Ken Jeong Addresses the Rise of Hate Crimes Against Asian-Americans

Birt 23 mar 2021
Ken Jeong explains how weaponizing terms led to the rise in hate crimes against Asian-Americans, gives a shout-out to Late Night writer Karen Chee and talks about being compared to Jack Black on South Korea's version of The Masked Singer.
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Ken Jeong Addresses the Rise of Hate Crimes Against Asian-Americans- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • My grandma got pushed and dragged out of the buss , we can’t pay for the medical bills and treatments so anything helps Venmo @stopasianhatenow thank you for everything even a prayer helps

  • Remember when we said, “All Lives Matter” & you guys (including Asians) said, “Screw that!! Only Black Live Matters!!!” You reap what you sow.

  • Ken Jeong set Asian Americans back by at least 10 years with his shameless, derogatory jokes and self-hating acting roles. He seems sincere here, so good on him that he's changed, but Asian men will not be so quick to forget the damage he has done to our reputation.

  • The Mainstream Media refuse to talk about Black on Asian hate crimes

  • Did I miss Kim Jeong's condemnation of the Chinese Government's Genocide of Uighurs. Concentration camps, Forced labor, Children in orphanages, Mass rapes, Mass executions and Organ harvesting of the young Uighurs. The testimony of survivors who managed to get away is devastating.

  • "Kung Flu" is pretty funny. "China Virus" is okay, it came from a Chinese lab. We called the Spanish Flu The Spanish Flu even though it wasn't Spanish so this one is an improvement. There was a Russian Flu in the 1970s. I'm a little disappointed with Ken here. I thought he was much smarter than this.

  • They way he depicts Asians in stereotypical rolls that belittle and mock Asians this sell out fool shouldn't talk.

  • Words can't do anything, all Asians should be organized Asian Military in order to revenge against Asian hate!

  • racism can be curbed if people learn to look at each other equally, unfortunately the US has been divided too much by the politicians over the years. It starts with the leaders.

  • I’ve never seen an Asian person speak out against American Racism until it affected them directly in a big way. I truly wonder why?

  • He is part of the problem. He's stereotyped and mocked and made fun of his own which emboldens racist laughing at us repeating comedy bits they hear. On top of that he's weak. You need to take this seriously not joke n kid around.

  • Yeah, I remember around this same time last year when a handful of stand up "comedians" thought it was funny to mock with "kung flu".


  • Saying Asians are responsible for Covid is like saying India is the creator of humans just because they take up 1/7 of the world’s population...

  • Well Asians racist Asians too, not just Whites and also Blacks racist Asians, racism is a never ending war.

  • Racism has long proven that causality is clear. Big and small events are the decisive cause, and they reach dangerous levels that accelerate anger and hatred. The Corona problem is just the tip of the iceberg. The most well-known European immigrants changed or corrected their names and surnames to the point where they could easily pronounce them, ate them by hand, used forks and knives, drastically eliminated the ointmentism of their country, and established themselves as members of the mainstream American society. Japanese immigrants began to settle in the U.S. during the Meiji Restoration or the opening period in the mid-19th century, using forks and knives instead of spoons and chopsticks that became a habit in Japan. Despite the harsh criticism that it is the worst, the overwhelming proportion of the U.S. military's entry into the military makes us aware that there are more preferential treatment than invisible discrimination, and it is an example. Based on the history of Asian immigration, starting with Chinese descent, it is always questionable that when the U.S. is in crisis, the three major races (white, black, and Latino) in the U.S. join forces together, there is no Asian community anywhere. Except for some Asian (Japanese, Indian) races, there are countless reasons for racism in the rest of the race. European whites have a long and short history of immigration, and do not set their connectionism in the country of origin before they immigrated to the United States, but make great efforts and contributions to establish themselves in the United States. As I mentioned above, he corrected his name and surname in grammatical consonants and vowels, lived up to his American style, drastically excluded his national identity, established himself as a mainstream member of the mainstream American society, not formal, not American, not local. On the contrary, it's different for Asian people. Chinese people say they are American by colluding with the Chinese Communist Party, Chinese students, Chinese media, or immigrating to the U.S. to the U.S. and immigrating to the U.S., but they also have a strong connection, relatives and acquaintances in China, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.We should do our best to repay the loan for a certain period of time, such as tuition and living expenses, but instead of repaying it, we could not use our relatives overseas to escape and repay the loan. He fled to a foreign country without paying back millions of dollars, including tuition and living expenses. Rather than eradicating racism by demonstrations, we should try to find and solve the cause of causality so that we can sympathize with the three major races (white, black, Latino) in the United States. Rather than solving hate crimes, I felt that the Biden administration's agenda was publicized as soon as possible, rather than trying to find the cause and solve it, it was an act that was not mature as if a child were being held by his parents. Asian races often return to their ethnic backgrounds or give up immigration when they encounter psychological pressures or alienation that go wrong in the U.S., face a series of crises and difficulties of discrimination and complex hardships, or when the future is unstable. There are many opportunists, such as not even establishing the meaning of immigration, but simply the distortion of residence, but joining in solidarity to overcome the crisis in the U.S. and returning to China or the Philippines or Southeast Asian countries. Common white and black Latino without associativeism live against the challenges of America's biggest problems and crises, just as they have no place to leave, such as being homeless when they are in crisis or when the worst is imminent. It's a comparison.

