Kevin McCarthy Hires Trump's Political Director in Hopes to Win Back the House

Birt 23 mar 2021
Seth Meyers' monologue from Monday, March 22.
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Kevin McCarthy Hires Trump's Political Director in Hopes to Win Back the House- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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  • I would never in a million years thought I'd admit to missing trump.

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  • No Trump TP on shoe video?

  • It's funny watching someone with tp on their shoe, it's just sad and scary watching an old man fall down steep stairs...

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  • Brian Jack - beware of men with 2 names.

  • At what point was the Secret Service going to step in to assist President Biden? After he rolled to the bottom of the stairs? 🤯

  • Profound.

  • Oh boy, we must not have our current level of consciousness go anyway but here. We have to raise the consciousness before taking it to the stars.

  • Megan is the biggest cry baby, its just for the attention she so desperately craves... yeah old people are racist, like anyone is surprised by that revelation.

  • Seth is a comedy show reporting on politics. Joe and kamala give us plenty to laugh at. Seth knows his handlers are a joke

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  • Biden did have a fractured foot... so he may still be a rusty in his physical therapy

  • Why is every powerful man accused of sexual harassment and/or rape? I just don't believe the accusations are 100% true *They just can't all be true.* either that or literally every man is a rapist deep down on the inside

  • #JusticeForScollins

  • I always forget, in America pot is still illegal while machine guns are ok.

  • 0:52 Diversity Czar lol... this sounds like one of those things conservatives are afraid that "The Left" is doing. "Every workplace will have a Diversity Czar as part of their PC police division!"

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  • It is just Tabbacco...opps...shout out to my Hoes! lmao...Cogan!!! ymCA

  • Nooooooooo! Things are finally starting to look up. We don't need republicans controlling the house or the senate--to mess things up again! LOL

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  • I got to hand it to s c o l l i n s

  • 😂😂😂😂😂veerrrry funny Seth😂

  • "Shout out to my hose".... you know, I think that's just won the internet

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  • I thought we could go on without hearing about Trump after President Biden took office. But here he again is in the news every single day on many levels!

  • “... extend the light of consciousness AD ASTRA.”

  • I've been using cannabis daily since 1975... does that count?

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  • Thank god he didn’t have complete loss of cognitive

  • What a tool

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  • No! The hose thing ws genius. Also, if you run that many times, you're bound to trip. #LeaveBidenAlone

  • "Should out to my hose" was actually hilarious.

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  • The hose joke might be the best thing I've heard all day 😂

  • I think ALL people that work in the government should smoke more weed. Maybe they wouldn’t be such assholes if they did 🙄

  • Your a leg mate Keep it up 😜

  • It's okay that Biden fell. He's still in better shape than the last dude.

  • so good

  • Have you ever walked up stairs with leather soled fancy Italian loafers, cause I have and I've failed. I'm 50 this year. Good shoes from Italy have leather soles, it's a thing. If you've never paid more than $300 for dress shoes, just move on, you don't know what Im talking about.

  • He slipped or tripped

  • Hello! :)

  • why does anyone talking about metaphysics constantly have to lead to a fucking cannabis joke!?

  • God damn Biden like there's nothing better to do than go around firing people for "past pot use." JFC gramps, we know you are a relic of the past, but try to keep up dude

  • Not gonna happen, the house Democratic Party will extend the lead in sure if it.

  • We need more people in the white house smoking Marijuana.

  • leave it to these nerds to have the vape smoke coming out of the wrong end

  • "Shoutout to my hose"! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Now show the clip of Mike Pence tripping while going up some stairs.

  • The only thing i miss about Trump are the wonderful words he can't say properly.

  • Solid 9 tonight Seth. The jokes were on par. And look. I tried so hard not to laugh at granddaddy but that ish was hilarious

  • I love you ❤️ and all the laughs. Thank You, to everyone involved, with so much love and heartfelt gratitude.

  • Biden tripped a lot there. Although I actually like him so it's funnier when trump trips!

  • #ShoutOutToMyHose

  • Please...Stop showing clips of, Or say Cheetoheads name. He loves to hear his name, and you can frustrate the hell out of him that way.

  • It's essentially a repeat of past presidents; first Nixon with the scandals, then immediately Ford with the stair Force One slip.

  • Biden better slow his roll


  • We get it, Trump sucks, Biden rules, either way you should talk more about Biden and make jokes about that.. Let go of the Trump era, be happy its over!


  • Shout out to my hose. The loudest laugh in my soul

  • Hiring ex-trump employees is brilliant. You’ll be speaker in 22 Kevin.

  • shout out to my hose ... love it

  • Thanks Seth Meyers Et Al.🙂 Republicants make Great videos...😁

  • not funny laughing at your elders

  • Bite in any day over Trump the front the grumpy the lumpy you know what I mean

  • Show Mike pence falling on stairs

  • Ya know what’s amazing?! It’s amazing that Naval Academy grads can be so effed up that they are homeless for years, or even decades. You’re welcome for my service, Seth.

  • Oh shut up Seth.

    • Why are you even watching something that you clearly don’t like? That makes no sense whatsoever.

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  • President Biden didn't trip...his left leg gave out on him. You can tell it took a couple minutes to correct...maybe related to his injury?

  • Trump's Political Director is a perfect choice. He did a great job for Trump in 2021.

  • Get New York-y. Have more confidence in Cuomo. Due process rules.

  • Why do the stairs have carpet?

  • Lol...👍420

  • There is a marvelous bit of stand-up from the great Scottish comedian Billy Connolly in which he is being a drunk Glaswegian. He describes it as "trying to walk with on foot nailed to the floor". That is what T***p looks like when dancing, except he has both feet nailed to the floor!

  • I thought grass was legal?

  • There isn't really a contradiction, though. Biden tripped because he was trying to sprint up a steep flight of stairs, Trump goes really slow because he doesn't want to get hurt, and pays no attention to details like toilet paper and umbrellas. One man is trying really hard to get something done and has to occasionally get back up after making a mistake. The other man cares only about his own safety and literally nothing else. That's each man's approach to life in a nutshell.

  • I thought it was a comedy sketch and a fake biden. No no that's real 😂😂😂😂

  • Wow. Sex robots have really advanced over the years. I really have to upgrade from my Roomba.

  • Spraying silicon on stairs works every time.

  • When did the ROUTINE admiration of God's creation become "LUST" ?

  • Thanks Seth 👍 As an Independent voter it will be years before I vote GOP.

  • Hey, if he managed to get that shambolic, idiotic, golf cheating TV gameshow host elected to one of the three most powerful political offices in the world, don't knock him!

  • Kevin McCarthy Hires Trump's Political Director in Hopes -to Win- of Winning Back the House "Late Night with Seth Meyers" needs a proofreader who knows Standard (American) English.

  • What is WRONG with Biden??? Firing people for marijuana use while alcohol is accepted and causes damage that is FAR WORSE! (ask a cop who they'd rather to deal with). Firing people for marijuana use while people are free to walk around with ASSAULT RIFLES??? Reefer Madness 100 years after the fact. Grow up JOE!!!!! Please don't make criminals out of DECENT people

  • Seth do me a favor , No more Strumph🙏

  • its those damned "dress" shoes! the soles are slipery on carpet!

  • Oh big deal, Biden tripped. He's still doing his job, I hope the Republic plan to take back the White House fails.

  • Thank you, Mr Scollins

  • Can U leave the Man alone!! Months he jas gone and still discussing him....

  • Yeah to give equal time you would have to give Biden four years of gaffes