Trump Disses Meghan Markle, Biden's COVID Vaccine News: Late Night’s News of the Week

Birt 19 mar 2021
All the news and jokes you missed from the week of March 15.
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Trump Disses Meghan Markle, Biden's COVID Vaccine News: Late Night’s News of the Week- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • still with Trump jokes. Seth really needs need material. show very boring .

  • Seth, dear .... MEN'S clothes function on a mostly-sensible and somewhat reliable mathematical standard. Women's.... do not.

  • He missed out on a perfectly good dict joke

  • Big up Scallins.....nuff love from Jamaica 🇯🇲

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  • birds ref, awesome throw back, lol!

  • I love how Amber makes Seth grin from ear to ear, lol.

  • How did this person get a show he's boring and not funny. Idoits

  • ☘️ The "Prime Minister" of Ireland.? 🙄

  • *@Duma/Drum* ☘️ Glad im not the only one to find SMyers smug conceit just too much. Its like his target audience are the guys laughing in the background & all the smug sniggers & asides throughout just confirm this. It feels like 'gooseberrying' on a dating couple. Eew..! Seth should watch Stephen Colbert to see how its done, to make everyone laugh! 😂

  • Classic way to work in "gap size". I don't even think Seth got it.

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  • countdown was awesome

  • Trump on Markle... birds of a feather, causing disturbance for attention.

  • I love Amber

  • Hyping that woman's BS (Seth's assistant or whatever) at such a young age (as was mentioned some time, which is necessary btw.) means she will probably never be good..

  • he talks all the time but it doesnt concern you. you literally can't have a show with out talking about trump its hilarious

  • I love Seth’s disappointed dad lecture to the bad joke writers 😂

  • three times a day isnt that much...

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  • Hell yeah, Seth said trans rights! Thanks for supporting trans men like me.

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  • Give whoever made that goat joke a raise. It was stupid and I didn’t laugh, but I *needed* it.

  • If you shop at Lane Bryant or Torrid or basically any store women shop at then you know that your size depends on which store.

  • Theres only several of you that are even close to interesting.

  • Text Now : (Eight-Five-Six) (Three-Two-Four) (Seven-Zero-Seven-Zero)

  • I usually have to "relieve tension" twice a day. Seems normal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • Tucker Carlson just trying to sound more trumpish ! Flipping his WIG again trying to fit in with the bigger bigots !

  • I hope Tucker Carlson skipped that one and this one too

  • The prettyLady who talks fast 👍 GREAT ADDITION to your show ! MORE PLEASE ! 👍😇👼❤️ 👵🏻😺🐶🖖👽✊🏾👍

  • How do you make comics juxtaposition themselves so they makes sense and is it okay to leave more than one?

  • Horrifying thought Maybe Tucker Carlson reading those text comments didn't watch the full video

  • Great addition to your show the pretty fast talking Lady ! 👍❤️😇👼👵🏻🐶😺🖖👽

  • I'm Feeling guilty maybe I should have said Msturbate...

  • No one should ever masturbate it makes them feel like a loser oops

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • it's based on an average Seth! sorry for breaking my records 365 days in a row

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  • I'm calling it, the goat joke will be the best joke of 2021! Fact.

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  • 3 times a day? Damn!

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  • Pity you didn't have a pic of our Welsh goats. They're not those skinny, groomed, things. Muscular & ill tempered buggers, with long shaggy hair and bloody great big curved horns. It was live goat on goat action 7 days a week, outside peoples windows, all over town during lockdown. Total shag-fest.

  • "It's not like you have to know what your size is for that store." Haha and every woman rolls their eyes knowing that their size can vary 3-4 sizes between stores.

  • Did they get new writers? That was painful

  • Ok that last joke made me laugh. 😂

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  • This show is like c tier late night like who df is this guy

  • My niece was super uptight and always called it “Richard’s Sporting Goods” 🤪

  • Being reassured that what you expect to happen, will happen; is a glorious thing! 🗽🌅😁

  • I hope Amber's straight, because I want her.

  • As an Italian man, who's mother is from the old country, that wine joke at the end really hit for me. From an extremely young age its common for European families in the south to pair wines with the proteins for dinner. Even the kids get a tiny cup. I dont drink wine anymore but there is always wine on my dinner table reflecting the protein just in case anyone would want some. Culture baby! Wine and a doobie!

  • Holy ish! That Sriracha/advertisement point was spot on! You never see ads for things everyone loves lmao! I've never seen a Sriracha commercial and discovered it the same way everyone does, someone puts it on some food and youre like, welp, thats a must have.

  • *Mark of the BEAST* New World Order Rev 13

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  • Seth: "you don't have to know your size for that store." All women: 👁️👄👁️

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  • peak beyonce clearly was back in 2002 when she was allowed to be part of the greatness that is austin powers, groovy baby yeeeeahhh

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  • *i question* ... the assassination of john f kennedy... the civil rights act of 1964... the vietnam war.. where... the only point was to buddy up... Edwin Starr - War (Original Video - 1969) -

  • Trump is accused of being orange i don't think he minds.

  • Bring back the Sea Captain plz

  • Could called this ep. Fun time jokes w buttbreath Seth. Mighta done better.

  • The halting barbara conclusively joke because edward suggestively share apud a short kimberly. parsimonious, whimsical chain

  • Monologue was too funny when I didn't expect it. Between Dicks and Karen getting all cynical n isht, I laughed so hard my joint dropped into the sauce!!

  • bruh seth meyers OWNS the algorithm

  • Seth - once again you just are not funny. Trump is out of office so please move on and attack someone new. And get some new writers that can write about different subjects that doesn't offend half of your viewership.

  • This whole thing was pretty cringe but the "kids are a choice" joke was pretty bad

  • If you're gonna be a clown could you at least try to be funny? Jesus, this is unbearable.

  • Uhhhh did i participate in a study and not know about it???

  • So when do the 5 men free years begin?

  • Yeah, I wondered why Biden & Co. are traveling to promote the covid bill when there is already large bipartisan approval, but personally I think Biden has some plan he is putting into motion.....

  • English-language dictionaries lost all credibility when they included "ginormous" as if it were a word. (It isn't.)


  • Love this so much with Seth and the staff bouncing things off each other and laughing. 💗😂

  • #you've been cancelled.Nice

  • Republicans love to hold people back! Republicans are cheating in Republican controlled states making laws that take voting rights away from people of color! Republicans convince poor whites that the Democrats are the problem that keeps them from having a good life! Democrats need to have more hard-hitting messages to the poor telling them the Republicans are holding them back! VOTE THEM OUT!

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  • Late-night talk show hosts are mostly all white and racist.

  • Harry Potter jokes or references will always go over my head I'm not reading it or even seeing what the name of a title is besides Harry Potter it has subtitles I think.

  • Is your sweater from Prada?

  • 😂😂😂

  • The dog swabbing made me lol

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  • 3:13

  • The one time I play for my mother and you can’t stop talking about masturbation

  • "Everyone loves Siracha"? Not my mom, she only loves lunchbox pepper products. Good thing I'm growing two color varieties this year. Otherwise, I wouldn't have any for myself. Lmfao.

  • You don't have to know your size for _that_ store.....? Unless you're a woman..... or a non-average shape....

  • Amber straight killed me lmao

  • Seth Myers for the next host of THE DAILY SHOW...NOW!