Seth Talks About Biden Tripping on Air Force One Steps

Birt 23 mar 2021
Seth Meyers shares his thoughts on President Biden tripping on the steps of Air Force One and how it compares with Trump's clumsy mishaps.
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Seth Talks About Biden Tripping on Air Force One Steps- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Boy without the laugh track it’s really obvious that this crap isn’t funny

  • hmmm covering that stumble with trump?

  • 🤣 love it when Joe said he entered the senate 120 years ago! Oh and the little kids who just love to rub the blonde hairs on his legs. He just loves kids so much. And all you haters on him should be ashamed . The poor old man has to ask his wife where he is every morning so stop hating him. He’s just a puppet.

  • Biden trips not once, not twice but three times. And al.ost does it again a week or so later. And its only been 2 months, we got 4 years of more of this comedy. And no I am not a trump supporter either, I dont like either man. I think they are both enjoy.

  • I think its very wrong and immoral of you to show that clip of poor Joe Biden. It hurts to see an old and fragile man fall like that, you should be respectful and stop spreading this clip. Biden struggles enough as it is.

  • Yawn , Seth , Dude Trumps gone - enough already - your lack of relevance is starting to show

  • There was no rail for Trump to use, on the ramp so as usual you are full of bullshit

  • The longer putzes like Seth deny that Biden’s health is hanging by very few threads, the harder it will be to kick Trump out of their heads.


  • Why cause it's your hero, Biden, so you are tongue-tied to joke about your supreme leader?

  • Biden karma for cheating by mail -in ballots last election .. Dumb ass trips 3 times ~

  • Weak, frail, senile and corrupt are not the qualities you want in a leader. Biden is slipping into dementia and will be out by the end of the year. But keep making fun of the other guy to make yourself feel better.

  • "In the interest of equal time": proceeds to show six Trump clips to the one Biden clip he showed.

  • Seth is aging horribly.

  • Nice try but your still a sell out .

  • His falls are a sign of what’s coming for him, his son and this corrupt administration. When you call Gods David a clown.....

  • Bro the guy fell, he cant remember his own family or even tell you what state he's in. You are all morons. Love paying 100 bucks to gas up my truck too.

  • Can we please set aside a portion of the stimulus package to build an escalator for Sleepy Joe to board Air Force One?

  • Joe sniffy/sleepy/creepy Biden is the worst president ever.

  • At least President Biden didn't break a hip. ;)

  • Double standard "comedian" Trump had something going on for American at least, but Biden surely I'd this the best american could do?

  • Seth Meyers is annoying

  • The hypocrisy of the left is hilarious

  • Now post a clip of Biden telling the world he came into the Senate 120 years ago. Go on. Be brave. No wonder China and Russia are mocking Biden's America.

  • This was a bipartisanship effort to reach across the isle and channel his inner Gerald Ford.

  • He tripped because he's DEMENTED. Seth is a talentless Liberal hack.

  • They turned joes falling into a Trump story! Bahahahaha. That proves Trump owns these fools. Literally owns them

    • No, Joey, it's nothing more than a comparison between the current president and the last one. Seriously -- one-termer Trump, who can't even spell -- doesn't "own" anyone. Except maybe Mitch McConnell or Lindsey Graham.

  • Can't make an excuse for Joe. He is what he is. And we all seen it. 3 times

  • Biden's continual climbing up the stairs despite momentary setbacks is a proper metaphor for America's "can do" ideology. Keep going forward; don't look back.

  • You guys remember the toilet paper and umbrella but you didn't see Trump in Argentina,when President Macri gave him the microphone,he said that he understood the President better than the translator,blabblered, told a SS guy "Get me out of here" and literally put the mike on the floor and walked out.

  • He hurt his ankle the first time he tripped,that's why his foot gave out the second time. Poor dude.

  • Text Now: Eight Five Six Three Two Four Seven Zero Seven Nine

  • At least it made Tucker Carlson smile. For a brief moment, he actually held an expression that didn't make him look like he was holding in a massive fart.

  • Remember Gerald Ford? Yer

  • Bias as always

  • The show is totally biased.

