Feds Consider Sedition Charges for Capitol Riot, Examine Trump’s Role: A Closer Look

Birt 22 mar 2021
Seth takes a closer look at the former top prosecutor for the Capitol riots saying that evidence from the attack could support sedition charges as federal investigators continue to examine Trump’s role in fomenting the insurrection.
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Feds Consider Sedition Charges for Capitol Riot, Examine Trump’s Role: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Oh, I would love to see AOC go against green, too. But, such will never be as the excuse of, "I will never dignify an idiot with a debate" often prevents such needed events. It just goes to show that nothing good will ever come out of corrupt government and you can't fight a corrupt party with a corrupt party. There is no hope.

  • Need to get rid of filibuster and pass voting rights laws.

  • Is Trump criminally culpable for everything that happened during the siege. Hm,... let's make an extreme example: did Hitler personally run the concentration camps? No. But was he responsible for them?.... (눈_눈)

  • 4:41 6:50 Do you think this guy has ever said, simply, "Yes."?

  • Well now we know why trump wanted them to use his plane, so they'd fix it for free

  • Former President? Trump lost? Fantastic. He was awful. .... okay, I’m trying to be funny. I can write comedy. Voted best “MySpace Top Place” in 2009. 📞me

  • If this Felon is not Prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law Bernie Madoff should have never been Prosecuted.

  • Of course being the leader behind a treasonous riot is guilty of sedition! I watched Trump whipping up the crazies before he sent them into the White House while he watch the event at a safe distance on TV. The real question is, 'Do we have a prison big enough for Trump's ego?' If Trump was in prison for 5 years, would the prison fall apart like America did under Trump? I am not ashamed of my country. I am ashamed of Trump. "We should love our country always, and our politicians when they deserve it." --President Theodore Roosevelt

  • When do we talk about the issues and stop the name calling and generally making fun of someone’s clothes or how they look? What does that have to do with anything. Both sides do way too much of it. Just gross

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  • Did this ever take place, already? The charge of sedition? Which crime is worse: stealing the tax money, children abuse, looting the White House for historical items, sedition, treason, genocide, dereliction of duty, or insurrection? Because if the authorities are going to choose which crime to give citizen Trump, shouldn't they have to take all of the above in consideration? Thank you!


  • What's the difference between Donald Trump and his personal Trump jet? Nothing, they're both old, brokedown and don't work. Both haven't worked since the 2016 election.

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  • How is this guy still on tv??!!

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  • It must be my birthday

  • Treason & Sedition charges,he did both.!He’s also culpable for over 400,000 Covid Deaths.!!!!😱😳🤯🤦‍♀️

  • Trump supporters are now verified as the most gullible fools in American political history. He played you fools.

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  • Seth, I don't think you quite realize what a massive tool you truly are....

  • The US Military gets the best part of $800,000,000 a year to defend the US...The military should be after the insurgents who attacked what the military is paid to protect and do their job...If Capitol Hill was an embassy in some Middle Eastern country, they would still be bombing and shooting anyone and anything even remotely involved in or concerned with the attack..

  • How many times have I heard the NYDA is looking into Trump and the investigation is "heating up"? Also, leave it to CNN to call updating us on Trump's jet "news". I guess my side really is just as stupid and awful as thr MAGAs.

  • AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS, ASIA FOR THE ASIANS, WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYONE! Anti-racists tell us there's a race problem in ALL White countries that can only be solved by bringing in masses of non-Whites. They have no problem with all-Black countries or all-Asian countries. Only White people must become minorities in their own lands. Under international law, that is genocide, but anti-racists call it "diversity." Diversity means chasing down the last White person. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • "No amendment, no amendment to the constitution is absolute." --Joe Biden

  • lady liberty needs to be revamped. she should be peeking under the blindfold with the scales showing a few pennies on one side and stacks of 100 dollar bills on the other. the root of all America's evils really is the love of money. 'use people and love things' has replaced 'use things and love people'. but what can you expect when your economic markets, system and policies are designed to make you covet what others can afford because owning the latest overpriced material junk sensation will bring you happiness and well being. "so you think 21 is gonna be a good year?" P. Townsend

  • Oh Seth you panty waste, not the "INSURRECTION" that occurred at the capital! While those that were involved were wrong and should be punished, that was not an insurrection! I have seen bigger insurrections at my local pub! But that word sounds sooooooo good spread from the commie left media.

    • That was rather limp wristed, even for the Proud Cowards, but insurrection was their goal and that's how they'll be charged.

  • 😁

  • I'm a little mad tht you disillusioned me out of thinking it was pronounced TIT-leist.

  • No, we want details on a daily basis from his prison cell.

  • PopoZao!

  • Sedition???? really.

  • He would not have a job if hes stop talking about Trump....this guy is a total loser

  • Any 'slacks' that Trump wears have to change their name to 'tights'.

  • Everything he’s said for the past 5 years has been a lie. He’s broken numerous laws regarding nepotism in government, made a profit from his role as president and to make him sound really bad, been the most offensive disgusting human on the planet, which is saying something when you have the likes of Putin, Kim and Xi running around unhinged.

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  • t L r I u A m R p 🤔🤣!

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  • why not treason?

  • Sethy Meyers is so bad I couldn't get through 5 minutes of this. How did he get this job?

  • Claims that they were only doing what the traitor in chief (t.i.c.) said is NO defense. They're adults and made a choice, prosecute them as the treasonous terrorists they are.

