Sen. Ted Cruz Criticizes Democrats for Response to Gun Violence

Birt 25 mar 2021
Seth Meyers' monologue from Wednesday, March 24.
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Sen. Ted Cruz Criticizes Democrats for Response to Gun Violence- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Democrats should just go to Cancun. Cruz would be happy with that wouldn't he?

  • Hey Hollywood the only thing anybody gives a s*** about anymore is making fun of you and comment threads. Enjoy the collapse

  • Ted Cruz ran to Cancun just like a yellow coward soldier would run in battle and leave his buddies his comrades when they're going got tough. A total coward, yellow belly, chicken crap. What a loser. The people of Texas deserve better than Ted Cruz really the coward . Ted Cruz is a coward

  • Hello Mr. Meyers 🙌 That interview with Conan was terrific! Who knew you were hired as a performer at SNL 🤷‍♂️ cool story sir, PS Hey on or around the 7 minute mark you list a host of Super! fellas that you worked with, this generation, that group, this cast, that cast, Lots of no Ladies in All those “eras” eh?...who knew 🤷‍♂️...i remember them anyway, ☮️💜

  • Wait and there’s nothing you can do about it

  • I am not being weird, but people close to me are weird, ignorant, uneducated, please give me a word

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I can’t believe that guy is still in politics.

  • The most unfunny man on TV... looking like he been lost in the woods for 2 years and needs a steak....

  • TWO...WEEKS...

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  • According to the right, the only way to prevent gun violence is more guns. That's like saying to reduce a flood, just add more water.

  • There are about 50 different British Accents, well done Seth for missing all of them

  • When is idiot Cruze going to wake up that NO Problem will ever change UNLESS something is done to improve the problem.

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  • Seth, laughing at his jokes, makes me laugh.

  • Why don't they rename this show to "Democrat Propaganda with Scumbag Hack Seth Meyers."

  • The GOP is the new Bill the Butcher. Migrants are human beings and as such are to be treated as our guests and provided with sanitary safe family-oriented accommodations until their status is determined. Building accommodation must be included in the new 2021 USA infrastructure plan. Thanks to the out-of-control cold war and continued rampant military spending under decades of ultraconservative legislators and presidents, the USA is caught unprepared to help migrants and keep our country's other essential infrastructures safe and effective. Ellis Island, NYC was adequate and comprehensive in its day, processing, and hosting immigrants under Federal Law. Now it's time for a new Immigration Center to process, under federal law, migrants entering from the Southern Border.

  • When's National Underwear Day- wait for it- shot out to my holes. Close enough qúeno

  • British accent: "Toodle pip and all that rot" !

  • Lock the gop in a room with all of the family members of these shootings, see who comes out alive

    • Probably everyone.

  • Ted Cruz? Really?

  • Seth mired

  • LOL! 😆 at Fake News CNN who is allergic to the truth? Oh right-you already know that they are. This isn’t a Trump-related news story, however. It’s a local crime story from Washington, D.C., but it became a national story, or at least it should, because of how the network framed the tragic story. An Uber driver was assaulted and killed by two teenagers, and CNN decided to frame the incident as an “accident.” I’m not kidding. It was a carjacking attempt gone wrong. The incident occurred on March 23. CNN clown 🤡 show 24/7.

  • The amount of bullshit and demagoguery going on here, it's fit for Comcast comedy hour with man-do. Just terrible on like 20 levels.

  • Handguns need to be banned like in Chicago which is now one of the safest cities in the union.

    • @Cain Peele I doubt it. Guns are heavily regulated there which means gun violence will be minimal.

    • @Skinski7 uhhh.... do you not know how much gang violence there is right? Last weekend over 30 people were shot.

    • @Cain Peele That is why it is one of the safest cities in the union.

    • You do know Chicago already has the strictest gun laws..

  • This Brit had no idea he was attempting a British accent.

  • Notice no one laughs, he’s a joke end this embarrassment

  • Talk about the border cages... thats news.

  • Tool. Pardon me. Mindless tool.

  • Is this supposed to be funny? It’s actually hard to watch...

