CNN Lost 45% of Its Audience Since Biden Took Office

Birt 24 mar 2021
Seth Meyers' monologue from Tuesday, March 23.
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CNN Lost 45% of Its Audience Since Biden Took Office- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Good job people, we just need a little more and they won’t exist anymore. Hey this cancel culture is fun, let’s do it to all the left wing crazies!!!

  • His he trying to be fun are what what the wtf is he going on about

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  • fear sells 😉


  • Every time Seth says "Trump," his forehead gets bigger.

  • People actually watch CNN? Now that's funny.

  • And I would expect you and the other late night hosts to lose the same. I mean... Trump was 80% of your material. Edit: Sorry I spoke too soon. He's still using Trump material. Guess there's not much to talk about then.

  • Mainstream media heavily exploited Trump and put him in a negative light to the max. Now they're reaping what they sowed! 🤭

  • is Seth Myers a robot he looks like he is looking over your shoulder when delivering his in humane monologues

  • Screw cnn the one way partisan stoolies

  • Surprised seth meyers didn't lose ratings either.

  • sooo boring

  • seth meyers is losing what little viewers it has as well. this sht is painfully unfunny

  • Remember when Seth was either!

  • Love the school joke!

  • HA! Yeah, now that we're in post-Trump mode, people just need a break. But, so glad that people feel *comfortable enough* to be able to take that break with Biden in office.

  • This dude is trash jus like cnn this guy been jumping back in forth tryna get views

  • Is this American TV? WTF Happened.

  • By helping criminal like human trafficker, drug smuggler etc to enter US is same with criminal action. The president should be impeached because has helped criminals to enter US with his EOs. Impeach the president!

  • Who is so stupid to pay extra and pay more than NORMAL ...gas and so on..on and on....

  • CNN feeds off of confrontation not confusion! IMO

  • I stopped watching the news once I realized it was like findingout WWE wasn't real wrestling. It's fake once you know you stop watching, plain and simple.

  • Boring

  • obnoxious🤮👎

  • I see why CNN lost 45% of its audience, this guy is so bad. Trying to be funny, but he's the joke! 4/7/21

  • CNN sucks haven't watched it since the first Iraq war.

  • Was this comedy ?

  • Seth has 79% fewer audience so I'm told.

  • Did they forget the laugh track?

  • so this is what's funny to you? it really sucks, his brother Josh is more funny than this hack

  • Comedy gold

  • This is supposed to be comedy?

  • I wonder how much ratings Seth lost?

  • Seth is a hack & ratings are down cuz no1 wants the train wreck that Biden is conducting..they'd rather ignore it

  • The only writer he leaves alone is Amber... cause that would get him killed, if not by the fans by her

  • Seth Meters sucks. Can't wait until he gets taken off the air

  • Good for them.

  • not funny must need more canned laughter

  • lets wear a mask and not ask any questions ...says the guy who isn't wearing a mask and is being paid to say all this bs.. your a tool and no1 thinks your funny

  • So when the CDC said you cannot transmit or get the virus after receiving the vaccine and you still wear the mask????? Questions only Biden can answer when rambling on about corn pop.

  • Man this was hard to watch. its just not funny.

  • Shut up and stop kicking a dead horse. How long are you going defame Trump while Biden runs the country into the ground for special interest groups.

  • cnn losing 45pct hell it won't belong no body ain't gonna watch them fake news cnn the screen will be FLAT LINES.

  • Didn’t laugh at a single joke. It really shows when the applause sign can’t work its magic.


  • Cnn lied n censored news now no one trust them awww

  • And you can’t just stop talking about Trump

  • Fake news.

  • Looks like this clown has been left behind after the circus left. He sucks

  • Everyday was bad news before Biden lol

  • Amazing how devoid of humor democrat mouthpiece comedians are.

  • I too remember when Seth Meyers wasn’t political

  • CNN is equal to The Enquirer!

  • Man this just wasn’t funny... you go woke you go broke... comedy is dying...

  • Did they forget to add the canned laughter?