  • Oh but see, it wasn't Biden who tripped, it was Trump in his Biden costume! It was a robot they created to stand in for Biden while he wears his mask! It was a cloned body double malfunctioning because it left the Ultra 5G network! Biden's still in a basement somewhere sad that he lost the election, dispiritedly eating a baby! Now to skim comments for people who are making any or all of these arguments *without* sarcasm.

  • An absolute perfect representation of america

  • Does anyone in the comments listen to themselves. Y’all like he might of fell 3 times but he still got up there like a champ. You’re so brainwashed you’ll defend anything he does. Late night host are paid to be Democrat propaganda.

  • zero entertainment value.

  • Does anybody actually think guy is funny?

  • Joe Bai Ding's tumble is is dragging America with him. The US of A is also going down the third world country path with all his stupid agenda driven policies.

  • He still the best president. He is doing his best, which fraud trump can't do.

  • He can trip over stairs or trip over his tongue. It’s the objective and the persistence that count. In less than 3 months Biden has shown more focus and persistence than trump did in 4 years.


  • What do you expect from a pudding brain who couldn't order a pizza on his own.

  • Yay American comedy (is that what this is supposed to be?)

  • I think Biden still got up the stairs faster than Trumpty Dumpty.

  • Sleepy Joe just got upgraded to Slipping Joe. No liberals were harmed during the upgrade.

  • Biden weak, frail and fraud. This is the best America can offer. What a joke.

  • You kbow,things happen.i have tripped upstairs before,we all dog made me trip over a throw rug too I know this ,Joe can drink water with one hand.Rump,not so much

  • This guy Seth is a silly childish man. Biden is clearly a shell of a man and do not think for one moment he is actually making presidential decisions. He says what he is told, signs what he is told and in between has to rest.

  • Just make fun of Biden already that was objectively the funniest trip ever

  • President Trump God love him. You just can’t live without him can you.

  • Im all for fairness. Trump was horrible and all and we laughed when he walked down stairs, but that don't mean we can ignore the comedy of bide s fall... or else we are hypocrites

  • When he gets to the top and Salutes ,Class 👏🏼🇺🇸

  • Didn't Biden fracture or break his ankle recently? Maybe that is why he fell?

  • Remember Biden has a bad ankle. It’s still healing.

  • MSM: “President Biden tripped as he ran up the steps to Air Force One. He picked himself up and carried on.” Fox: “President Biden unfit for office as he stumbles and falls multiple times. If this happened to your grandparent, the kindest thing would be for them to go into assisted living and adopt a slower lifestyle.”

  • I laugh at Trump because he created 600 orphans. I don’t laugh at Biden because he’s old. In case you wanted the difference. On second thought, Biden should use that president money and get an escalator installed for outside airforce one. As he goes up, just mocking and trolling Trump.

  • Everybody's tripped while running up stairs. Biden handled that like a champ for a dude in his 70s.

  • it is fair to play the clip of Biden tripping - I do however have to say - those stairs look STEEP as - seriously - they look almost vertical!

  • OK, since I do not know the moisture content of the surface of the stairs, I don't know if Biden was wearing leather soled shoes and I damn sure don't know why he chose to jog up the stairs, this might mean absolutely nothing or possible something but it is far too soon to evaluate the situation. He is obviously in better shape than Trump because he was able to get up and continue.

  • I bet his ppl held their breath with heavy anxiety everytime he took a step

  • Poor lil' Sethy.....still obsessed and thinking about Trump 24/7

    • @Laurie StapletonLooks like Lil' Sethy has no act if he's not talking about Trump . That should serve him well for his career lol

    • Poor exits screaming: still obsessed and thinking about Seth 24/7

  • If Biden fell down the up escalator for 10 weeks he'd still do more for America than Donald Trump did in 74 years.

  • Gerald Ford used to trip also

  • At least Biden didn’t have toilet paper stuck to his shoe

  • I was tricked into watching this, even though it's part of the monologue video. But watch this is going to get 1000 times more views… ~Trav

  • i used to be president but then i got an arrow to the knee

  • President Biden also is recovering from that foot injury in January. Hopefully he didn't injure it again. Anyone who has injured their ankles or feet know how painful a stress like the initial trip would have done.