  • Seth is this really on tv?

  • Two weeks.

  • All of these comments prove how context is so decisive. Half of our country loves Ted Cruz and thinks Seth is an irresponsible trouble maker igniting hate. The other half hates Ted Cruz and thinks Seth is loving, entertaining and informative. All of us are being handed a lie driven by propaganda which shapes our thinking. Both sides making the other side wrong. Both sides igniting anger. Both sides splitting off from loved ones. Both sides positioning themselves to win at the cost of compassion, dignity and care for their fellow American. How did we get here? How did kind, loving and caring human beings become so hateful? We need to ask ourselves these questions and stop listening to anyone who spews language that evokes hatred.

  • Seth is a clown 🤡

  • Hes being funded by gun lobbiests

  • You are trying too hard, not funny

  • My house is on fire but now is not the time to take action. Let it burn down.

  • These national - fill in blank - days are idiotic. Is there a national Go Commando day yet? It would be followed immediately by national Pry Your Junk out of Your Zipper day.

  • This is funny?

  • Seth, you love bashing Americans, yet you would never have the nerve to step out of America into harms way, coward. Doc. Semper Fi

  • Seth myers look really creepy. Suprise people can be brainwashed enough to watch this trash

  • Better believe little Seth there has armed guards with guns.

  • The same people who Ted Used in Town Hall Meetings are coming back. FOR REVENGE. WITH A SECOND LEGAL VISA

  • Wow they should get this guy a laugh track- I can’t tell where the jokes are

  • Ted sucks

  • Two.... weeks.....

  • Seth's laugh is infectious, in the safe, fun way! Love this show so much.

  • Weaselboy Ted Scruz.

  • Democrats have zero values

  • This guy is not funny

  • Bro you sound dead inside

  • Not that I'm anti gun but I dont get the "it protects me from the government" argument hate to be that guy but they have drones, missiles, and nuclear fucking bombs I dont think your precious ak is gonna do a fucking thing against that

  • "Comedy"

  • The GOP has been bought by the NRA! Guns are a 'right' but clean air and water along with health care is not? WTF

  • Man, the level of humor on display here is worth getting dressed and going out to the Comedy store open mic night...are your writers paid?

  • Maybe it's better if you keep your opinions to yourself about the UK,you should get your own fucking house in order first,,,

  • Ted Cruz was born in Canada from Cuban decent, he believes he is white man, he doesn't believe to be a Latino. Ted Cruz is a Canadian man living in Texas. He is supposedly representing Latino interest in Texas. Texas has 38% latino population, about 35% of them of Mexican decent. He was ready for a coup d'etat in the United States, just like his fellow county man and childhood idol Fidel Castro. He also heavyly supported to build a wall to the neighbor Mexico. Ted Cruz needs to be flipped in the next election. Texas doesn't need a gusano in a land that used to be Mexican. Texans-Mexican let's flip this Canadian for a Texas born from Mexican decent. Let s go Texas!

    • Stop being a racist, it's destructive.

  • She needs to be disbared.

  • I laugh how on the routine, picking the worst pic of the person they are taking the piss out of ( Ted Cruz) and the smug ( best pic ) host. Seth ends up looking the worst🤣🤣🤣

  • Anyone else have a crush on Seth?

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  • According to the Republicans the proper response to gun violence should be more guns with thoughts and prayers.

  • Ted, you will sell your soul to the Devil!

  • Ted, you will sell your soul to the Devil!

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  • Okay, that photo of Sidney Powell looks like it came straight out of Little Nightmares. Like, I can't be the only one who can see her walking around the Pale City like the Teacher or the Doctor, right? She'd fit right in.

  • 3:20 Spoiler: he doesn't :(

  • I love this show, but that (1:17) was the worst attempt at any British accent I've ever heard. 😂

  • c'mon, hambone!

  • Text Now: Eight Five Six Three Two Four Seven Zero Seven Nine

  • As soon as he said that last joke, i Shook my head and said to myself "Scollins!"

  • I love it when you are light hearted and have fun!!

