Nick Offerman Was Intimidated by Megan Mullally’s Success When They First Met

Birt 24 mar 2021
Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman talk about their show The Great North, how they first met and Mullally learning about her parents’ love lives.
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Nick Offerman Was Intimidated by Megan Mullally’s Success When They First Met- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Love this couple!!! 🤣🤣

  • They are so cute together. She looks like Alison Brie.

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  • "Getting tight" means getting wasted.

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  • It's Tammy!!

  • Aaw! ☺️💘 These two are are so cute together :)

  • They are such a beautiful couple. We can see they really understand and look up to each other.

  • Love these two, what a great complicity!!

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  • I love the moment at 5:36 after Seth asks them if there's anything they won't reveal to the public and THAT LOOK they give each other. Anyone who's been deep in like with someone (yes, in like ! ) understands that moment superbly. These are two intelligent, communicative humans who might succeed to live together for the rest of their lives.

  • She's so much more attractive in real life than in character.

  • These two are da’ BEST

  • He is 50 and she is 62.

  • When is the divorce.

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  • Megan is so beautiful and her husband is very handsome.

  • They seem to truly love each can't fake the natural easiness of being with someone you love.

  • I love these two - couple goals ❤💜💛💚💙

  • ✨😂🤣✨

  • The second coolest couple in show biz! (I still have to give first place to Fripp & Toyah)

  • I'm glad Nick admits to wearing a dinner napkin tucked into his neck (something I occasionally do). If you look at the celebrity photos hanging at Mortons-Burbank, you will see food-stained shirts--in particular, the photo of Vince Vaughn.

  • I remember postponing a date for St Patrick's day last year until "sometime in April". Pretty sure it's off 😆

  • Tammy 1?

  • couple goals. these two are everything.

  • i can't even tell you how immediately i fell in love with the Great North (the Greaaaaat NoOOOOrth HUT HUT)

  • Can Nick please please do a woodworking ISchats!

  • I see Tammy 2 managed to seduce Ron from his wife.

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  • So much Botox!

  • Damn she looks gorgeous...

  • Mmmm... Megan Mullally are you pumpkin?

  • I’d LOVE to read those letters!

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  • Ron AND Tammy II for me

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  • He might've worn overalls and tucked a napkin into the bib at a restaurant, but homeboy just casually dropped "erudition" into a sentence. He also used "unguent" in another interview. I totally get why Megan knew he was a keeper!

  • She looks like Allison Brie

  • That's great when you're in a relationship with a live human being who is not creepy and doesn't come out of a coffin at night's to terrorize your family members and the neighborhood. No body that feeds off of flesh like a flesh eating omeba. Not germs, no blood sucking insects, no walking dead, or toilet paper.

  • “get tight” means get drunk.

  • Enjoyed " paddle your own canoe" my son enjoyed making mix cds from Mr. O's music memories, for his old mom💜

  • Smells "she's here, isn't she?" Evil Tammy 2.

  • These two are just *amazing* .

  • HOW many times have these two re-hashed their “how we met” story? Enough, already!

  • call KEN BURNS! you two can read them - documentary in the making!

  • My mom saved everything too, i've found love letters and more. Its so cute

  • Nick, "get tight" means get tipsy, get a little drunk.

  • Why is Courtney Cox hanging out with Nick?

  • I think Nick is so hot! 🥰 I love them as a couple. 😘

  • He is 50 and she is 62! wow! she looks amazing!

  • Megan s 62?!?! She looks about 32 here. BTW Ron Swanson is probably one of, if not THE , funniest TV characters of all-time.

    • @Neojhun See ISchats videos for "Ponytail facelift Dr.Kao". Most of the results with his facelift technique make people look much younger.

    • @Sofia AV LOL Plastic Surgery does not make you look better. That's a massive misunderstanding.

    • Yeah, sure, 32. Look her up on google, she shows all of her age (plus plastic surgery very clearly)

    • Wait megan is 62! Damn! How is she 62?

  • Wonderful to see you both!

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  • 👍☺️

  • I love these two so much they are so cute and ahh how is Megan 62, she looks so young ah these two are everything

    • I just Googled her because I assumed that you must've made a mistake, but you're right....she looks fantastic!!

  • I’ve always found Nick to be quite overrated and even here I’m like 😳🙄😳 Yep. Overrated!