  • Look at the numbers. Check out the FBI list of offenders and violent crime by sex, age and race and then comment.

  • if all filipino nurses and medical personel stop working in the hispitals in the usa then you can see how much america needs them

  • Blame Trump about this pandemic he's the one who make this pandemic seriously he ignore it.

  • When start support to fall a nation people will do anything. China love to take USA.

  • He doesn't look human

  • We are just sick of corona virus, hurry up and disappear.

  • If a person see beyond the colour of the skin, more peaceful. What is the colour of our blood? Is it the same. I pity those haters as they spent most of their time hating ppl. Have peace wt yr inner self.

  • Ken's voice is ridiculously soothing, I wouldn't mind a guided meditation or something from him. >.>

  • The roots of all hate are JEALOUSYYYYYY..!!! envy the success, wealth, appearance of the Asian people race. they envy the success, intelligence, wealth, appearance of the Asian race. especially the trumpet who was jealous of the success of the Chinese state settles the problem of the pandemic in China. ha ha ha ha...have a big body but a BRAIN only the size of a peanut

  • Blatant disrespect of Asians is deeply engrained in American popular culture. Example: for a very long time,, Hollywood portrayed Asian men as either a Karate chop guy or some dork who spoke broken English. In the popular 1970's sitcom Happy Days, they used actor Pat Morita (later played Mr Miyagi in the Karate Kid) to portray such a laughing stock character who everyone made fun of. Fast forward 35 years later and they featured the same short, dorky Asian character in the Sitcom Two Broke Girls. Boycott movies, TV shows, commercials, ads, or any media vehicles that portray Asians in such light.

  • Love how blissfully ignorant and unaware he is in his role in perpetuating Asian stereotypes with his constant portrayals of a stereotypical, weak, unmasculine, foreigner in films. Fucking hypocrite. Save the crocodile tears.

  • Ignorance breeds hate. Been taught since I was a child to judge people upon their morale character not the color of their skin. Sounded as stupid to me then as it did now. It's like hating on somebody cause their eyes are a diff color.

  • I propose all ASIAN MMA fighters put on regular clothes and walk around in the big cities!

  • CHOOSE NOT TO SUPPORT HATE & ANTISEMITISM. CHOOSE NOT TO SUPPORT ADVERTISERS ON FOX NEWS THAT SUPPORT THESE THINGS. Spread the word!!!! If you agree. God says, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that cursed thee....”Genesis 12:3.

    • I find it funny when neo nazis think they can rise to power but in reality they can’t because they make up an extremely extremely small percentage of the population.

  • no one can fix asian hate

  • Love Ken Jeong and the laughter and joy he brings to our lives. As to the solution for racism? My parents taught me never to limit my life and miss out knowing some incredible people simply because they didn't look like my family. Almost every Saturday night family dinner required adding table leafs to accommodate the assortment of friends invited over. These were loud and fun dinners, usually followed up with some board game. These dinners often looked like a gathering of the United Nations with friends from all nationalities and backgrounds. I think what my parents did is the best start to crush racism which is based on fear and lack of knowledge. Just have people over for dinner and go from there. I have kept up this tradition in my adult life and am enriched by the diversity of my friends and their experiences.

  • The BLM movement is out of control, why do Asian lives not matter?

  • Where are you so I can slap 👋 you

  • Asian George Floyd 2.0

  • I agree Ken. Much love ❤️

  • Just look at the mugshots

  • I wish Mr Chow here. He is the one who can protects asian Americaan. He probably teaches them how to use Americaan Gun Laws.

