CORRECTIONS: Week of Monday, March 22

Birt 26 mar 2021
Seth Meyers takes a moment to address some of the errors from this week of Late Night, like mispronouncing "codified" and not using Nic Cage’s real name.
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CORRECTIONS: Week of Monday, March 22- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Love Amber, but she’s wrong.


  • This has got to be improv and its seamless

  • I love this

  • Thank you for showing the necessary humility and commitment to truth to do this! Don’t listen to people who tell you not to listen to people!

  • Oh Seth... don't let Colbert hear you talking this way!

  • Seth should read "The Children of Húrin" or Tolkien's translation and commentary of "Beowulf". They're short enough for his taste aaaand there's some stuff in there that might shock him.

  • Seth vs the youtube comments is the best

  • Despite what I previously said. I have always thought and mentioned in no uncertain terms that this Amber that he's frequently giving special airtime is one of the worst things that happened to comedy in a long time... I don't think she could get me to laugh in hundreds and hundreds of years (even if I tried), her whole schtick is being annoying and a voicepiece for any modern radical outrage.

  • Ahahaha... "I know it's Tolkien." [Instead of Tolkin.] Seth Meyers as usually just smarter than most. Because not even cringey, annoying super-nerd and fan Stephen Colbert would ever think of noticing the difference between "Tolkien" and "Tolkin". And he is super-proud of being a superfan.... Whereas Seth Meyers seems to know the stuff, but not care overmuch.

  • I love how he trolls the LOTR fans and I am one *rofl*. (pretty sure he secretly knows them, if only for Stephen Colbert)

  • Even if it's mostly jokes, I appreciate that you publish corrections when you make mistakes. Shows that you're a respectable news source.

  • Please keep not only this segment but don't bring the audience back. It's so much better without them and I really liked the show before. It feels more informal and that's what your 18-35 viewers want to see clearly! Unless that's not the demo you are going for.

  • Candace is also of Biblical origin: "A “Candace, queen of the Ethiopians” is mentioned in the Bible when the apostle Philip meets “a eunuch of great authority” under her reign and converts him to Christianity (Acts 8:27-39). In this passage, as in other ancient works mentioning the Candace, the royal title has often been confused with a personal name."

  • Didn't know he did these. Cool way to connect with fans of the show all around the world. Keep it up

  • How do you,as a man, mix up a firebird for a Camaro ? I've owned both. I'm shocked 😲

  • My favourite segment!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I need last weeks corrections stat

  • That last joke about LOTR was absolutely worth the wait.

  • this is the greatest segment!

  • I love how this non-segment is better than all the material the paid writers put out

  • I agree with Amber! Don't do this segment! Don't feed the internet trolls! LOL. xoxo

  • are you coming back to YOUTOOOB? WE MISS YOU.

  • Its “Return of the King” not “Return to the King”

  • I legit thought the face shield was apart of a bit because it looks likes a two liter bottle cut in half.

  • Wonderful video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Should've been "The corrections *are* over."

  • This is why Colbert's show is so much better - he never gets Lord Of The Rings wrong!

    • Seth Meyers just out of his own volition corrected himself on what Colbert never got right and would never think of... That is, the pronunciation of "Tolkien" instead of "Tolkin" or "Tolken" or some crap like that, the latter always being Colbert's version...

  • Why does amber have a cut up 2 liter on her face?

  • Omfg! This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! I loooooove corrections! And the end? *chefs kiss* I was in straight up stitches!

  • Good old Seth Myers , the former comedian who traded funny for woke .

  • Uh oh he is gonna make some LOTR fans mad

  • Hello Mr. Meyers 🙌 That interview with Conan was terrific! Who knew you were hired as a performer at SNL 🤷‍♂️ cool story sir, PS Hey on or around the 7 minute mark you list a host of Super! fellas that you worked with, this generation, that group, this cast, that cast, Lots of no Ladies in All those “eras” eh?...who knew 🤷‍♂️...i remember them anyway, ☮️💜

  • My engagement is engaged!

  • We do say "crikey" in New Zealand. #justsaying

  • Um... Candace is Queen of Ethiopia in the Bible. It's actually a title similar to "Caesar" in the Roman tradition.

  • Candace is also a biblical name. Candace was the queen of the Ethiopians. (Pronounced more like “Kandake” back then.)

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  • They have to keep this segment - Running to my keyboard is the best exercise routine i can get during this pandemic.

  • Amber telling him not to engage the trolls just really drives home that she is the friend we all wish we had and could be for someone else.

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  • Next week: Amber reads Return of the King. Some people love it. *Some people* use it to fall asleep.

  • Seth Meyers, proof that the general public will watch anything.

  • Seth you are every Irish Mother's Nightmare and that's a compliment coming from an Irish mother

  • I’m homeschooling. We just read The Hobbit. That’s the worst trash I ever read. Was he high?? Make a point. The man can’t chose an initial, that’s the first sign. It was so bad I was rooting for the spiders that caught them.

  • Taoiseach is pronounced "Tee-shuck" - come on, Seth XP

  • favorite newer segment, don't stop!!!

  • This show is soon going to be 2 minutes long the more distant trump becomes.

  • I

  • Hi an Irish person here, it’s pronounced tee-shock-t (2 syllables). A for effort though, love the show. Keep being awesome. P.S. we also have a president (who doesn’t really have that much formal power)

  • (btw, your hair looks great tonight!)

  • Someone please link me the nick cage/dinosaur joke I missed it.

