Viet Thanh Nguyen Calls Out America’s Tragic History of Anti-Asian Violence

Birt 26 mar 2021
Viet Thanh Nguyen addresses the rise in anti-Asian violence in America, his book The Committed and writing a book with his son.
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Viet Thanh Nguyen Calls Out America’s Tragic History of Anti-Asian Violence- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • It's a dead joke about Vietnamese Chinese descent. I don't know if it's true or what Viet-Chinois did in the past but they left a bad name 'til today in French, like if we are late for an appointment, it's called "rendezvous" chinois. Lol!!

  • Love this

  • definitely an interesting book I'd love to check out! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • 💜 How can a human hate another human? We're ALL humans!!!!! I just don't get it... 😔

    • We hate each other BECAUSE we're humans. It's built into our DNA.

  • Such a charming author.

  • An Asian implicating himself as that of a corrupt 'cop' insisting otherwise. Same as the female Asian on this video - implicating herself as... - where the comments are disabled. "Hate" is nothing but a label. It's called disrespect. Someone killing Asians is no different than (white) corrupt 'cops' killing black men. "Call it what it is," murder - or - if you must include the race then it's Asian murder. What is being complained about here is not as claimed. The shooter had NO racial purpose. Yes, these mass shootings are ridiculous and need to end. It's most definitely true that Tramp didn't make things any better. 'It' claimed to have done something, yet we ended up having to wear masks ... and still are more than a year later. At least Biden has a brain.

  • Kudos to both this show and the brilliant author.

  • I just came here to hear Seth's pronunciation of a Vietnamese name :D

  • All discredit to Trump

  • who's to be BLAMED? taiwan province of China SMALL brain pro-independence spreading Chinese ethnics HATRED, now their dumb actions backfired. ISO 3166-2 International Organization for Standardization ISO code. Retrieved 2020-08-26. Short name TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA. taiwan is included as a subdivision of China because of its political status within the United Nations, as, even though it is de facto under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China instead of the People's Republic of China, the United Nations does not recognize the Republic of China and considers taiwan as part of China. In ISO 3166-1, taiwan is listed as "Taiwan, Province of China"

  • 💞💞💞💞💞

  • My cousin died in that shooting in 89 in Stockton. I grew up across the street from that shooting and was shocked he brought it up on this show that I watch all the time.

    • My deepest belated condolences to you, your family, and your community.😔

  • China loves this. Give China a free pass for unleashing a deadly virus on the world....

  • Very proud of Viet N. for giving voice to those that lack it or are silenced. I like that as a father, he realized his son's dreams or talents to collaborate and wrote this book. I will definitely pick it up!

  • So proud

  • sad they hit a 65 years old asian woman in new york from california

  • Great interview

  • Another "black supremacist" attacking an Asian in NY. Asian Lives Matter!

  • As soon as I heard shooting I knew it was gonna be about Stockton 😪

  • Woke Americans praised Korea and Vietnam for embracing friendship with the Russians. Woke Americans dodged the draft so that Asians could live in socialist harmony

  • Asians have a long way to go before they get Asian History Month

  • Thank you for continuing to amplify voices like Mr. Nguyen's.

  • When minorities assault other minorities, is the result of good policies lol

  • I don't fault all Asians. Just the CHINESE. You own it.

  • BAD! I'm Chinese and my wife is ethnic Chinese-Vietnamese and we DON'T DO CRIME! I will read the book anyway.

    • It seems Viet's intention to offend more people is working. PS His writing is awesome!

  • Hegelian dialectic. Google it. This is propaganda to make Asians and Americans hate each other just like they did with black live matter. If we focus on black and white then we won't focus on them passing laws that allow them to pollute our air even further and other corrupt practices led by spiritual wickedness in high places and genocide is what it's called when the government kills it's own people. They are heading for that now and keeping us distracted on race. Georgia guidestones

  • Again with the "Legos"!! It's as though Seth's previous apologies meant nothing! 😉

  • Gotta give Seth credit for the perfect pronunciation of Viet Thanh Nguyen. Not many who doesn’t speak Vietnamese can get it right.

    • @Hai Phu that is disrespectful to Asian culture and Whitewashing.

    • @Hai Phu that is disrespectful to Asian culture and Whitewashing.

    • @Chí Thiện Nguyễn but we are living in the USA so i think we should pronounce first name 1st

    • Not even close 😁 but for a white guy it was a good try

    • As a Vietnamese, no he didn't. He messed up the Nguyễn part. Beside we don't pronounces western way of our name, we say it our Vietnamese way, so his name name should be pronounce Nguyễn Thanh Việt instead of Viet Thanh Nguyen.

  • Well if you ain't part of the solution you're part of the problem.i don't remember seeing any Asians standing with latins or blacks. Keeping silent until it happens to you is allowing it. Now you're protesting and asking for solidarity

    • They were there. I've seen many Asians supporting BLM. I live in DC. Our Chinese American community rallied with BLM during the after math of George Floyd, as did our White community. DC is ruffly half white now, yet 93% of the vote went to Biden and the city overwhelmingly supports BLM plaza.

