CORRECTIONS: Week of Monday March 15

Birt 19 mar 2021
Seth Meyers takes a moment to address some of the errors from this week of Late Night, including the usage of "crikey" in a joke about New Zealand.
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CORRECTIONS: Week of Monday March 15- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • omg love these

  • It's crih-mih-ney!!! :D

  • I really like this segment and the whole format of the show since the pandemic happened. It feels like we are all friends and have inside jokes that you had to be there to get. And learning the names of the writers and being able to tell who wrote what. Like scollins and walley and shoemaker. Keep it up!

  • It's so freakin funny when Amber rises up in front of the screen, even if out of focus. Great improv stuff!!

  • lets try this for trump

  • I keep hearing "cry-min-ee" and every time I'm thinking "no, it's 'creh-MEE-nee,' don't you know how to say the name of mushrooms?"

  • Time to hire fact checkers, Seth. Or this will become a hydra of corrections 😂

  • This is the best thing to ever come out of a horrible mispronounciation 👏❤️

  • You should call this segment: "We Scollinsed it"

  • Amber, you are right about so very much, but Kiwis do NOT say "crikey" -- and one of the greatest insults you can offer a Kiwi is to mistake New Zealand for Australia.

  • Ahhh, the porcupine rant was hysterical!!! still laughing and crying!

  • Crikey is originally British slang, now also found in Australia and New Zealand. It is also the name of an Australian electronics magazine.

  • The prokipine joke is gold hahaha.

  • If you say it in Arabic it is Afghani...

  • Well, I for one am outraged by the incorrect correction of the LOTR Dragon name. It should be pronounced *Pouf* de Magique.

  • This is so wonderful. Please keep making mistakes and correcting them or correct the corrections ❤️

  • Never stop this segment it's my favourite!

  • I love the new segment, THE CLOSEST LOOK, but don't try to be perfect. As Voltaire said, "Dans ses écrits, un sage Italien Dit que le mieux est l'ennemi du bien."

  • It's just a few mistakes, it's not like he committed a crimeny.

  • Corrections, is quickly becoming my favorite segment on Late Night! For the most part, I only take the time to write comments on ISchats, when I want to say something positive or funny. It is hilarious and a bit disturbing, how much people feel the need to pick apart Seth and his writers well intended efforts. Btw, I am a huge admirer of both Australians and New Zealanders! That being said, if there is one thing I have learned the hard way, it is that they do not like being mistaken for each other or the assumption that they are similar. I would not be surprised if someday and an Australian politician runs on the format of building a wall, out in the middle of the ocean, between the two countries. THAT WAS A JOKE!

  • Wednesday Jenes Blue shirt yelllow shoes Black Thursday Jenes Blue shirt Blue shoes Blue Friday Jenes Black shirt Black shoes Black Saturday Jenes white shirt white shoes white Sunday Jenes Blue shirt yelllow shoes Black

  • I want to know where the commenters are with their corrections. Seth gave public corrections. And he’s right. The commenters that led him down the wrong information path should be correcting themselves.

  • Please, more of this

  • Please don't stop doing this segment! I love it so much! Y'all are hilarious!

  • Picky picky picky

  • actually it Smaugh

  • For a segment called "Corrections" you're not really telling us what is correct, just that internet commenters disagree a lot.

  • The dapper edger simultaneously paint because snow arguably label absent a obnoxious swedish. narrow, rampant jail

  • Omg snorting out my nose laughing!!

  • These are possibly becoming my new favorite bits.

  • Only Seth Meyers can make me laugh like this so effortlessly XD. I love the off-the-cuff stuff

  • 😂😅

  • "I'm not apologizing. I OWE you an apology!" 🤣

  • I love this segment! Truth matters! Don’t listen to Amber, but also stop getting upset about corrections. They’re opportunities to know Truth!

  • You can tell Seth was a writer/head writer for SNL for 12 years. Self-deprecating, yet also very much in charge! I love Seth especially when he ends each show with “...Wear your mask, get vaccinated, we love you!”

  • Can someone confirm that Seth is ok ?

  • I love you, Seth and crew!! Thank you for making my week!

  • Its Pronounced Meyers, not Meyers...geez

  • If the correctors' correction gets corrected, is a bear a tree in the woods?

  • Omg. Porcupine. Omg. "Seth, this segment isn't good for you". You guys are gold

  • I'm a kiwi and this is my first time ever using the word crikey. Chur. 😎

  • Best segment! Please continue - as long as you actually f-up. I’ll know if you’re faking. Love, Amber.

