Baratunde Thurston on the Left Checking Out After Biden’s Win

Birt 24 mar 2021
Baratunde Thurston talks about his podcast How to Citizen, the fragility of democracy and how economics is at the root of many American problems.
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Baratunde Thurston on the Left Checking Out After Biden’s Win- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • god thank you for this seth lmao it’s been so disappointing to watch democrats suddenly justify the same heinous stuff because now it’s a ✨different white man✨ putting kids in cages & pandering to white supremacy

  • I like the Ted Lasso reference in the room :-)

  • We've watched how blatantly and aggressively the Establishment ignored democracy, voting rights and human rights. I feel many of us hold a fire inside now that can never be extinguished. We have to keep the others awake. We have to fight even harder now.

  • Well. Breathe..... & Keep Goin. Lots of us are at full tilt. BUT..we NEEED much much more ongoing critical mass or this experiment will fold.

  • Cute and smart ... with a heart and soul...If I wasn't already in love, I would have a huge crush!

  • There's a voter suppression catastrophe going on. We'd better not slow down right now.

  • We didn't get the ogre out, we evicted Farquad 🤣 but 100% agreed - just because Joe's status quo, doesn't mean our work is done. We have work to do

  • Yes! More Baratunde! He is often the one I turn to for thoughtful ideas.

  • Omg the first time I’ve seen a talk show guest actually put effort into their home-recording set-up instead of just opening their laptop and propping it up on a stack of books.

  • Very, very nice room !

  • i'm callin ya Barry PC culture be damned

  • 2022 we will come out and vote. We learned our lesson when the left doesn't vote. 2018 was the first midterm in idk how long that the left crushed the right in turnout. We know the importance of midterms now.

    • @Gateaux Q in battleground states yes you’re right. I’m grateful to live in NY

    • As long as we CAN vote. We need to do everything we can to block all the unconstitutional voter restriction bills Republicans are trying to pass across the country to suppress the vote of people who *will never vote for them.* This directly affects poor people and BIPOC people, both groups that the GOP has spent the better part of a century shitting all over. Stand with those people and make sure they can vote-who they vote for is irrelevant, all citizens have a right to vote.

  • Yessss! Baratunde, always bringing the magic. 🔥

  • Leftists and Average people with nice pink brains aren't going to sleep .......................... Purple Centrists will be sleepy. Us true progressive will watch politics for fun and like a hawk. Y y y y y Whoa Jo ByeThen will feel the pressure of our movement. This person helped giving trillions to Corps (unconstitutionally) ............. NOW all of a sudden he can't give us a living wage through executive orders. Pathetic

  • I... we... haven’t checked out? CNN and msnbc just don’t have a need to give us a voice anymore because they don’t need our vote anymore so they can go back to hating the left as much as they hate the fascists.

  • If you think this way, you're a fool. Things are getting worse in many regards and climate change isn't being addressed properly. Have scientists on, Seth. Not this frat bro.

  • Finally a face to one of my favorite Bugle guest hosts!

  • Party politics are democracy’s achilles. Too easy to game. For ‘fun’.

    • Especially when there’s only two. America does so love a good sports rivalry.

  • Free The WEED NO NUKES

  • M4A and UBI or y'all can eat Trump again in 2024 when I vote DSA

  • BARATUNDE!!! I am such a huge fan of his. He is such a funny, smart, and wonderful dude.

  • Good to see Seth going this way. Now let's get more progressives on, all this Trump talk is deeadd

    • @Logan Franklin Sam Bee is really good

    • @Joel O not sure if John Oliver counts but I definitely like him and Amber as well. Don’t know enough about Samantha Bee tbf

    • @Logan Franklin he's the only late night show host I take seriously these days

    • Seth has always been pretty decent especially among the late night hosts so kudos to him

  • Ted Lasso reference right there!

  • Looking for to the second season of How To Citizen 👍

  • People do seem to already have given up after this administration hasn't fixed everything in less than half a year. It has me very worried about a red wave due to all the voter restrictions being put into place

    • @Jon O'Guin well, not to be that guy but, I see your point and I get it. I’d just see that as people that want more goodness and more decency, and like yeah there’s a lot of incessant bitching but overall I don’t see it as giving up.

