Trump Tweets That Biden "Won," Then Tweets "I Concede Nothing": A Closer Look

Birt 16 nóv 2020
Seth takes a closer look at Trump irreversibly lighting American democracy on fire as his allies and lawyers pursue one deranged conspiracy theory after another while also letting a deadly plague ravage the country uncontrolled.
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Trump Tweets That Biden "Won," Then Tweets "I Concede Nothing": A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • aa^&vk More covid-19 prevention, remedy etc and music which I composed visit my video on youtube

  • Can't wait to see the secret service agents carry him out.

  • The fact that Biden took the time to understand how the two different vaccines work is just So. Damn. Refreshing.

  • I laughed way too much at that mets joke

  • Hey Seth Meyers if you love Joe Biden so much why don't you marry him?💏💑👬❤✨💍

  • I'd like to applaud every person who voted for Joe Biden, for his "go green policies" and because "he's such a nice guy" Thank you so much for opening Pandora's Box 😐👍🤦

  • Trump is a practical joke that went too far. - George Conway

  • Yoooo is watching the draft live on twitch.

  • Journalism is Dead , Liberalism is Dead . Incoming . More President Trump 2020-2024 Last President . GOD is in Charge . PRAISE JESUS . IT IS COMING . PATIENCE

  • So true, doesn’t care at all about the coronavirus. Let’s put a man who’s been in Politics for 40+ years and has done nothing except work with communist countries. It is amazing how smart the Liberals are. You’re so strong and so manly to, testosterone uses from every pore in your body, I’m sorry estrogen.

  • I watch most of Seths Videos 20 times, and its not because I want to, Auto Play and Up Next is out of Control!!! This is out of line, walk away, and bang Seths on! And the same joke 20 times really starts to lose something, like my Mind!

  • Clear and decisive result... hahahahaha.. this is funny..

  • Don’t miss my new video! What did you think?


  • Happy to see Seth Myers is recovering well from his latest colon reconstruction surgery. ..thoughts & prayers

  • This dude is definitely a joe Biden fan

  • 🐇

  • When Trump supporters refuse to take the vaccine because it's from those damn scientists, will they instigate a Darwinian process? If so, there will be a lot fewer morons to vote Republican next time around. Maybe Covid has an up side after all.

  • The reason that Trump and his gang won't let Joe Biden in to the White House to discuss the distribution of vaccines is that they don't have a plan of any kind concerning the pandemic.

  • 6:43 LOL

  • He just can't STAND being seen by the people as what he is: a LOSER!

  • The sad part is that Biden doesn't sound like he really _understands_ the difference between the vaccines. He's probably never heard of RNA vs DNA before, he's just able to remember the words from his briefing; despite which, he still sounds like a fricking genius compared to "Best words" Drumpf.

  • Awesome!

  • "I thought Trump was a moron who watch fox and friends" "But he's a moron because he watches fox and friends" Finally we understand him clearly

  • Biden 'One vaccine works on RNA...' Meanwhile, Trump is wondering how being in the NRA cures you of Covid....

  • Donald Trump is the best president ever, he has done more for everyone than any other president. If you don't believe this just ask Donald Trump for the truth. Fiction or fact from Donald Trump's almanac.

    • We get rid of Donald Trump and get Joe Biden, we have already gotten almost 50 years from Biden doing nothing, so now we get 4 more years of Biden accomplishing nothing! Ain't politics great ?

  • Wow if this guy didn't laugh at his own jokes we would only hear silence, bad really bad he should find another job that maybe he's good at cause comedy ain't his gig.

    • You do realize it would be silent because the audience is empty right? Like, because there's a pandemic. Even if it was George Carlin or Bill Burr on instead, there still wouldn't be laughter. If you watch clips of him before COVID there's plenty of laughter. So to act like there's no laughter because he sucks at comedy is stupid as hell.

    • Like writing is not yours then, or political analysis.

    • followers. If he was given guarantees he wouldnt face the lawsuits I really think he'd admit defeat.

  • Trump stands like that because if he stood correctly he would look 12 months pregnant.

  • flashmob schoolboyq wutangclan polygon money

  • If Myers (a wealthy man) hates rich royal family so much then why doesn't he watch North Korean soap operas?

  • That was before the proofs started to come out that the election was rigged. Trump should hang on until it has been thoroughly investigated. Apparently software machines where used. Do you really want to know the truth?

  • Rod Rosenstein proved to be a spineless coward

  • Joe Biden does his research and takes the advice of scientists, Trump stays ignorant and brushes off scientists.

