The Secret Service Detained Sacha Baron Cohen for Breaking into CPAC Dressed as Trump

Birt 26 mar 2021
Sacha Baron Cohen talks about Borat Subsequent Moviefilm and getting detained by the Secret Service after breaking into CPAC dressed as Donald Trump.
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The Secret Service Detained Sacha Baron Cohen for Breaking into CPAC Dressed as Trump- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Sacha Baron Cohen is crazy

  • I can’t wait for his Asian character, now that he’s living here in sudneyb

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  • You are adorable....thank you for putting a smile on my face.

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  • this guy is so cool!

  • that's like a hunter s thompson story #Gonzo

  • love your how

  • I’m really missing A Closer Look.

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  • ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Can't believe they didn't arrest him? What kind of security is that?

  • Secret service or not, denying you the Miranda rights is morally and ethically wrong.

  • Trial of Chicago 7 is an excellent movie.

  • Such an amazing man

  • Sacha Baron Cohen and his work is my favorite example of using a history degree.

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  • was 'That Person' by any chance Pence ?

  • Can Borat plss do a Mar a Lago Special

  • This guy seems to obsessed with Republicans. He should try some of his stunts with Anarchists and Antifa members, and see if he cames in one piece after that.

  • I dunno. I'd really like to see that arrogant git get his ass kicked while pulling one of his stunts.

  • Really good film. Much better than the first one.

  • They made him too skinny

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  • Does Sacha Baron Cohen have a man bun???

  • SBC is a real spy :o his cover a actor and writer

  • Had a thought. Any chance Donnie could be roughed up because the Secret Service aren't certain he's the Real Donald J Trump, despite what he blusters? Heheheheheh........

  • My prediction is he’s making Bruno2

  • I thought this was Bob Odenkirk

  • DO I take up weed for this one movie.. lol

  • he looks like one of the Grimsby Brothers

  • Love this guy!!

  • "It was a challenge." an understatement like MacBeth's "Twas a rough night."

  • So hipocritical

  • Absolute brilliance.

  • He's creepy.

  • I love Sacha! He’s funny and very down to earth. I will watch anything with him in it. He never fails to make me laugh 😂 🤣😂

  • What idiot in the secret service thought it was a good idea to spend time and money on this??

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  • didnt he talk about this many times before? you cash milking assholes

  • "Were the secret service it doesn't work like that" lol where's the constitutionalists angry about them breaking the amendments. You have no rights when no one knows your there.

  • Some heros don't wear capes

  • I hope he enjoys his time in the Demlight because soon the show will be over.

  • Should make a film about the former first DILF Ivanka

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  • Brilliant man 🤗

  • How about trying it with Biden

  • now i have to watch some ali g clips.

    • Start with the Ali G show. U can't go wrong with that. It dates back to his beginning. Ali G in da house

    • classics

  • Biden killed kurt cobain to steal money from him.

  • Before I end cross trump who???

  • Trolling trump? Who's the racist? Who promoted Islamophobia first?

  • He should do Ali-G from Londonistan.

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  • This just goes to show how easy (with planning and makeup artists, etc) it can be to infiltrate your way into things. Asking for ID? Seriously? How about even basic stuff that smartphones have? Fingerprint scanner, iris/retina scanner?

  • The father daughter relationship was moving? I’m gonna have to watch it again. Maybe I’ll feel that in the fourth viewing.

  • Who cares he’s a sellout

  • I always forget what his real accent is LOL his work is brilliant.

  • Wicked funny ...Sacha is the prankster king

  • I laughed until I wet myself with the first movie so I suppose I'll have to give this new one a look.🤕

  • I watch ISchats on autoplay. EVERY TIME I watch David Pakman, Jesse Dollemore, or Farron Unbalanced, I get a ton of Seth Meyers videos back to back to back to back to back to back. WTH!!!!!! Please stop. I like Seth, but damn!!

  • If only he would have done it to Cuomo..

  • So you are saying that the secret service is above the law? Oh man, you americans REALLY live in a dictatorship; i feel sorry for you. You actually dont have any rights if your "government" (LOL) doesnt want you to have some? What a country - I think there is more freedom in north korea

  • Along with all the other challenges, this stuff just sounds so physically grueling: 5 hours of prosthetics, 4 hours in a bathroom while wearing the prosthetics... that takes some stamina.

  • Sacha Baron Cohen never fails to deliver. Bloody brilliant

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  • i would love to see video of him as trump!!! lol

  • Ahh a sad decline from comedy genius to smug dick. He used to let his characters speak, but now he prefers his own voice.