  • It’s pronounced like tea-shock And his name Micheál, is pronounced me-hall... not me-hole... unless you were trying to be funny and make it sound like ass, in which case it’s understandable but the premise is off.

  • Taoiseach is pronounced tee-shock

  • 5:20 If we don't nitpick and comment on what you get wrong, how else are we supposed to interact with people over the internet?

  • Crikey is Australian 🇦🇺

  • Taoiseach is /tiːʃəx/ (wikipedia gives TEE-shakh for English speakers) not /teɪ̯.ʃə/. Also, codify is both /ˈkɑ.dɨˌfaɪ/ and /ˈkoʊ.dɨˌfaɪ/ (cod-ify, and code-ify). And in Received Pronunciation definitely not cod-ify.

  • This is the best. Never stop.

  • Love the dunking on Lord of the Rings 🤣

  • Deborah had a son , wait for it : Scullins

  • I had to check the length of the video...

  • Honestly, just thank you for this show.

  • FFS!!! Apparently, "a bunch of people" pointed out that although Deborah (Ben Franklin's wife's name) sounds like a new, modern & very recently birthed moniker to Seth, it was, in fact mentioned in The Old Testament. Well, I say that it is a damn shame that not one member of that "bunch" of people who so quickly corrected Seth bothered to also mention to him that in the very same joke, he would much more egregiously state that Ben Franklin INVENTED ELECTRICITY!!!!! I mean, why bother correcting that deeply troubling statement when there's far more important debates to be had over the home nation of the word "crikey" or how bloody old some random female name may or may not be. You hurt my heart as well as my brain tonight, Mr. Meyers & now you must live with that!

  • Real heroes.

  • Stephen Colbert is absolutely one of the (at time of typing) 99 dislikes on this video... maybe all 99. And probably a report to youtube for bullying.

  • Why does Amber have a she-wee over her face?

  • Seth, your name is actually pronounced Patricia.

  • Crikey is Australian not New Zealandian

  • Correction: Candace is actually a name in the Bible. She was an Ethiopian queen who converted to Christianity. When you said Candace I was like wait a minute. Then I looked it up. Lol

  • did someone say seths crrections day. any one got something to write on ? oh here,s a bit of paper stuck to the wall . any one got a pen ????

  • Actually, according to Webster, both pronunciations of codify are correct.

  • Taoiseach is pronounced TEE schuck and you wete having THE craic, not A crack. Yikes!


  • the way he holds the pencil...such grace... it’s all i’m focused on

  • Seth...what is wrong with you??? 🤣😂 I'm giving you a prescription: you need to read the Bible, Lord of the Rings, and the Silmarillion! Smh

  • These segments are fun, but also, some people have way too much time on their hands.

  • Actually by far my favorite part of all the Late Night online stuff. As a long year freeloadin' ISchats lurker I appreciate it a lot.

  • Is A+ still a part of the official grading system? And yes.. Yes I'm kidding.

  • The show keeps getting better and better. The candidness of the jokes feel more natural than when you would tell jokes on "regular tv" pre-covid. :)

  • Did he say "Return to the King"? Here comes another correction...

  • You got a true LOL at the Hobbit comment like " I read it when I was too young, like about 30." Even though I loved it at age 8, and understood the style of LOTR by 12. I think readers need the older, no-vocab-or-punctuations-holds-barred, ask if you don't understand pre-70s children's literature, folk-tales and King James Bible / major mythology background to be comfortable with Tolkien's work. Without that, you need a lot of heavy reading which most won't do for fun. So I don't blame those who don't get why I like it.

  • Deborah is actually a bee in Hebrew, and she is pretty badass in the bible

  • It's pronounced "Tee Shuck".

  • I read the Hobbit when I was 28 and had loads of patience. It's been 26 years since I read the Hobbit and it is the most boring book I have ever read. And I have read Art of the Deal, which is very sleep-inducing and sad.

  • corrections is my new favourite segment

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  • Your Deborah issue actually has a name. It is called the Tiffany problem in literary circles. Tiffany is a name that traces back to at least mid evil times, but sounds way too modern to be used by authors trying to come up with an old sounding name.

  • Good thing you're not trying to pitch any Carlos Ray Norris jokes then ehh?

  • I don’t even watch the show, just Corrections 😂

  • Meyers vs Colbert on a Tolkien-off

  • Home run yes, but Seth... bro you killed me at the end! 😂

  • I would like to make a correction! We don't like the way you are not knit picky enough about our knit pickiness!

  • Besides loving “Corrections,” I also love your takedowns of Tolkien. Man! I am so sick of that bozo! He was a lazy writer who: used “magic” to fix the plot after painting himself into a corner; never fully developed his characters; spent far too much time describing landscape; and, like nearly all fantasy writers, placed evil outside of human agency. Please, people! Read some well-written, thoughtful, and challenging books! And keep loving Seth Meyers, who is always thoughtful and challenging.

  • "I'd read [the Judeo-Christian bible] if the only other thing available was Return of the King"

  • The way italo-American just forget how to properly pronounce their names will never stop being funny to me. I always wonder if they do it to blend in or they just gave up on correcting people at a certain point and went yeah sure that’s how you say it.”

  • I’m starting to think the “corrections” are cracking me up the most. Thanks for the laughs, always, through of all this!

  • Someone must be looking at the Old Testament for a Karen.

  • Still got Taoiseach wrong. It's tea-shuck (as in shucking corn)

  • I love these and please keep doing them

  • I think a graphic novel called "Cage the Dinosaur Avenger" has great potential.