    • @Logan Franklin Not that guy, but I think he's speaking to a sensation of...frantic paralysis I've seen taking place in shared liberal-leftist spaces. Like, people on the left demanding "why isn't Biden doing more about X", when the politics of the moment literally don't give him anything to do. Sure, we don't like Biden putting kids in Overflow facilities, since we're basically just putting kids in NICER cages. But unless/until Congress changes our immigration laws/moves more money to handling those issues, that's the only move available. Biden, a Senator for decades, read the Senate and said "I don't think we're going to get the Minimum wage passed on the COVID bill". And I've seen leftist voices criticizing Biden for yielding the fight over the parliamentarian and Joe Manchin, saying the president should have forced Joe Manchin to either vote for something he said he wouldn't, or vote down COVID relief. Which...what's the gain, there? Are you willing to trade HR1 for a $15 minimum wage? Because If we push Joe Manchin on his fiscal conservative bullshit too hard, he can just call up Mitch McConnell and cut a deal to keep his seniority, switch parties, and boom, Republicans have the Senate. It would probably make his life hugely easier! West Virginia's like, 30 points redder than the country as a whole. It would be MUCH easier for him to run as "I used to be a Democrat, but they've gone too far" and never lose his seat. And yeah, it f*cking sucks that we have to accommodate a fucking 70 year old millionaire arguing that people in West Virginia don't want or need a $15 dollar minimum wage (which, in his VERY slight credit, might technically be vaguely true, in that, by my math (using some cost of living benchmarks), West Virginia probably wants somewhere in the range of a $13.50 minimum wage. Of course, I'd argue "slightly over is much better than vastly under", but that's not how you win over fiscal f*ckheads) So you have some left voices who are potentially being a little overly critical of Biden for some very foreseeable and expected shortcomings in the first two months of him being in charge, running into more centrist voices who are in the "Trump is gone, we can stop panicking", and creating rifts. Like, I've seen some people functionally falling into despair that, surprise, a reasonable President acting within his powers can't just change the entirety of the government before Spring. Which it's good we have people like Barathunde saying "Look, you can catch up on some sleep, that's perfectly fine. But the fight isn't over. We've just gained some ground." I can say "sure, we were never getting Manchin on board for $15...but let's not push him on that, and let him make some political hay out of putting his foot down and forcing the Senate to listen to him, and instead get him onboard for filibuster reform and voting rights. That makes it easier to pass the new minimum wage WITHOUT budget reconciliation, and everything else."

    • Who’s given up?

  • Dig him and his message.

  • Time to pass HR1! Call your senators (especially if they’re Dems) and tell them we need to pass it at all costs including removing the filibuster!

    • @Ambria Ashley 💯%!!!!

    • this is so important. must pressure them to support the John Lewis Voting Rights Act!

  • high rent? subsidize housing and get more units available. it serves suppliers to keep supplies low, so prices stay high. customers get bunged.

  • the true power in a democracy is vote and do nothing else is an abdication of your power.

  • If anything I’m more inclined to vote now I’m all in and my awareness has been raised.

    • @Will Levenson don’t gate keep

    • Voting isn't activism though. That's doing one thing every 2-4 years. In between those 2-4 years, we have corruption, absurd tax evasion by corporations, bombs being dropped in the Middle East for no discernible reason for our own safety or well-being, a health insurance crisis that is the embarrassment of the world, and of course mass shootings are back.

    • Good for you Mariah 👍👍

  • I'm wondering if we could eliminate words like "fight" to talk about working together to transform this country. So much of our language to change our country is violent in nature.

    • @Mediaright 1980's - Reagan

    • @Sun Shine 1995

    • @Christine McCrea So, it's bad to say "my" friend "my" husband or "my" kids? Please relax. You're complaining about the wrong things.

    • @Sun Shine Love the Sun Shine name. Yes, there are people but our language can be part of the problem. Two wrongs do not make a right. Shine on with love!

    • @Christine McCrea chuckle.........I never thought about it that way. My guess is that you want it to be an exclusive relationship and the "my" in this case is not necessarily about ownership but about distinguishing or differentiating. Relax into it sister. Life is too short. Big Hugs!

  • This dude should know the filibuster is all that matters right now. Can’t pass anything until Biden himself pressures Manchin and Sinema to end the filibuster.

  • Am on the Left, and never heard of this guy.

    • For public, popular television this is pretty damn ‘left.’ If Seth is slowly going to introduce more progressive ideals like this I think it’s great. Maybe he will eventually get to the left even!

    • Baratunde? Guy’s been around for ages. Go back to TWiT like 13 years ago. Funny dude. Can always lighten up a room.

    • You could announce your ignorance or you could do some research in the same amount of time, weird choice

    • Has worked for The Onion, and had a publication , I think it was called Jack and Jill, following the DNC during elections a few years back

  • Who is this guy? Lol

    • Baratunde’s awesome. Check him out.

  • Now. I was and still am an activist. Participating in huge coalitions promoting the vote and addressing climate change. Do some research!

  • I dunno that we checked out.. we're just catching up on 4 years of lost sleep.

    • This sounds like an excuse for complacency.

    • I mean, yeah.

    • Seriously!

    • Hello! I’ve seen you across ISchats. Just wanted to say hi!

  • This check out happened after 2008 Obama win. We got crushed by republicans in 2010. Citizenry is an active role. We must all do our part and that includes staying active holding Dems accountable.

    • @ScootMagoot46 But in 2010 obama wasn't on the ballot. The members of congress were, blame them.

    • It’s the job of a president to inspire his voters.