  • Man, the lengths that Cohen went to with that T***p impersonation stunt are INCREDIBLE.

  • "I refuse to answer any questions until my lawyer is also president!"

  • Sacha Baron Cohen into politics pleease - i would for one would vote and support his matters, pure genious - such rare minds

  • I wondered about that. I was surprised how easily you got in there.

  • This isn't film making, it's straight up espionage. Brilliant.

  • Wuhan Flu is actually pretty catchy. See what I did there?

  • "We're the Secret Service it does not work that way" Did the Supreme Court make an exception for the Secret Service we are unaware of?

    • @Clay Chiarelott That is correct except if they are willing to behave in such a way what prevents them from lying and saying any statements were made voluntarily and/or spontaneous?

    • Well any information they got from you would be inadmissible in courts if they forced you to talk under duress without a lawyer present after explicitly requesting one.

    • No, they just don't follow the law. Powerful peoole are above the law, why would the secret service need the permission of the Courts? Did you genuinely believe that you live in a country of equally enforced laws? LOL.

  • Can,t think of a greater actor. He's created his own category - life-risking satirist/clown/actor/improviser/spy/activist/(mis)leader. A trickster fighter. The underknown Who Is America is pure chimp laughter

  • Ahh man, they should have done Eric Trump like they'd planned


    • @Tradeladder LOLOL...

    • Ask Trump, oh wait , he wasnt interested in Stimulus Checks, only in Tax cuts for the Rich, Keep injecting The Bleach. LMAO

  • Oh, it wasn't the Secret Service, it was Trump's Brown Shirts. LOL

  • Sacha Baron Cohen's real voice sounds like a Sasha Baron Cohen impersonation.

    • Never would have believed how attractive he is in real person!🤪

  • Both a really good...

  • Can you even imagine what it must feel like to look in the mirror and have 45** looking back at you?! 😱

  • Can you even imagine what it must feel like to look in the mirror and have 45** looking back at you?! 😱

  • Interesting, the secret service could not care less about Constitutional rights.

    • @Richard Walker Incorrect, all civil servants with security clearance must sign a fiduciary oath agreement. From your local Mayor to the Secret Service, if you draw a government check for your salary, you are also bound to obey the law, there are no exceptions stated in the Constitution.

    • @Richard Walker check that again, you got way too much of that wrong. Secret Service protects him while committing treason, he could not order them to commit it themselves.

    • Check it out. The secret service take no pledge to the Constitution. They take no pledge about national security. They take no pledge that involves U.S.A. citizens. They only protect the president. The scariest thing to me was that Trump was a psychopath and could do ANYTHING (including treasonous acts) and the secret service would still protect him. Not what I call an ideal situation ... but a very real one.

    • Like the Capitol Hill cops who waved some folks into the Capitol Building on Jan 6th?

  • Love this Guy.... Sasha

  • He is a huge jackals. He should be in jail

  • I saw the movie and walked around for days saying “it’s genius”!

  • Lets talk about how the secret service refused to allow his attorney to be present. Illegal.

    • @Leto617 Habeus Corpus says you cannot be detained for 24 hours without charge. But America isn't a country of laws, so quoting Secret Service the constitution or the bill of rights would probably get a good chuckle.

    • Secret Service can detain you for something like 48-72 without cause, at that point you do not have the right to a lawyer, yet.

    • I hear Guantamino is lovely this time of year.

    • @S. Pociecha Not all - but having 2 backups "disguised" Trumps to distract them (which worked beautifully), showed just how easily it can be done.

    • @Mondo Shredder, wouldn't "completely fooled" mean they accepted that he was tRump? I gather some of them did, but it didn't last long.

  • Wicked

  • He deserves a nod for his role in THE SPY.

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  • He is so talented, because he risks it to make people laugh. Brilliant!

  • I love him so much but the awkwardness in the confrontations of his borat movies make me so uncomfortable 😂

  • Plot twist: Trump has someone make him look like Sacha Baron to escape justice.

    • @misledprops 😅🤣🤣😅

    • @Anna I might be the one thing that Trump does that actually impresses me. I just don’t understand how he stays upright in that posture

    • @Leto617 lol. And don't forget the task of trying to imitate trumps posture. 😂

    • Sacha is like 1/2 his size, no girdle in the world could hold that gut in.

  • battle of the toupes

  • Both movies are amazing and Sasha is an amazing actor in very different types of roles. I'm not usually into Borat style humour or pranks but I have to admit it was extremely funny and pretty unique.

  • The 'making of' would be just as entertaining as the movie itself