  • Line she said in her sitcom: "milk, milk, lemonade, and around the back, fudge is made."

  • Today I learned that Ron Swanson and Karen Walker got married lol But seriously, I didn't know that they were a couple

    • Or that Ron and Tammy 2 STAYED married

    • It’s one of the best things to find out isn’t it 😍😅

    • I thought her name was Anastasia Beaverhausen 😂😂😂😂

  • I’ve been quite entertained by The Great North so far! It has a bit to go before it’s on par with Bob’s burgers, but that’s only natural.

  • If you enjoy these two, check out their audiobook. So lovely!!!

  • Nick has the GOOFIEST laugh ever!! 😂

  • Thank god he said they where on will and grace scripts and her 1st name! I thought this was the person but thought.. no it couldn’t be 😅


  • I love this couple. They are so creative. I also really enjoy you Seth. You are amazing🤗

  • So a book of the letters? Yes?

  • 2:03 I was just about to say that she looks like Cher in the early 1970s!

  • Finding those letters... that's a tv show idea, right there!

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    • Not sick of this game yet? 😂😂😂

  • Just started watching parks and rec and literally saw this episode last night. I thought Megan was Tina Fey but my wife called it. Guess the fireworks were authentic. Lol!

  • They are both blitzed... I think.

  • Please adopt me!

  • omg she should publish those letters it would be great to read

  • I still can't figure out how Megan avoided throwing up as she dragged that talentless idiot DJT through that Green Acres number. Total pro. Respect.

  • Love jed clampett reference 😅💕

  • #relationshipgoals

  • Megan looks amazing!!! I love them both! So cool together!

  • My favorite couple. And I, too, own a shearling coat.

  • "Get tight" is get drunk. As a small child I would walk around the house singing a bluegrass song, "I may be a little bit tight tonight, but I'll be alright tomorrow". So, there's no sexual connotation to that phrase in the letter, but Nick's take is funny. Nick is a lucky, lucky man!

    • Do people no longer read Hemingway?

  • How is she 62?

  • Yeah pp

  • They are so cute!! I love them 😍

  • She used the power inequality to her advantage to take advantage of a young why isn't she cancelled yet?

    • “Predatory and grooming” .... Nick is a grown man, thousands of times more man than you and perfectly capable of looking after himself. You can’t “groom” an adult, you absolute daft waste of space.

    • @yew 2oob He wasn't a child. I can't tell if you're being deliberately obtuse or not.

    • @yew 2oob No, that isn't Mullaley "using" anything: it was the actual difference in where they were in their careers. She didn't engineer that, it is just what was.

    • HE made the first move - SHE didn't even respond for over 2 weeks... Did you not watch the whole video? Did you fall asleep before it was finished? Did your translator screw up the translation? Did your meds stop working? Try watching the video again. Maybe you'll figure it out. Good luck.

    • @yew 2oob you're trying to make hay about a 30 year old dating someone who's 42? Seriously? What are you having trouble understanding?

  • A true love has multiple layer. These two can pill off their story for eternity. Wonderful. Nobody knows.

  • Far out he looks like a chubbier version of Andy Serkis!

  • I hope Megan didn’t find anything like James Joyce’s fart love letters to Nora.

  • *sniffs the air* "She's here"

  • What a minute, he’s actually married with first Tammy? Holly sh.....

  • what got cut out at the end there???

  • how can you hear him on a fax line?

    • a fax line is a phone line

  • I just love how the two of them are polar opposites. He's talks slow and monotone like but still funny and she's just loud and wacky.

    • @Shasha0709 And Nick fell in love with her because of her intelligence, beauty and wackyness

    • His voice is soo sexy. I can see why she fell for him.

    • They complement each other

    • oh, he's a great actor; he's just as whacky as she is!

  • I love these two... So cool individually, and together is just out of this world.

  • Feels so weird seeing him without a moustache, lol.

    • @Sammy Rivo Well, then he's a lucky lucky man; and his wife too I suppose....

    • That’s what it is...thank you! I knew he looked different but I couldn’t figure it out!

    • it rubbed off due to friction

  • Maybe love is real 😍

  • Oh aunt Gayle

  • Loved every moment of this, how sweet!

  • Such a lovely couple

  • Power couple goals lol. They were the best part of Parks and Recs.