  • Just you wait until you find out tomorrow is.... National Hackey Sack Day!!!

  • Cruz sat playing with his cell while Schumer was speaking about the urgent need to enact gun safety. Deliberately looking down and saying to all, “I don’t give a damn whether you die; I have games to play, vacations to book, just busy busy busy with more important stuff.”

  • Please don't give air space to those guys. Don show their face, don't play their voice. Just say, if you must, "a senator from Texas said his usual criminally stupid things".

  • Let's be honest, the republicans intellectual ability ranks right up there with their low they'd have to use an giant escalator to get high enough to see snake sh*t

  • First time I remember disagreeing with Seth...I actually think Cruz is right. Assuming he's had the vaccine, the chance that he has COVID that he can pass on to reporters is very low. It's a good thing! We should be encouraging people to get vaccines by telling them they can do the things that they love to do once they've had it. In Cruz's case, that's talking into a camera...

  • No laugh track because none of these jokes are remotely funny.

  • Scollins is having a joke writer's version of when an athlete is just on the top of their game! Just crushing it lol

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  • The "fake head lady" from total recall is priscilla allen. One of the most wonderful human beings i was ever lucky enough to know. Rest in peace mrs. Allen, to some of us you were so much more than the butt of a joke

  • Noooo..😣 your British accent is crap :) lol soz :) had to tell ya mate :) lol

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  • Say what you like about we Brits but when it comes to most Americans including Seth you're all pretty crap at imitating our accents, aren't you?

    • That's as maybe when it comes to the Deep South of the U.S., @Laurie Stapleton, but most Americans either go for Mockney - a totally butchered American version of Cockney - or their version of R.P. ( received pronunciation ) and most of you think that all of us Brits live in or around London, don't you? The really amusing thing about your comment when it comes to British actors doing American accents is if they're so bad at them then why does Hollyweird keep picking them when it comes to playing major rôles in films and on television? E.g. Henry Cavill as Superman, Christian Bale as Batman, Tom Hardy as Bane and Venom, Idris Elba in The Wire, Damien Lewis in Band of Brothers and Homeland, Daniel Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln, Ian McKellen as Magneto, Patrick Stewart as Picard, Hugh Lawrie as House and there's probably more that I haven't even mentioned, isn't there? It makes me feel as if there aren't enough American actors who are able to get away with imitating their own accents, doesn't it? On the other hand the only two actresses that I can think of that can get away with doing British accents are Renée Zellweger in Bridget Jones's Diary as well as in Miss Potter where she played the titular characters in both and Gillian Anderson in both The Fall and as Margaret Thatcher in The Crown. Gillian Anderson is renowned for being bidialectical when it comes to using either American or British accents whenever necessary....proof of which can be seen in the way that she just won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Thatcher and is due to play Eleanor Roosevelt in her next production. She's a truly great actress.

    • Just like most Brits, except for Andrew Lincoln whom I watched get better and better each week, are crap at imitating Deep South accents. You’ll either over-do it, inasmuch you are in the ballpark, or pick a completely incorrect part of the South, such as Appalachia. You have many accents. We have many more.

  • Good or bad, all of Seth's impressions are good

  • 1:06 Legend!


  • Man this guy is bad

  • Bomb #1 @ 1:35 Bomb #2 @ 2:40 Bomb #3 @ 2:52

  • I love Skalans.

  • I wonder if he s in much pain...having that massive face cancer..Yes,I am sort of ashamed for such juvenile input...I'm also quite discouraged about what we have become..

  • Cant wait to see how seth and his far-left audience are going to try and excuse Biden for his embarrassingly poor performance in the press conference.

  • Buuuuut it really isn't the same!

  • I love Seth’s laid back show. He’s hilarious when he cracks up.

  • 7 Eleven introducing something refreshingly different to Dallas. Tacos. Wow, a whole new taste experience for the people of Dallas.

  • So it's been reduced to laffing on "How funny are in-jokes are?" which has been reduced to let's look at something else...Buh-bye!

  • Ted Cruz is one ugly werewolf