Retta’s COVID Vaccine Appointment Was Emotional

Birt 25 mar 2021
Retta talks about re-entering society after the COVID-19 pandemic and getting her Johnson & Johnson vaccine, then gives Seth an update on her biking.
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Retta’s COVID Vaccine Appointment Was Emotional- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Love her

  • Retta is awesome :D Such a lovely personality & sweet energy! Loved her in Parks & Rec and loving her now in Good Girls, keep up the great work!

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  • I love Retta


  • Covid vaccination was emotional? She needs to get out more, oh and stop lying that she actually the vaccine.

    • What are you trying to say fool?

  • Propaganda

  • Love Retta and her home looks beautiful!

  • Smart, pretty and talented...I love her🥰

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  • Yes, I can definitely see her as a scientist.

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  • Seth Meyers RETTA'S appointment emotional

  • I got my first shot, and now have passed the date for my second, due to scheduling conflicts. It is annoying.

  • Ahhhh thank you. When I put makeup on these days I feel like a damn clown.

  • *NIH:* "Lasting immunity found after recovery from COVID-19" But you'll "need" a vaccine either way. Ha ha! How obvious does this have to get?

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  • Your makeup is beautiful, you got this. As for me, I'm having a hard time readjusting to pants.

  • Retta did a great job on Parks & Recreation! Also my favorite show on NBC!

  • The idea of Retta POUNDING 6 Smirnoff Ice makes me love this woman so much more

    • @Drago Milosevic Some of them are light weights. It's like Kool-aid for us hard drinkers. I think of my mama and her lil wine coolers, smh. 😅💙😏

    • Black women can really pound em back.

  • Why did you remove Rettas day drinking video?? It was the funniest one! I bet it's on the pay side of that peacock. I ament paying for that bloody peacock! Bring back the video! Thank you

  • That's the downside of the shot... I'll have no excuse not to talk to people in person anymore. I imagine they see it as a downside too.

  • For me my shot was less emotional... Had Astrazenica yesterday and was surprised how little I felt the needle and about the reaction at the injection site. Fast forward 8 hours later and the side effects started slowly kicking in. By 10pm I had the shudders and a thoroughly sore arm... Got better over the night but still needed a paracetamol... Still not regretting it though. That would be foolish.

    • @Drago Milosevic 1) There's going to be a booster shot 2) So far the vaccines have shown to still be effective. The vaccines actually teach the immune system to recognise the spike protein that the virus uses to inject itself into cells. Unless there's suddenly a dramatic mutation to the spike protein, other changes to the virus won't be so relevant when it still uses roughly the same spike protein. And besides, since there are now initial vaccines, there is a basis to be worked upon in case a new strain does require adjustments. All in all, what's your bloody point? Even if there were now new strains that are immune to the vaccine, I'd rather be protected against some strains than none!

    • Foolish would be thinking one shot will be able to protect you against covid when's theirs a new strain of covid almost every week now.

    • @Lilly Who almost 24 hours now with no other side effects.

    • @Deborah Barnes Did you get any flu symptoms? I've had a paracetamol and I'm better now. 😅

    • I got my first Pfizer dose yesterday. I usually have injection site pain from the regular flu shot, but only slight discomfort from this.

  • I was emotional too when i got my shots in march. My mom died from covid in january and would be alive today if her nursing home had given her a shot in dec.

    • I am so sorry 😞 I don't know you but my mother passed away years ago I'm happy to listen if you need an ear

    • Oh dear Diane Lebovitz, so sorry for such a great family Loss that, you feel, could have been prevented. No wonder, you got emotional while getting your vaccination. 🕊💞

  • This is when Seth started drinking - he’s got that day drinking attention 🍹

  • Retta is lookin' straight up gorgeous! Such a super funny lady.

  • 🤔.... hrmm... I’m gonna guess... Natty Ice 😉😁🤣✨🙏🏻✨

  • Rhetta looks so good!! The makeup is on point!

  • When I got my appointment I cried. The relief was so emotional. But then the anger of so much loss of life and the way it was handled hit me.

  • she is amazing!!

    • @Quantum_electro_dynamic_1 Don't you have done conspiracy theory rabbit hole to fall down into troll?

    • For a dude sure I guess lol.