Trump’s Political Director, CNN Loses 45% of Its Audience: Late Night’s News of the Week

Birt 26 mar 2021
All the news and jokes you missed from the week of March 22.
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Trump’s Political Director, CNN Loses 45% of Its Audience: Late Night’s News of the Week

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • What's the big deal if a president trips on stairs that it makes the news.

  • Everytime I see trumps wind blown hair I get this terrifying Darth Vader feeling from being a kid and watching it.

  • That was fucked up, I love you,man..

  • lots of boston news!!

  • Like Seth though it's written badly

  • FIRE SCOLLINS!!! #NotJoking

  • The fact that students can get a teacher suspended for telling the sad truth

  • Anytime anyone claims to save humanity with capitalism, I feel there's a hustle somewhere

  • C. C. Cc. C. Cc. C. C. C. C c

  • Is it odd that I only genuinely laughed when no one in the background did??

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  • Make new videos we get our daily news from you only.... buddy.

  • I looked up "talking Phallus" in the search bar and Seth Myers face popped up. I totally see it.

  • You're late and you're lame

  • I’m sorry Seth. No you CANT do a British accent.

  • I 💖 this guy!! This is the one time of the day I actually get to enjoy & lmao! W8! How many Repubs r under sex investigation's now? Damn what real pcs., of 💩these "men" are!?!

  • What the hell, Seth. Did ou retire???


  • Today was National Pecan Day, and lemme tell you - its friggng NUTS!

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  • I wish this had been funny...

  • DJT did keep everyone watching the news.



  • Omg this guy isn't funny at all..

  • You still talking about Trump? Course you're going to blame him for Joe's incompetence

  • Again, please spare us its just not funny anymore! Does every late night show along with SNL have the same writers or what in the f***!

  • Mike Scollins ... why did you try to use Pecan Day when April 14th holidays include: Air Force Reserve Birthday, Children with Alopecia Day, Dictionary Day, Dreams of Reason Feast Day , International Day of Pink - April 14, 2021 (Second Wednesday in April), International Moment of Laughter Day , Look up at the Sky Day , National Bookmobile Day - April 14, 2021 , National Dolphin Day , National Ex-Spouse Day , National Gardening Day , National Pecan Day , National Perfume Day ,Pan American Day , Pathologists Assistant Day , Reach as High as You Can Day , School Librarian Day? .... The Librarian Day seems like a good place to start. Vaisakhi - April 14, 2021 (Sikh Holy Day in India)

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  • Elon Musk has done more for humanity than anyone in congress. Discuss.

  • Can we see the Eagle about to peck trump's hand off again?

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  • What happens when those robots get an electrical short?

  • Scollins is always killing it!!! lol!!

  • Don't the other 3 jokes have to be funny in order to tell funny national day jokes in a row?

  • Seth Meyers is a National Treasure! 😂 He could make me laugh during a car crash. That type of humor is needed these days.

  • On National Pecan day, I choose you Pecanchew. Pecan-der your desk for fresh nuts.

  • Buying is just too tired because he's overdoing it doing way more than what president Trump had done which was zero that's why he trips up the steps he's so worn out

    • Oopsie I meant to say Biden not buying

  • Wow, it's still Trump, Trump, Trump, or should I say Ratings, Ratings, Ratings.

  • Why is there only news about creepy morons?Not one piece about someone you like. BECAUSE you people are not capable of love; THATS WHY! Bottom Feeders.

  • if we didnt need money, would not have to sell fuel to Elon. Elon could not waste anymore resources if he could not buy them. dipwad

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  • Read the news reports about the teacher and he was spot on! “make-up so thick that when it cracks it rivals tectonic plates.”

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  • The "day of" jokes were pretty good tbh.

  • Glad you're back in that setting. In my little opinión, it suits you best, careerwise. For you, and for many, it must've been difficult to do the from-my-home-basement thing. I, for one, would've felt waaay toooo vulnerable, but you managed to pull it off, thanks to "we all liked you to begin with". Kudos, and thank you Mrs. Meyers! and hello, blessings!