  • Thank you Seth for continuing to highlight writers and books - I loved Viet Thanh Nguyen’s The Sympathizer !!!

  • ✨✌️😷✌️✨

  • Not to derail, but can we please get an explanation of why the long dead South Vietnam flag was right up there with the Nazi flag at the insurrection on January 6th? It stops me in my tracks every time photos of it is used.

    • @Paul Ho who is going to tell them what?

    • @Jeffrey 773 so who's going to tell them...

    • @Paul Ho they actually believe they were fighting communism

    • @Jeffrey 773 were the Vietnamese actually fighting communism at the capitol or aligning with the far right white supremacists though?

    • "To fight communism" you haven't asked yourself why USA trades with Vietnam and China but not Cuba?

  • Celine Tran

  • Sophia leone

  • Priya price

  • Pristine edge

  • A country "founded" on genocide of tribal peoples of this and the African continent racist? What a surprise.

  • Natives are from Asia. European guns and germs wiped them out in all of the Western Hemisphere.

  • One joke from youre kids vs scolins best try a fair compition winner gets candy

  • I get a kick out of all you idiots from other countries blaming America for being racist. But yet your own country is just the same way.

  • We asian have so much experiences about commie thugs .. about their propaganda to divide and brainwash people.. to take away people freedom and righteous... we aren’t fooled to be be trapped becoming BLM ... and who they think they are ?? The upper class to tell us what to do about their bs racism.. their Hollywood paid actors can’t fool us .. a white man goes around bashing up old Asian and being bashed by a chinese old woman ... straight from Hollywood bs movie... just hilarious 😂

  • I really think the guy should have put a few more copies of his book on the shelf behind his back. Maybe he even could've put all these copies on the shelf in a way that would have allowed us to have a look at the front cover. Just an idea.

  • We have a problem in how we treat our fellow Americans who are black, brown or Asian.....hmm, maybe it is our society but I think religion is at the root of all discrimination.

    • @D Davis Neonazi groups, racial discriminating people, and anti-LGBT all usually claim that they are very religious. Maybe not all religious people are these things, but these things sure like to say anti-jew, anti-LGBT, and being racist are allowed because that's what their religion believes. I think calling religion is the problem is a bit overreacting, the problem is those who have the mindset that he belongs to a group, and all other groups must be subhuman below his.

    • What religion exactly? I've never heard race discussed in any church or synagogue that I've attended nor is it in the Bible or Torah. So which religion

  • China threat boosting by mainstream media is behind the rise in asian hate crime

  • fun interview. Hope to see more of him!

  • I love the look of his covers

    • Same! The cover for his collection of short storied "The Refugees" is also amazing

  • Why do Americans (not all, obviously) hate people who don't look it act like them? Cultures who have generations invested into America seem to be shunned and treated like they're not even human beings. I don't understand that mentally.

    • generations of racial tensions, combined with basic tribalism. Everybody has an unconscious bias to expect the worst of people who are different from them. It takes exposure and education to get around it, but a lot of communities create echo chambers and purposeful exclusionary methods like redlining and sundown towns. There's also a lot of misattribution of cause. We have a tendency to look for patterns, and ethnicity is an easy thing to notice subconsciously, as is gender, so they are the most common thing people attribute negative experiences to when they are bad at understanding nuance. The cause isn't ethnicity, it is circumstance.

    • @Phương Nguyễn Thanh That must be it.

    • we tend to blame "other" people for what happened. And they were losing their job and they blamed the Japanese American for coming American and "taking their jobs" in the past. They shot them. Now they're sick because of locking down, of the Covid 19 time, they shot Asian American because they thought it's from China. At the end, some people, they've kid minds.

  • Besides shootings, you know what else doesn't happen in Vietnam? Covid deaths! 35 deaths total there all pandemic! World's best response, but no-one mentions it! They did awesome, they deserve credit for it imo - and there's not many countries we admire on covid responses here in Australia!

  • Viet's appearance last time is what lead me to his book and then a network of meaningful artists, as a Vietnamese American. He is a much needed voice of calm and clever fury. Thanks to Seth for bringing him on.

  • This is nit-picking a bit and I don't mean to take away from his point, but the year before Columbine there was a school shooting at a middle school in Jonesboro, Arkansas. There were 5 people who were killed, 4 students and a teacher, and 10 people were hurt. There were 2 gunmen in this case. One had pulled the fire alarm and then ran out to his meet his friends in the woods near the school where they had weapons ready. Once the students had exited the school thinking it was a fire drill or possibly a real fire, that was when the guys started shooting. There's so many mass shootings it's hard to keep them all straight. This one had a bigger effect on me because I was in middle school at the time and this was a middle school shooting. It was also the first time I had heard of such a thing.

  • I’m Japanese and very proud to be Asian!!! We asians are not virus!!!

    • @Ghost Most did you even read the book? Its full of criticism of communist vietnam

    • 偽日本語...

    • Trump is

    • @Ghost Most just listen to the man who says Kung Flu, I'm sure you defended that ugliness and even justified it

    • Please don't listen to this communist tool.