  • Even cnbc told the world that faucci lied about everything since day one... IS SETH UNINFORMED ABOUT EVERYTHING? masks don't stop the virus *if they don't even stop saw dust*🤣😂🤣😂

  • Great lmao 😂

  • Great lmao 😂

  • 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Hmmm most voted for presidential candidate in history lololol sure....

  • I remember when this guy was funny. Is he trying to be Norm McDonald ???

  • I imagine there was a full audience there...that about the correct number of laughs this beta usually gets

  • And thats the path i hope you are headed for Sethy. Biden is s blabbering idiot gaffe machine, just curious to see how the late night stooges treat him

  • Is this supposed to be funny?

  • Is this suppose to be funny?

  • Kind of expected audience laughing, and when I got none of it I just sat in silence feeling actually awkward, even though I live in NYS which is about as far away as I could get in this country from where this was filmed.

  • An epidemiologist who last took a class over 50 years ago. Think about the asbsurdity of having an 83? year old man as head of one field which is constantly changing. He should be surrounded by the brightest and recently graduated science wiz's. Once a Latin PhD., that's that. Statistics? Thats that. I would love a recent MIT or Cal Tech grad, pepper him with questions about the "science of virus''" It would not be pretty. Remember "forced rertirements' ? For the good of the country STEP DOWN!

  • Good! 😂😂😂

  • This new guy Biden is the funniest comic in 20 years! Get him on your show.Do you still have a show?

  • That was just terrible

  • This is supposed to be comedy? Jesus I'd rather watch a Leno monologue...

  • OMFG! That's so Funny, Kidding of course, where Dafuq did Comedy go? Oh I Know, Identity Politics, PC, and SJWs/Cancel Culture have destroyed Humor in this country, Here's to 2022 and 2024 please Make your Vote count, vote these dipshits out of office #bringbackfunny

  • Comedy is dead. Thanks libtards. God bless Bill Burr and Dave Chappelle.

  • Was this supposed to be comedy? o_O

  • Now I know why no one watches your show.

  • Awesome i hope they loose the rest also

  • I think the bulb in your "laugh" sign burnt out

  • Maybe everyone are realising cnn is fake news and seth is not funny.

  • Didn't Seth Meyers used to be funny?

  • NBC fired Conan O'Brien, but this guy still has a job? Were those jokes?

  • This clown is about as funny as Trevor blowa the place was packed with people Crickets 😂

  • Another throw away,but won't go away no talent teleprompter jockey.just go away.

  • Basically people watched the news so they could have a reason to be ticked off instead of making the choice not to watch the news and living a perfectly stress free life. Now people ignore the news so they dont have to have a reason to see all the stupid things Biden does and can claim their lives are better. Life is what life is media controlled or not.

  • Is his show supposed to be funny?

  • Lmao! Did he really say broken stairs??!!! Wow you guys are pathetic

  • Without the people being paid to laugh, this show sound real now. NOT FUNNY real...

  • Biden's administration has made people not care about what's happening in the country.

  • Deep State lost 45% ?

  • Seth, Seth. The delivery is what makes a joke funny. Drop the SJW coaching and visit a comedy club,

  • Ahh Seth..Late Night has also lost viewership, it’s down 91% since you started hosting.

  • Where's the part where Fauci refuted the scientific premise of Rand's questioning?

  • CNN is complicit... Wake up! Following the Democratic Woke philosophy, the Democratic party should itself be canceled. Democrats are responsible for Jim Crow, Slavery, Segregation, KKK, internment of Japanese during WW2, and all the other ills related. Sickening they are turning their shortcomings upon the Republican party who ALWAYS fights for freedom and liberty for ALL. GOD BLESS Abraham Lincoln and the Republican party! Praying the democrats will see the light and WAKE UP!

  • "Comedy shows"? Nothing but crickets from these puppets now.

  • Another non-funny attempt to smokescreen what's actually happening... been to the border lately? The reason CNN is so quiet is cause their boy is in office. Pathetic... no one tells the truth, it's all about ratings and Seth... you are failing miserably!

  • Easier when a orange psychotic piggy isnt running things.

  • you are not funny

  • They lost their viewers because cnn is still non stop trump and trump supporters. Or either that cnn is biting the back of joe biden and his administration

  • There is no pandemic and your analogy is nonsensical.

  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!