  • Which one is correct or the best answer? A) Black lives matters B) Asian lives matters C) White lives matters D) Everyone matters

    • Answer D. But according to BLM and leftists that makes me a racist..... the logic is literally fucking zero.

  • Pass a law .. any racial discrimination is a crime. Fine, imprison , etc to stop this bs

  • One of my favorite Asian actors! Respect.

  • Asian Americans should stop taking on roles which stereotyping Asians in hollywood. It only enhances the impression of being "lesser", thus the racism. Good luck.

  • Very disappointing Ken. You don't speak for all of us within the Asian community.

  • The media there want to be blame of saying the Racist word

  • Chinese lives matter #wutang

  • If you do hate Asians just because they are Asians and I mean you generalise them - do yourself a favour please : - Dont eat and dont touch rice, noodles, sushi, any kinds of dim sums - none of the above. - Dont watch any anime or kungfu related movies. - Dont buy stuff made in China, Vietnam, Japan, S Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and many more. God forbid you. Stay at home and eat bread. Thank you.

  • An Asian implicating himself as that of a corrupt 'cop' insisting otherwise. Same as the female Asian on this video - implicating herself as... - where the comments are disabled. "Hate" is nothing but a label. It's called disrespect. Someone killing Asians is no different than (white) corrupt 'cops' killing black men. "Call it what it is," murder - or - if you must include the race then it's Asian murder. What is being complained about here is not as claimed. The shooter had NO racial purpose. Yes, these mass shootings are ridiculous and need to end. It's most definitely true that Tramp didn't make things any better. 'It' claimed to have done something, yet we ended up having to wear masks ... and still are more than a year later. At least Biden has a brain.

  • Ken Jeong is a disgrace for the Asian community. He is the reason why we get disrespected.

  • This racist country was never "United". How sad, they should just call it "States of America"

  • Things I love about Japan and korea Japan: food, Art, Anime, Manga, mythology, and ghost stories and horror movies Korean: K-pop, food (mostly bulgogi 💕), horror movies, gwisin stories 👻, folktales like Hong Gildong and manhwa (Korean graphic novels) My personal opinion “ japanese and Korean girls are gorgeous☺️ 💕





  • How many years have gone by with no Asian on the cast of SNL? Like Madtv had Bobby Lee from day one. SNL had no Asian until the last year.

  • It's really sad that Ken Jeong thinks he can speak for the Asian American community, he is bashing President Trump to win liberal points for his career. Notice how any celebrity that bashes President Trump gets more work. The whole industry is corrupted with bias and their narrative is more political than to tell the truth. How come it's bad when President Trump calls it the China Virus but then the media can call the Covid19 variants by where they came from: India variant, UK variant, South Africa the media racist or hypocrites?

  • please invite Jackie chan

  • America is a country always full of racists and discrimination.

  • All them racist will one day be wiped out off the earth...

  • Hello.. first time here 🙂 pls stop hates all asian people all over the world... Why a foreigner and black foreigner hitting and hurting people.. and why they say bad words. Like that. Many asian country all over the world.. we respect all foreigners come in our country.. and foreigners need to respect us too. we both human. We all God created.... Let's spread love and peace 😘🇵🇭 I'm asian woman too. Watching from Manila Philippines 🇵🇭🌹

  • jack black is an honorary korean. you should watch his guest spot on a show called infinity challenge. ken jeong is amazing as well

  • MSM: Mostly peaceful shoving and stabbings due to Trump breathing air. Me: Don't be deaf to the lack of physical descriptions of 90% of the mostly peaceful pushers and stabbers.

  • I hope everyone realizes that this isn't a white supremacy issue. Statistics actually point to black on asian hate crimes being ridiculously disproportionate in the bay area, you know america's most woke district. Smh

  • Blm

  • lol hired by USA dems to do the show. Sheep

  • Figures he blames trump but won’t mention blacks doing it

  • Seth Meyers miscategorizes hate crimes. Several lynching last few years Seth Meyers reported on none it.

  • Thanks go to Xi jing ping for this.

  • I bet Anti Asian People Hates Kpop Too

  • Geiiiiiii

  • If you take race out of hate crimes, all you get is harassment, violence, and other crimes. People who commit hate crimes are criminals before racists. Just punish them according to law and take out emotions. Racism isn't punishable as a crime, so labeling everything as being racist before labeling it as a crime is not helping anyone's case. You can deal with crime with law, but its harder to deal with racism with law. All racism is now is a tool for social media to create more racism and hate and emotions to make money.