  • Observing from Canada: Rhetorical question from a Mr. Nobody: What if we take this to mean that While Biden won the presidency, POTUS, however what Trump is really not conceding ids the self-entitled right to persist in the sort of protest that originally got him elected, but that in an already far too polarised and divided political environment, and in Canada It is not truly better, but looks quieter at the superficial levels? This is remindful oif a hidden message ion an old song that happened to come from Vancouver BC... "Evil grows, in Cracks and holes, and dwells in peoples' minds!

  • "One day of peace" - please do a whole episode on this for the Biden win deniers lol. They don't understand HOW TIRED every Biden voter is of Trump and how desperately we voted to get rid of him

  • #quarf👏

  • At last, someone who’s semi-normal and can act like the boring old man he is without resorting to temper tantrums when things don’t go his way. Unlike the saying, everyone is noisily judging Trump.

  • Hearing Biden talk about the vaccines and suddenly it hits me: we're going to have a President who can read and understand complex narratives. He may not be a genius but just having a man with even normal intelligence will be a vast improvement over Forrest Trump.

    • This is a great improvement over a man who suggested to inject disinfectants into your arm as a cure for Coronavirus. This level of ignorance, especially for a President, is alarming. Thankfully Joe does his research and listens to what scientists are saying instead of staying ignorant and downplaying the virus like Trump

  • I think the charity should be called "People's Love We Deliver", because you can't assume "love" about an "almighty" being who thought it was a good idea for babies in cancer wards to be a THING THAT EXISTS instead of "war criminal's disease" or something more just. The charity has to exist in the first place BECAUSE there is no god and nobody is coming to save us from ourselves.

  • Anderson Cooper summed it up nicely, "Covid Donnie is like an obese turtle on its back, flailing in the sun".

  • Like his business practices Trump thinks he can overturn the result by taking it to court, but you can't claim widesprrad systematic electoral fraud, but have nothing but someones word as evidence. They havent even shown anything to the public as rhey know they dont have anything. I'm starting to think he is just doing it to raise as much money from his supporters as he can to help fight the various lawsuits that are still pending and also if possible to get a pardon through the threat of civil unrest from his followers. If he was given guarantees he wouldnt face the lawsuits I really think he'd admit defeat.

  • We ain't turning this Country over to Communist Leftist EVER!

    • That anyone wants Communism is just another bullshit tRump/Fox lie that you swallowed.

  • Last I checked Biden hasn't Won anything.

  • Hey, nearly half of American voters, don't be upset. Fat @ss rump built his wall (around the Whitehouse) What a chicken sh!t (edit) Can we donate negative dollars so trumpelstiltskin is in even more debt than he already is?

  • History will not be kind to Trump, his family and his supporters. He is an embarrassment to the people of the US.

  • Says he memorized all the counties they named on TV, immediately proceeds to mispronounce "Dekalb"

  • When this nightmare is going to end ? It has been four years of horror .

  • How long do we think until his rallies become a cardboard cut-out of him at a podium, with a secret service agent holding a phone up to the mic?

