... butternut is a real thing...? I thought this was a joke... seriously... 😆

  • I lost it at "and it's a bad episode".

  • That's a bold move by Tiny Secret Whispers, stalling their narrative momentum to do an entire flashback episode in middle school. And is it a detective agency that investigates babysitters, or babysitters that formed a detective agency? I assume the latter, but who can knows with Butternut.

  • My favourite show !

  • i love that seth calls it "secret tiny whispers", and the video titles for these recaps read "tiny secret whispers"

  • TSW is the new sea captain 😆

  • I live for these

  • Lorne, I know you read Seth's ISchats comments - you need to make this show happen, like for real, immediately

  • This whole bit was just to get that last pun in. I'm here for it 😂

  • You totally butternut'ed up.... It's time to put the butternut down and back away slowly.

  • Take away Seth's bong

  • Seth has got to pay more attention. What he saw was obviously a rerun. If he would just get the cliff notes he would realize this is not a new show but just a mini series based on the books "The Tremendous Colossal Roars and Secret Tiny Whispers That Define Us and The Idiots Who Say These Things" - the title may have been shortened for TV 📺

  • Gotta love how Seth almost totally loses it at the end

  • I can't wait for the spinoff to this show, Loud, Painfully Obvious Screams...

  • I'm always telling people that "Butternut and chill" is a thing but no one will come over.

    • That's probably for the best. We'd Butternut spread 'ol Corona, it catches on quick.

  • Wait, is it "Tiny Secret Whispers" as in the video title, or "Secret Tiny Whispers" as Seth says at the beginning 0:05 ?! Need to know if the secrets are tiny or the whispers, before I commit to a Butternut subscription.

    • I think it's both. Listed either way on Butternut. It's also listed under "Tiny Whispering Secrets", "Scented Wispy Egrets" and "Ryan Seacrest's Whiskers".

  • Seth Meyers favorite show tiny big secret whispers

  • I'm ashamed of how many episodes it took me to realize Little Murmurs isn't a real show. I think I even asked my teenager if she watches it.

  • Honestly Seth's rants are a better tv show than anything on the CW

  • truly a world class comedian.

  • Are there any decent shows on Butternut OTHER than TSW? I can't believe they're raising their sub by a dollar a month already? You guys have like ONE show people have even heard about. #ButternutMORELIKEBetternot

    • @Nicholas Lee Marks oh, so I have to pay $4.99 a month AND sit through fucking commercials? I mean, at least would it kill them to change up the commercials more often? I get like the same 3 commercials over and over again.

    • If cost is a concern then get the commercials only package

  • You Butternut miss it. The Dad joke is strong with this one.

  • this is what covid has done to this flimsy weirdo's brain. he's invented a show, pretends he's watching it and filling us in on the details. good gawd what crap! Stick to the good stuff and drop this nonsense! love the rest of the show, all of it, except this BS.

  • I mean, what is "brunch" tho

  • Is the show called "Tiny Secret Whispers" or "Secret Tiny Whispers"? SETH!

  • Is it wrong that I'm kinda invested in this show now? I bet the other twin is Detective Delgado's.

  • Not well known is that it's a reboot of a UK show: Minuscule Surreptitious Susurrations on Rhubarb.

    • Ooo, I did not know the word "susurrations" before now. Clever Brits, with their clever show names!

    • I did not know that - wow - and to think I *watched* the fantastic Minuscule Surreptitious Susurrations on Rhubarb - awesome show! Just like the americas (no offense!), to remake a show so its unrecognizable - ahhhhhh some more pieces fall into place - the Dorothea character obviously - but no, I've said too much - already been reminded once today of spoilers... 🤫😶

  • * furiously makes “Butternut Miss It” tees *

    • I will buy that tee!

  • Oh Butternut, that makes so much more sense. I kept looking for Buttercorn like a real idiot.

  • these segments actually air on TV?

  • Wow I forgot how engaging Seth can be with these great bits. Side benefit of getting a new president is the return of multiple new segments that all carry heart and wry humor.

  • The recap of Tiny Secret Whispers...makes my day, everytime.

  • We need this!!

  • Wait, is this a real show? Is Butternut even a real streaming service? I'm starting to feel like this is all a ruse. Either way, can't wait for the next episode.

  • Still no news on what's behind the husband and the detective being best friends in high school? Damn, I'm actually disappointed.

    • @DethstruXioN ™ Yep, always at least one "give half the cast a week off" episode per season. I get it, but it's infuriating.

    • Just a filler episode 👎

  • I'm invested in this now Seth. You butternut disappoint me 🙄

  • How does Seth do this with a straight face? Like the first few times I thought he was for real. But once you know he's just making it up, like I just can't stop cracking up when he talks about this.

    • darned sea captain wins every time

    • Have you played Ocean Master yet?

  • This segment always gives me a chuckle...well-appreciated these days!

  • Seth, you butternut be making this show up because I wanna watch it.

  • You butternut stop making these segments

  • These are amazing.

  • it’s all fun and games until your wife starts asking questions about a certain butternut subscription

  • Seriously, Butternut is killing it.

  • "My doink fell off"? 😄

  • well.. now i don't need to watch it.. your summary is probably better than the show anyway :)

  • “Despositions” wasn’t the only mistake they left in. The actress playing Addabelle is white but the 12 year old version of her was played by a Chinese boy.

    • @Qermaq you’re quite right. Changed it. Thanks.

    • Addabelle.

  • Don't get it twisted; I LOVE Seth & crew, but my mind honestly boggles that enough people find this bit remotely funny enough to keep it running...

  • "I don't read script, script reads me"

  • I can't wait for the next episode

  • Might get the Butternut subscription instead of Peacock

    • But....but....Amber!!

  • The briefcase in _Pulp Fiction_ definitely contained a preview copy of the Season 1 finale (with explosive cliffhanger ending) to _Tiny Secret Whispers_

    • Ahhh that makes so much sense - thank you - more pieces finally coming together (though every time I think that - led down another deadened in this amazing maze...) - it would explain all the Pulp Fiction reference - just thought - well you know - with the people behind the scenes - it was a bit indulgent - NOW - oh I'm wondering... IF that is true (very big *if* given this show...) - I must away!! (Get more corkboard to embrace these new theories - already completely covered my lounge - then my hallway - ah bedroom - perfect - I get little sleep now anyways - corkboard - pins - red string...)

  • He made me google butternut 🤣

  • I'm so glad to hear you're a fan

  • What time is it on again?

    • @Kathy Jones oh yeah that's right I can get it on demand on butternut 😉

    • That’s the beauty of it. You can watch whenever you want. Just close your eyes...