  • OBEY, listen to Hollywood, they know best

  • Love Ken Jeong. Agree. Time for all Asians to stand up and fight back. Do not stay silent.

  • You can't solve racism Ken no matter how many people like to imagine it. Racism is and will forever be a part of humanity because racism like religion is an ideology. You can't kill ideas although I will say you can slow the spread by capping heads.

  • Off topic but he looks just like Bongbong Marcos from the Philippines.

  • In the Bay Area, 85% of the attacks against Asians are committed by Black people. And the Bay Area is one, if not the most woke place in all of America.

  • Asian moms, stop telling your children to shut up instead teach them how to express themselves.

  • America is a racist 'looted' nation coz America was founded on racism and the evidence is tens of millions of native people who were Asian origin were slaughtered, butchered and annihilated to establish this racist nation. Prove me wrong.

  • Good luck,Your children's children are gonna need it when they are fully subverted.

  • Nationalists,and re education camps,just like the Nazi's.You all were pointing finger at orange man when the new Nazi's were not white,nor german,and are deep embedded in your country's money.

  • Now let's talk about CCP genocide.... Ken.

  • Norte America. América es un continente y en ese continente hay muchos países.

  • He's my lucky charm.

  • Ppl blaming Asians about the pandemic Them again: partying in lockdown and Violating quarantine rules.

  • How people are so ignorant blaming asians for covid, its like blaming all the white people for Nazi...educate your self before asuming all asian are chinesse.

  • Parenting, school education, anti-misleading news. All about education.

  • its tough being a Asian in this Country!

  • This is a warning to all Chinese

  • I love all people. There is good in everyone. Any form of hate is unacceptable and those who hate I pray that they will realize what they're doing. Because as of now they have no realization. They are blind. It would be a shame that they would only find out the gravity of their mistakes in the next life. At that point it will be too late for them. Learn to love all people, all beliefs because there's beauty in everyone. There's no reason for hate and it takes a stronger person to rise above it and to you find reasons to love

  • The wonderful babies peroperatively bang because plastic notablely perform given a panicky poland. sad, far-flung whiskey

  • When your calling for more jail time for Asian hate crimes you mite want to see who is targeting them. And it's not white guys.


  • Thank you for talking about this. #stopasianhate #protectasianlives

  • As an Asian American public school teacher, I’ve recently started sharing some of my stories and experiences with my students and in return, many of my students have as well. Children have asked me if I had the virus in my classroom. Children have told me to make them Chinese food. Children have called me Bruce Lee. Children have pulled their eyes back and have said “Ching Chong” to me. As a student I’ve dealt with a lot of racist comments and behavior but I’ve never said anything to anyone my whole life, I just felt upset inside. As an educator, I know this is learned behavior from adults in their life, media, and the society around them. I’ve learned that while I am sad from these comments and experiences, the best thing I can do is teach them about my experiences and culture, and use my voice to help them understand my story, and perhaps similar parallel stories of others. It’s not part of the curriculum, but we’re having some of the most memorable and impactful conversations we’ve ever had. I’m fortunate to be in the position I am to work with the next generation and I’m hopeful for their future based on our conversations. Thank you for using your platform to share these voices, it’s helped me share mine with my middle schoolers as well! I've started a ISchats Channel to help students with math remotely. I'm hoping to monetize the channel and use 100% of the proceeds to pay low-income students of color to tutor younger low income students of color that look like them. I believe representation matters, and the more POC we have in education sharing their stories and educating our diverse children, the better off we are. -Mr. Lee

  • The agonizing pest ethnopharmacologically ignore because grandmother amazingly switch including a womanly barge. eager, ablaze turnip

  • Man.. every words he saying is sharp like a new razor blade, can clean cut every ignorance that exist in hideout.. of course he are really really smart, dedicated and multitalent.. i feel safe when i watch and listen to him..

  • Man.. every words he saying is sharp like a new razor blade, can clean cut every ignorance that exist in hideout.. of course he are really really smart, dedicated and multitalent..

  • What is Seth Meyers DOING? This is divisive propaganda. There is NO connection to a "rise" in anything. People... do your research. And do it WITHOUT reading racism into something that's not there. There's no PROOF of racism. There's not even proof of a "rise".

  • Mike Wallace: "How are we going to get rid of racism?" Morgan Freeman: "Stop talking about it. I’m going to stop calling you a white man. And I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man. I know you as Mike Wallace. You know me as Morgan Freeman. You’re not going to say, “I know this white guy named Mike Wallace.” Hear what I’m saying?"