  • If you are in any way related to this specific channel.. PLEASE!!! Read this comment.. (Just sayin')..I'll also comment this post with the actual gist of what I will be trying to explain WHY in this comment)... ""One advisor even told the New-York Times: 'He knows it's over.', It's how it's always been with our 'warewolf president'... his 'mood-shifts'---- " NO.. I mean.. ten thousand times no.-... Whether he KNOWS it's over or not is NOT the key issue.. the KEY issue is about "how he would act to serve the ACTUAL purposes he actually have".. and.. THAT is COMPLETELY differejnt... I know people in the Americas ALWAYS tries to look at things following specific ideologies that are being hold, AND often look at things said as if it was the thing said.. THAT is why SOME people who REJECTS Trumps OBVIOUS stupidity.. by thinking that he is playing "Three dimensional chess".. (In a two dimensional universe)... BUT the TRUTH if someone DON'T just make snap judgement but investiget the ACTUAL issues, they'll realize that the reason his actions "don't seem to make sense" is NOT because he is playing "at a higher level".. but rather.. he is playing at a lower level than people would expect anyone successful to play at.. so.. a TRUE depiction about how Trump tries to deal with things is that EVERYTHING is depending on conviction, and if you fail, just increase the degree of conviction while finding scape-goats..... .. No.. The logic for these people is that.. "I BELIEVE in this person.. BUT his reasoning is one that doesn't make sense to me.. and because of this: I ASSUME I don't know WHY he does something is about me not being the most intelligent man in the univ erse...".. But.. IF we are trying to talk about REALITY.. Trump is playing ONE dimensional chess.. in a three dimensional world.. and.. the inability for people to grasp his "plan" relates to people NOT knowing the nature of how things ARE in the one dimension.. as they personally live in the THREE dimension "reality".. So.. (I suffer from some mental problems, and right now I forgot the structure of what I was trying to say, so I don't know whether I have some.. "un-quote" or "end reason people think that Trumps actions ISN'T "Normal thinking" because it isn't.. he IS a sociopath.. I would say that the PROPER definition of his views and actions IS.. "Narcissistic disorder".. but things that DOES in that disorder.. but most people would recognize are things like.. "compulsive liar".ö..... )))))")")")")")")"")") Either way.. Trump is playing ONE dimentional chess in a universe where MOST people are playing two dimensional chess.. and this LITERALLY make people who actually understands MORE than Trump.. interpret the.. "I.. have NO idea what this f*kr talks about"... suddenly being about those people thinking that THEY are the weak link... BUT.. that is where they start looking to the OTHER urges of the human mind.. that is.. "I don't know what is going on.. but.. who do I ~feel~ it's apropriate to trust...???.... )=))) I THINK I have gotten to the point where I can say that.. No matter what is right or not.. Trump does WHATEVER serves him... and "people" will interpret it the way they WANT to interpret it.. that is.. kind of the key focus of ANY confidence trickster.. and just to say: The difference betwen a "conman" and a "con-artist".. is.. if someone is holding a stereo that you RECOGNIZE as your own.. and they ask you for money for the bus..... IF you give them the busfare.. THEN they are a "con-artist".. otherwise they are a.. con-man.. or.. con-trickster.. or.. something else.. I don't claim to know everything.. actually I have been HOPING to die the last 15 years.. WHILE not thinking it's okay for me to ACTUALLY "off myself"... I actually CARE about people.. and yes, I care about the people I care about ENOUGH to endure my depression and my own.. personal.. "defeatism".. Ând yes.. I DO know the LOGIC behind WHY I should reject certain thoughts.. and.. the... logic.. behind.. OTHER ideasz.. But what I REALLY want people to learn from this comment is.. .. ,,,, The MAIN problem .. is the subconscious biases we have.-.. And I KNOW I could've made a post tsuch as... "cognitive biases will fool us",, or,,, .. meh.,.. I actually WANTED to express myself fully.. but to be honest.. I think ANYONE who ends up telling people some ultimate "TRUTH".. is a fucking asshole.. So really.. I tried to share HOW I think,.. but I HAVE stopped.. stopped before any reasonable conclusion.. I ASSUME that anyone who read THIS far.. actually CARES about.. "Learning about what is real"... And this specific reason is why I'll provide you with an e-mail address: "".... AND.. if you ACTUALLY read this post.. The thing to do is to do s to.. give a PERSONAL statement about how you interpreted this specific comment.. AND.. a "SHA256" value from the first paragraph.. oh.. fair enough.. I AM flexible.. so.. the LAST one.. is about whether I'll think of you as a person who knows computing))))) .

    • almost 12 million us citizens have had covid .. 12 million we never hear that number wow stay safe

  • Be careful people. Decayed society use immigration to extend their life.

  • I hope Trump is forced to watch all your “A Closer Look” episodes while in prison.

  • Benedict Donald.

  • Can't fix stupid Trump and his party.

  • Just tell Trump he won a contest and his prize is to live in a new residency, wearing a jumpsuit that matches his "skin" color, and have all his life necessities paid for, including distancing from family and friends for the rest of his life with the best security possible. Of course, this is prison, but don't tell him that.

  • I hereby declare myself winner of oregon. thereby giving me access to all the drugs. Hey i have about as much atthurty to do it as he does. lol.

  • I'll tell you this, I don't want to see Joe Biden going within a mile of the White House until a week after the inauguration and the teams of cleaners with 10000 gallons of disinfectant get in there and clean every square inch of the place, including in all of the duct work and and ceiling spaces! That place is the most contaminated place in the world right now. Trump's next approach to change the election results will be to invite Biden over there so he will contract the virus! I sure hope that Joe and everyone in the Democratic Party know the risk of going inside that place!! Last check the Trump White House has spawned 105 infections, and growing!

  • , Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been hoarding foreign leader messages for Biden. These pesky foreigners still find a way to reach Biden, so the move is as pointless as it is petty.

  • Trump is a reptile ;)

  • Someone needs to tell him that if he doesnt leave willingly the secret service will escort him out. I want that televised so the entire world can see.

  • Trump is trying to fire up a new American Civil War.

  • When libturd says we will hunt everyone that supports Trump. when u still go on about how orange man is bad. U achieve nothing.