  • Did his net worth fall or did he say it fell lol


  • We the people should charge whit criminal and storming the capital. Yes Trump is 100% guilty

  • Watching Seth make the crew laugh with an in-joke I don't understand is actually better than a live audience laughing at the script.

    • I think the laughs sound a bit force, in other words phony.

  • Trump has to desperately run for president so he can funnel the free campaign money to his jet and golf courses.

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  • I wonder if Republicans have figured out yet that Trumps advice on Covid might not have been 100% correct. He obviously takes Covid as seriously at his home as he did across the US.

  • Turmp refused for years to pay the $5 fee to register the plane.

  • My god, Trump has been out of office for 3 months and you people are still going after him.

  • First you're going to get sick if injected. Virus has mutated so vaccine wont give u immunity to new forms of "wishing it were over." Good little sheep, get vaccinated, by dorks that make real medicine illegal and brought you 911? Intelligent people wont buy into your lame "stay vaccinated." appalling.

  • Boring. If you want to see extreme violence, bloodshed, explosions, death and cities on fire then check out videos on the BLM-Antifa riots. These are the Biden-Harris riots where BLM-Antifa trap police officers in their buildings then set the buildings on fire then Biden-Harris bail them out of jail when they get caught.

  • I see donnie doofus is still wearing his (made in China) MAGA hat. Donnie? Irony challenged? Why would anyone think that?

  • No more free real estate for the BIG ORANGE DUMP.

  • I for one am happy he doesn't swim in spray tan like to look like an oompa loompa anymore.

  • If the trials of Trump are ever televised I want to get like one of those number one foam fingers but instead of number one it says "Trump's legal colonoscopy" And I'll watch it with beer and popcorn and potato chips and friends we'll make a day of it.

  • Why do you continue to give this POS your time and attention. If the media ignored him he would eventually implode and we’d be done with him.

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  • Can´t watch this nonsense anymore. This show has the maturity of a social justice warrior.

  • Yep.

  • so...what about the news? anything on that? why are we still talking about him, he doesn't talk about you. he is winning now. good job, you guys sure owned him...

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  • Burn the plane. It’s full of Covid-19 & worse; it’s heard everything DJT has had to say.

  • Let me know when Trump has to utter these words under oath..."I will tell the Truth, the whole Truth, etc, etc...

  • It's really distracting that he doesn't know how to pronounce "ferment"

    • ​@ELLIOT Pp Calling Poe's Law on this one. Not really worth getting into. Hope you have a great day.

    • @Small Pseudonym are we certain that's a word?

    • Without rewatching the whole thing to determine exactly the point you're referring to, are you sure that's not because the word he's actually saying is "foment"?

  • Trump 310 lbs. I would bet a million on it.

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  • Whats to consider??? Its Obvious !!! Lock him up, He's Pure EVIL!!!!!!!!!

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  • I saw many people criitisizing Seth Meyers for being biast and as our President would say, I said "Come on man". Then, I started watching his show......

  • He REPEATEDLY said he was going to the Capitol with them! Said we're walking together. HE made the changes to include the walk to the Capitol! And then he drove in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION! When has that man ever missed a chance to rant to his cult members? If he truly thought there wouldn't be any violence and only wanted them to protest, WHY DIDN'T HE GO?!?! We know the answer and that answer is the biggest piece of evidence that he knew there was going to be violence. Why doesn't anyone ever talk about that?

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  • TRUMP!

  • LOL!!!! I can't with you!!!! LOL!!!

  • I can't wait to see Seth rip into Matt Gaetz on under age girls.

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  • Seth Meyers

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  • That 60mins guys, is that this seasons Michael Avenatti?

  • Umm, anyone else notice that the "'86 Camero" was a Trans-Am?

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  • this guy has a staff of 20 writers..

  • Nothing is going to happen over this capital riot the only reason we still hear about this is because these white folks can't find a black person to blame it on they were going for the black police officer..but the video showed he saved lives and that was the ONLY brother there so now their back to square one...the it wasn't me defense its working so far..

  • Lol Trump is a joke all of you that support him your a bigger joke how can you people or anyone defend this miserable makeup of a so called man smh....

  • When are we going to not hear anything from or about a Damm trump. 💩💩💩💩💩

  • Nothing is going to come from this. Rich people don’t go to jail in America.

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  • He looks pink, now I understand why he looked orange.......pink + tan = orange.

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  • Dear Seth, your jokes are not funnier if you yell them.

  • I am another one waiting for former 45 to hit the stand and get chafged👍👍👍

  • Good I am glad they are looking into Sedeition chargers against Biden and Harris and forced staffers to donate to the MFF(Minnesota Freedom Fund) that DemoRats setup for the looters and rioters in Minnesota

  • i miss the sea captain

  • Assault on voting rights? Since when does requiring an ID a assault on voting rights? Keep pushing your "All of America is Racist" agenda.

  • Sedition?? 140 people “injured “ How many lives and businesses have BLM destroyed? Nothing? Oh ok

  • Stay outta politics...u are arent funny

  • Dam dude you really like taking about Trump. While completely ignoring ANYTHING that is actually happening with our current administration. Quit spewing venom and tell jokes you little vegan immature sheep

  • Omg I just figured out my 3 degrees to Barack Obama. I use to work as an assistant to someone close to Bruce

  • His Obama is awful