  • Wasn't there that one really big taxpayer-funded anti-Asian hate crime from like 1965-1975 or thereabouts?

    • @Minh Nguyen the original agent orange? I wonder if those dubbing T by that name even know where the term comes from or if it's been adjusted in their history classes to make them the good guys as usual

    • yea. it's almost like they dropped bomb all over southeast asia and spary chemical on top of it... What could I be thinking of... Damn, cant wrap my brain around it

  • cool book

  • Loved The Sympathizer!! Finally read it. Seth, you interview the most outstanding writers. Loved Viet's perspective. Thank you.

    • He’s spectacular. His vocabulary is second only to Donna Tartt in terms of complexity and hyper-specificity. My dictionary got quite a workout.

    • Same! I agree.

  • Thanks to the distinguished guest for raising awareness. Sometimes people are being racist @$$holes, but sometimes they're just ignorant and need someone like you to educate them. My boss hated Hmong people because her Vietnam vet husband thought they were north Vietnamese collaborators. With permission I retold the story of our family friend Pfeng Lor who had, at age 16, led his village of 200 to meet the Americans who would evacuate them ahead of reprisals for helping us in the war. I described how he arrived with less than 80 survivors, how he had to ask mothers to stay behind with their crying babies so they wouldn't draw attention, how he still has dreams of crying babies among the trees. She and her husband started treating the large local Hmong population with more kindness and acceptance, and at least around me she stopped using offensive language. I even heard her correcting a coworker who privately made an incorrect statement about Hmong people. You don't have to have helped America in a war to deserve acceptance, of course. It just helps facilitate understanding and humanizes refugees and asylum seekers to know their stories.

  • I do think perhaps an Asian woman would be best to speak on why it's not simply an all-American tragedy, or even an all Asian American tradgedy. His point stands, of course, but as an Asian Canadian woman, it hits different in a way he doesn't mention. Edit: I see Karen Chee had been given a platform by Seth too! I hadn't watched that video yet, it's comforting to know Seth didn't neglect that angle.

    • @Masha Grace It's an Asian-American issue, don't co-opt it for your feminist movement. thanks.

    • While this is important and I agree with representation, violence against women have been primarily voice by women for centuries and have been made to be a “women’s issue” when it’s grossly perpetuated by men. Societies around the world are in large part patriarchal, unfortunately there’s more weight when male allies speak up.

  • I literally clicked only to see if you could pronounce his name

  • many thanks

  • Glad Seth made the point about supporting independent booksellers. We need to stop defaulting to Amazon until they start treating their workers properly. What they do to one of us, they do to all.

    • I recommend BetterWorldBooks!

  • almost lol'ed when Viet Thanh Nguyen has a deadpan joke about Vietnamese descents' opinions on Chinese. it shows self-awareness and sharp satirical critique with humility at the same time. congrats on the new book.

    • It also reminds the rest of us not to think of Asian folks as a monolith, with one uniform history, culture, or practices.

    • I'm Chinese, can't even be mad 😂 he's not wrong

  • Very interesting. Hope we get to hear more from this subject. Cheers!

  • Pretty decent pronunciation of Nguyen. I heard so many really bad ones 😂

  • Welcome to the club, native Americans have been experiencing this hate ever since our land was stolen in the name of god. Good luck.

    • I know what you mean. I wish you could get your land back.

    • what was the god thing?

    • @Prof. Weed It was sarcasm. Grow up.

    • That's a defeatist attitude. Glad we're not all like you.

  • Love this guy!

  • Lotta copies left, I see.

  • The plural of Lego is Lego. Ask the company. 😉🤣🤣🤣

    • Sorry @wim0104 . Only Americans say "Legos". If it were meant to be a plural it'd be 'Legoes'. And 'payed' isn't 'paid'. ✌

    • Their sales/PR can say whatever; everybody says legos... with a small l.

  • ❤️👍🏽

  • As American, I truly appreciate hearing this point of view. The USA is a work-in-progress. We’ve got a long way to go. I do appreciate though that our country does reflect and analyze our history. Compared to China, any wrongdoings by China (Tiananmen Square Massacre, Cultural Revolution) aren’t allowed to even be discussed (the events are whitewashed from Chinese history books and scrubbed from social media). We all have hard truths to face in order to move forward 🦶

  • I only clicked on this video because I had always wanted to know how to pronounce the surname

    • @Some guy named Zwie Ing-Yen?

    • greatmightypanda ok thanks it's such a difficult name to pronounce

    • @Tseleng Botlhole Tbf there's a lot of different pronunciations of that surname (I have four friends who all have it but pronounce it differently) so Seth is probably right. They usually check things like name pronunciations well before a guest comes on the show.

    • Some guy named Zwie so Seth said it wrong? Thanks.

    • Say "Bong" Now keep the "ng" Now say "wee-yen" Now combine them : "Ngwyen"

  • The fact we had a school shooting more than 3 decades ago and Congress decided not to handle it shows this fight was over a long time ago.