  • Trump had a Corona-presser in the Rose Garden hahahaahah now THAT's ironic

  • almost 12 million us citizens have had covid .. 12 million we never hear that number wow stay safe

  • you are not funny

  • OMG I nearly fainted listening to him clearly and define which vaccine does what function. 🥰🤩

  • trump is scared of going to jail!!!!!!HAHAHAHA SUCKA!!!!!

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pandemic? its mathematically impossible for hospitals to be over run no matter what we do. this virus is not that deadly. everyone will catch this virus period. flue deaths wy down??? the middle class is dying now dispite the amazing results of trumps policies. thats the obvious goal. this seth clown is a traitor. you can tell hes lying. seth youre a scumbag

  • No big shock: Trump set-up his lowly supporters to get Covid-19 at his rallies, to make his rallies looked packed on TV (but protected HIMSELF by having them sign releases, so they couldn't sue him), and then scammed them out of their rent and/or grocery money. He constantly went against the US Constitution, and the law, several times, and lied to them non-stop, using propaganda and scare words. Yet STILL, these idiots support him. Scary.

  • You know trumps wierd sycophants will never get this vaccine now that trump lost. They'll assume it's a shot to kill conservatives... if only lmao

  • [Nov 21] Was the Election Invalidated before Nov 3 ? Was pandemic science, adopted and published by 150 nations, hidden and deleted, even herein, by US Media? For months it scared voters by publishing increasing and accelerating world biggest COVID-19 cases/deaths. FACTS. But the biggest NUMBERS, by themselves, reflect biggest US population. Acceleration? Improved detection techs, methods & infected victims declaring & trusting expanded hospital capacities & alleged numbers-inflation (paid per case). In contrast, U.S. internationally reported % FATALITIES of those positively diagnosed, are, e.g., 2.75% (Oct 22), 2.12% (Nov 21) & FROM Nov 2 to Nov 21, in %F: - Germany 1.97,[1.56] - NL 2.11,[1.86] - Finland 2.20,[1.81] - U.S. 2.51,[2.12]). FACTS, YET HIDDEN & DELETED BY US MEDIA, causing election asymmetry against the regime (legal libel?) that none can fix: Unrepairable Election Invalidations, [UEI]. If that proves unattainable, as expected, No Alternative, No-Escape is left to heal the nation divided but national runoff. We anticipate two runoff goods, at least: UEI evaporate if ordered & guided by the Supreme Court & pretext of countries to respond to pro & cons of WH attack on Iran (published by NYT), to the drawers return. More at IN, Amazon, Google Search and Utube.

  • As a former Republican, who saw the light a few years ago but almost voted for this president in the prior election due to Clinton's ties to bankers, I urge Americans to write so that the presidential crimes commission will be formed and act to prosecute all administration wrongdoing. In too many countries (e.g., in Latin America) the next government routinely declines to prosecute the prior government and it is later found out to also be corrupt. If we would put all crooks in fear, so that corruption does not continue, no one should be given a free get out of jail card, e.g, as Eric Holder reportedly gave the bankers. See We just dodged a nightmare today. Thank you, Michigan, GOP, legislative leaders. You chose country over party and you made us proud. You have shown that many in your party are not as bad as those in the US Senate make Republicans appear: reportedly refusing even to pass their inadequate $500 billion bailout even as US businesses collapse, thousands are about lose their homes to evictions, even landlords default on mortgages, and the US economy effectively burns. See Our country has two big assets. Rule of law and democracy. The Michigan GOP, legislative leaders just preserved them in refusing to be pressured to overturn the will of the majority. God knows that our resources are getting plundered and misused (e.g., with fracking which poisons surrounding water reservoirs) and our children are getting denied both adequate nutrition for their brains to fully develop and adequate education for them to compete with the much better prepared children of other countries. See Google the relative ranking of the average US students compared to those of the countries with more humane systems of treating their young, e.g., South Korea, Germany, Canada, France, etc., etc. Sadly, those of you who will retire in the coming decades will receive tiny, social security checks, because the children whom we failed to take care of and educate adequately will be ill prepared to pay the social security and other taxes that might have supported us in our old age -- if we had not been so selfish and shortsighted. We must realize that we will be a multi-racial country, like Brazil or (historically, albeit few now know it) Spain or Britain or Italy, etc. We must accept that, put aside all of these prejudices and hatreds, and work together to prepare our children (of all races and groups) for the future. If we do not, we face national catastrophe. Rule of law and democracy have been precious, because they have resulted in stability, peace, and growth with other countries, with similar systems, investing in and supporting us while we are in a deep, financial hole: e.g., by buying the funny-money, US treasuries that we may never be able to fully repay. The US has a reported $211 TRILLION in US liabilities, excluding the state, local, and pensions bailouts that the Federal government will have to do if only because it is the only one who can and the alternatives (e.g., a bankruptcy or default of Calpers, if the reports about its inadequately low returns are accurate) are catastrophic. What will happen this decade if Taiwan or South Korea or Japan is invaded by communist China, while the US cannot raise its military budget, since it has entitlements spending that (with interest payments on existing debt) consumes all of its budget? We cannot cut entitlements now, when our economy is on its knees. See The only way out that I see is for the US to finally change its laws excluding the GIGANTIC, HIDDEN income of millionaires and billionaires earned from their foreign companies from taxation. Many of these persons, with vast wealth, have not paid a significant portion of their income taxes even in their US businesses for DECADES. (Note: I am not disparaging Mr. Buffett by citing to this example but complimenting him on his implied offer to pay more taxes if taxes were raised, values, honesty and courage in revealing that he pays a lesser portion of his US income in taxes than his secretary.) See