  • ive been a centrst my whole life, just wanna see in the comments of liberals about biden's cages.

  • whoa. ive seen trump supporters but the biden fanatics takes the cake in the comment section. lol it so amusing to see two sides of fanaticisms.

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Biden was so off-balance, he looked like he was stuck in one of those haunted house optical illusion vortices.

  • Like I've never fell on stairs everybody falls or trips on stairs. But he's the president so its a huge deal.

  • lol all these alt-righties have dismissed every critic for years as 'never trumpers' or 'trump haters' or whatever.... and now are so aghast when we're like, 'actually yea we straight up don't like the dude ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Seth just admitted to be a leftist partisan clown. Trump pushed the vaccine manufacturing for Seth and the rest of the politruks.

  • I'm a pretty fit 48yr old, but today at work I tripped running upstairs in from of my boss, his 2 daughters & his 9yr old grandchild. They say I not only tripped, but then slid down like 3 stairs too. The giggles went on for at least 20 minutes complete with tears & doubled over adults having to put calls on hold because they were laughing so hard. Hell I'm chuckling now just writing this. In any event I say this to say Biden falling upstairs does not in any way devalue his ability to do his job!!

  • Can we stop electing fossils to the presidency?

  • Those stairs are not all that ergonomically sensible. They are steep as a set of stairs and there is quite a rise in each stair. I would have them redesigned and rebuilt and maybe put a hydraulic stair lift on one side. Most of us board planes by just going down a tunnel level with the door. I am sure I would have the same problem at that pace and I am about 6 years younger than Joe.

  • The responsible curve phylogenetically enter because expert elderly unite unlike a whole mother-in-law. fixed, dapper beer

  • Biden may be old and he may have cognitive lapses. However, Biden surrounds himself with smart people, takes good advice, is a decent human being and not a misogynistic, narcissistic, sociopathic cretin surrounded by cruel and nasty morons. Get the picture?

  • You really split this ?

  • I tripped up stairs ones. I was 55ish. It happens to the best of us.

  • Actually the carpeted stairs going to Air Force One is the violation of osha guidelines. And the cleaners and protectants of the carpet make it more slippery. when you combine that with hard sold leather shoes you're going to fall. Basically because the carpet and padding causes a rounded edge at the step and no purchase for the smooth leather shoe so it slips down to the lower step throwing one off balance. With a monkey bump on your shin.

    • sound like a flooring installer maybe ? asking for a friend .

  • failing upwards!

  • I’ve been tripping up and down the stairs all my life. Not drunk or stoned, not graceful either. Carpeted steps are the worst.

    • and leather soled dress shoes on carpeted steps are probably the worst combination for a accident .

    • @Christine Benson Ouch!

    • Have you met carpeted steps' cousins wooden interior steps and polished cement steps?

  • That eagle says "My mother warmed me about strangers like you!" 😅😅

  • Biden literally just fractured his ankle It took me months and months to heal my fractured ankle and I was 20 years old. He's older and I'm sure it messed with his gait.

  • So, Amber Ruffin is still a thing with you?

  • God are these people petty. News flash Trump is no longer President why are you still putting clips of him up? Trump has rent free in these space cadet's head.

  • I SO wish Joe would have turned around and given a thumbs up and and flashed a grin!!

  • Yes we do....... We do all contain multitudes! 😄

  • It wasn't the first trip, or even the 2nd trip that looked bad, it was when he surrendered to his feet and went all-in on the 3rd trip. I thought he was about to give up and Secret Service was gonna have to rescue him for a second.

  • Leave Biden alone!!!🤬 You guys thought that you wouldn't have any material without the buffoon. I bet Biden holds those hand rails next time. No, he will not. Men!

  • What Seth Meyers should have have run with...

  • Please someone tell me that there’s a compilation video of trump unable to speak or having mini strokes as he’s talking?

  • Goddamit Seth I love your show be a comedian that Biden clip is hilarious even if you love him