  • I was going to click thumbs up then you played the Biden Tripping clip then I was going to do thumbs down then you played the trump clips and I laughed like hell and did a thumbs up.

  • I used to so bad hate this guy but now I can't help that I love him!

  • This is OK for our leader can't make it up the stairs, lol😳 Wow!

  • Unbelievable!

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  • Shout out to my hose 😑

  • The leader of the most failed talk show hosts ever, little seth meyers, blabbering out his unique brand of not so funny, not so true, and not worth hearing political trash. This d bag has no real concept of what matters to Americans, only of what matters to his liberal, criminal, lying cohort. He should watch his attacks on others considering the glaringly obvious aging he presents. An aging hipster.

  • This guy will be cancelled by the end of the year. No more Trump to make fun of, so he's down to this endless SNL bit.

  • Late night joke writers should focus on jokes that are funny.

  • Didn’t Joe Biden break his foot a few months ago? While playing with his dog? Seems like a legit reason to slip on the stairs. Healing bones.

  • Never watch Foxy News👺

  • Fealty to Trump is LooneyTunes, the man is a traitor

  • I recommend you try being FUNNY!

  • This one is silly🤪🤪🤪🤪👍

  • Ok very cool

  • Hello Mr. Meyers 🙌 That interview with Conan was terrific! Who knew you were hired as a performer at SNL 🤷‍♂️ cool story sir, PS Hey on or around the 7 minute mark you list a host of Super! fellas that you worked with, this generation, that group, this cast, that cast, Lots of no Ladies in All those “eras” eh?...who knew 🤷‍♂️...i remember them anyway, ☮️💜

  • the guy in the backround is always the funniest part

  • hahahahah!!

  • Wow how funny

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  • The jokes are lame.

  • *Seth Meyers wandering the moors* "Scollins!"

  • TRxxp clips hilarious!!!😂😂😂

  • When CNN is even too bizarre for their own viewers

  • Defund Harris/Biden - pass it on.

  • Guess not getting the name right will be an Evergreen for many decades to come.

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  • How bout giving the Treasury some tax money E LON...leave the stars alone... you rich men tend to just eff things up

  • I actually had to run from a loose lion at the Philadelphia zoo! Yes it IS true! I even photoed it out of it's cage (like a idiot) but lost the photo (like an idiot).


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  • It seems this guy has to talk about Trump to get any views

  • The thing with CNN is they are doing more opinion tv than journalism. VICE is doing better

  • @ 1:08 Kamala must've been in charge of that task, right after *inhaling; hahaha*

  • My favourite part of the show is when you go off-script 😊

  • Seeing Seth nearly lose it, genuinely laughing + trying to compose himself faster than possible. I loved thee jokes about National whatever it is Jay.

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  • lmao fuckin skollins get em again !

  • shout out to my hose is the best joke of the show


  • so true about the news. Now Trumps gone I feel so much better and no longer need to be glued to the tv

    • Lmao I don’t know what’s funnier you being “glued” to the TV during Trump’s presidency assuming you were somehow more informed about what was really happening or you no longer watching television and thus being ignorant about Joe Biden’s destruction to America

  • Omg Total Recall jokes only get better with a fine wine.

  • Jesus fell three times... each time he fell it was bigger

  • Is it me or is Seth Myers just there to get a pay check so he can continue living in his million $$$ home? 🤔 And to laugh at the poor "Diversity" people who also work there. @2:31 that look eyes wide open looks really, creepy.

  • Biden’s foot might still hurt or weak. That’s probably why he stumbled going up the stairs.

  • While I typically like this show, the Gozilla vs Kong slam makes little sense to me in terms of a joke. Why would you ever pay for a film you didn't want to see?

  • Trump's waxwork being attacked is nothing new. Many years ago Madam Tussauds in London had the same problem with one of it's waxworks of Adolf Hitler. It tended to be little old ladies many of who had lived through the Blitz.

  • "...recapture the magic that helped the Democrats cheat by 8 million votes" There. I corrected it for you. No need to thank me. ;-)