  • From a Brit. Oh dear, this situation is so NOT funny, but I think I have pulled a stomach muscle laughing and rolling on the floor! The only way to deal with a man you can not shame is to laugh, and laugh again, at him. Keep on the good recovery America. Best wishes for the dawn after the black night.

  • Lol.

  • EXCUSE ME❗ SANE PPL: Stop kowtowing. ASSERT ASSERT ASSERT RIGHT NOW that the correct ATTITUDE towards T. supporters & MAGA ppl is "I AM HONEST AND SELF-RESPECTING, I DONT HAVE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP AND BE GRATEFUL I TOLERATE YOUR PRESENCE." We will not baby you & hold your wounded hand/ego.💚EVERYONE: FEEL FREE to disseminate this message; 100% of 300 + million Americans need to hear it immediately. It is non-negotiable, we won't waiver, rescind, redact, or reconsider. It STANDS.

  • Seth always has a smile when he is about to hit that fire punch line :)

  • I loved Seth’s impression of a German Nazi officer. 😂

  • You know something you're not on Saturday Night Live anymore why are you b*********** the people

  • Most Americans that I know don't believe they're locking us down for some reason because we don't see any virus I'm sorry we see the flu we see people dying because they smoke too much or something you know




  • I’m calling for this orange stain to be put on trial for letting so many die


  • shoutout to schenec-a-nec


  • You can't fix stupid con artist .

  • In Jesus' name. cast out the Jezebel' spirit of those shameful broadcasters. Amen

  • Please shush

  • Oh poor Mets bobble heads!

  • the Nazi imitation is soo good.

  • A wicked and adulterous generation looks for a sign, proof, evidence but none will be given to them except the sign of Jonah." Jesus then left them and went away. Mt 16.4 Here is all the evidence you need that Trump will be in office.

  • Amazing Obama impersonation!

  • Listening to Biden actually knowing what he's talking about brought tears to my eyes.

  • Does anyone really believe that all those in-person votes on election day went to Baby Donny? We know his addiction to projecting his own failings and misdeeds on his opponents. His insistence on voting machine cheating for Biden should be a big red flag!

  • As a nation, we need to back away from the rhetoric of emotion and deal in facts. Then we need to hold accountable those who did despicable things against others, regardless of position, political alignment, or argument. This is a time for compassion for victims, justice to perpetrators, and re-alignment toward trust. Getting along means following agreed to and balanced rules, and learning that 'I win-You lose' doesn't work for long.

  • History will not be kind to Trump, his family and his supporters. He is an embarrassment to the people of the US.

    • That fake phone call caught me so off guard 🤣🤣 10:48

  • The USA made a big mistake. He let many immigrants into his territory. People who do not share the American people's feeling of freedom. What else has in the USA today, are traitors to the motherland. Human waste, which enjoys all the benefits of the American system and way of life. But he is not willing to make any sacrifices to keep his homeland free. The world left wants to end the power of Christianity in the world. The Catholic Church has a monopoly on the world. Only Muslims and Communists do not accept this. Both hate Christianity. This silent war. It is a religious political war. Karl Marx already claimed about religion. That religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the spirit of a heartless world and the soul of soulless situations. Religion is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion, as the illusory happiness of men, is the requirement of their real happiness. Communism is undermining the free soul of the American people based on Christianity. If there is no return of Macarthism in America. They made America another red stronghold of them. If this is not done. They will surely dominate America.

  • This guy has become so irrelevant.

  • Did any of you even research what Democrats have planned?