  • It's all engagement babey!

  • If the corrections turn out to be more fun/funnier than the show itself... KEEP DOING IT. And commenters.. KEEP CORRECTING.

  • This is maybe my favorite segment.

  • I dig how much this team uses the L(ove) word

  • I LOVE this segment!!

  • crikey is not NZ - amber is lame

  • OMG, Amber knows who we are! We forgive you Amber, in fact, no, we will just start saying Crikey, because Amber is the best!

  • Australians don’t really say crikey anymore either.

  • I don't know if I've ever made a comment on ISchats before, but you have to know that this is my new favorite segment and I can't wait for more!

  • The corrections have become one of my favorite segments

  • This reminds me of when he did the Stefon segments, I don’t know it just brings back those vibes.

  • Seth have ever seen a cartoon? That showing a porcupine shooting its quills was comedy back when I was young

  • Seth, this is good for us. You have to keep doing this.

  • This stuff is great

  • I’m going to tell Stephen Colbert you’re abusing LOTR!!!

  • I Just lovet it!... In Brazil we also don't have peacock... the streaming... not the animal... the animal we have it... but not the streaming, which we do not have...

  • I

  • I want to complement this show -- --- not going to ! ..but want to :)

    • correction : I wanted to compliment the show

  • Omg, this is one of the BEST segments... don't stop... And more sea captain

  • I've never watched the show on TV. Is this an actual part of it or do they just leave the cameras rolling and stream it to ISchats?

  • I legit just came here to make sure he mentioned the fucking clothing sizes women‘s clothing is INSANE

  • I love that he couldn't help but laugh on the "we're trying to be perfect here" this segment is just the Best!

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈 i need more. I love it. XD

  • This is my new favorite segment

  • I loooovvveee this sooooo much!! Crikey!

  • Tomayto tomahto.. grow up people

  • I like this segment

  • I honestly think this might be my favourite segment now

  • hey if you’re reading these comments anyway, tell amber she’s the love of my life

  • was honestly pumped that the women in the comments got a nod here lmao

  • Ty

  • Don't listen to Amber, this segment has to keep going!

  • Find this to be Zero funny. Zero. Not at all.

  • Best bit ev-ah. It’s even more hilarious and satisfying than menu typos.


  • Y'all are wonderful!

  • This is genuinely some of the funniest stuff on this channel.

  • Attach or detach?

  • This segment seems irrelevant somehow.

  • This might be one of my favorite segments 😂

  • I don't even like Seth but him being humbled and okay with is cool

  • Laughed so hard I now have a full set of abs showing 😂😭

  • I love Amber. XD

  • Strive for perfection, always reaching higher... You don't ever want to get there, because the only thing in this world that's perfect are assholes.

  • my mother and I are crying laughing. my stomach hurts. this segment is wonderful and must continue 🤣🤣🤣 Seth, I apologize in advance for the toll this will take on your sanity but it's your fault

  • Its not a mask, its a shield.

  • Oh, how I love this segment 😂😂😍

  • I only watched this to see if the women's clothing changing size from store to store was included. 😂

  • More of this please and thank you!!!!

  • I called a friend and informed them about something. They responded but sounded like Kenny from South Park. I then ask why they sound like Kenny but quickly follow up with "do you got a mask on, are you in the street? They reply yes, instant laughter still sounded like Kenny.

  • its actually pronounced "Pauf the Magic"

  • As a writer I’d purposely set Seth up to then have to retract it later... like using the word quickie for its definition not as we all understand it in its connotation... or using youth slang wrong 🤣

  • I love this

  • Jep, speaking as a woman... Clothes shopping is definitely not easy, not just every store having their own sizing, every brand even 😱

  • Who thought anyone pronounced it that way? Pronunciation and pedantic corrections is the best/stupidest justification for a segment, wait there was that sea Cpt. debacle. Have Benedict Cumberbatch pronounce your corrections and my wife can add you to her list. The list is a joke, this isn’t happening, but I’ll address the point and concede to her when necessary. As an Englishman I can’t tell if you miss pronounce something. I assume that’s the correct way other the pond and laugh that someone bothered to change it (and I know we change a lot be we also swear better so I assume we have the right). Being cursed at in your own language without understanding is the beauty of speaking English, if I drove to the next town over I’d be insulted if I knew what they were saying.

  • I love this segment!

  • Why is this so funny?? 😂😂