GOP, Fox News Lie About Gun Control After Boulder, Atlanta Shootings: A Closer Look

Birt 24 mar 2021
Seth takes a closer look at Republicans, the gun lobby and Fox News once again lying and making ridiculous excuses for why they oppose wildly popular gun safety measures after two horrific shootings in the span of less than a week.
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GOP, Fox News Lie About Gun Control After Boulder, Atlanta Shootings: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • So if we ban guns only the white racist cops can have them right? Oh and criminals who don't follow the law. Why care about about breaking the law if you plan on commiting murder ? Laws mean nothing if youre already facing life. So if you ban guns only police and criminals will have them. Not sure that's a good idea

  • Suicides and murders did not "plummet" in Australia. That is a fucking lie.

  • GOP the party of anti solutions. If it’s broken don’t fix it?

  • Gun ownership in america is at almost 400million, more than our population. Gun related deaths annually are under 15,000. That's 0.0036 percent of guns that result in death. Gun ownership isn't the problem, it's our healthcare system not being accessible enough to those with mental illness. And illness as a whole... Heart disease: 659,041 Cancer: 599,601 Accidents (unintentional injuries): 173,040 Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 156,979 Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 150,005 Alzheimer’s disease: 121,499 Diabetes: 87,647 Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 51,565 Influenza and pneumonia: 49,783 Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,511

  • republican ignorant mind " obama healthcare for all americans kill, guns save lives." ...................trump did a great bigly job proving republican voters are morons.

  • #Boycott #fox views, because its not real news?

  • What's hilarious about this is Sean Hannity took notice of Meyers' crack on Fox News being one of several reasons for preventing the job being done on such atrocities. Hannity began calling him an a-hole and a "Hollywood liberal leftist." No politician can win against late night comedians because they're armed with so much comedic material that they can't one up these guys on TV easy. Hannity on the other hand? You can't win neither sir because Fox reporters and commentators don't stand a chance against comedy.

  • And now yet another one.

  • If you have the same discussion 50 times with the same people, it's going to be THE SAME CONVERSATION EVERYTIME. Yet here are the idiot Dems to blame the repetition on Republicans even though Dems are the ones insisting on having that talk every time someone gets shot. Guns keep ghetto populations down and that makes them a good get for America. IF you're on the side that passes MORE laws to stop criminals, you might be an idiot. If you can't tell Rhetoric from reality, you might be a Democrat.

  • Drinking while drive by shooting at highway signs is all john kennedys voters know

  • "The modern day left is more and moe extreme" ... WHAT !?!?!? ... The modern day left is not extreme enough. The modern day left is right of centre. seriously even the "Left" parties and politicians of the modern world would be conservatives by any real standard. There needs to be some REAL left people in a REAL left party. The only reason it feels like the Dems are left is because the conservatives are so far right anything less tyranical and evil looks left by comparison.


  • The oppression in this country is real.... My family being low income is suffering from a great deal of oppression from the system in place that governs our people.... Laws are made against the poor to keep families of color oppressed and in some cases like ours it flows over to all of the poor not only those of color. As a family we feel the pain our country is suffering through as so much of our case relates. We are currently guilty until proven innocent. Being denied justice or safety because we aren't rich enough to afford a lawyer... By the way modest means... a program to help people retain a lawyer (and in this case we didnt even start any of the court proceedings) Can only lower the retainer to $1,500. (There is even a case we overheard the lawyer and judge discuss by name where a person suffering from mental illness has to defend herself in family court.) We have been battling against the loss of our children for the last 2 years.(they pulled a trump and spread misinformation and made a decade of false reports all unfounded and even brainwashed coached manipulated and mentally destroyed our children.) Recently we received a letter of recommendation from the therapist that states : To Whom it may concern, My name is ******** ********; I am a licensed marriage and family therapist at douglas CARES. I began working with the ***** and ******I family July 9th, 2020 for individual and family therapy due to diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder in many family members. During my time working with the family, they have made immense progress, they are beginning to stabilize however, visits with the kid’s grandparents cause behaviors and anxieties tend to escalate prior to and immediately following contact with their grandparents. There have been several behavioral concerns and stressors prior to and following visits with the children’s grandparents. The girls had been placed in relative foster care, with their maternal grandparents. This placement did not encourage a relationship with their mother and the girls were then moved into nonrelative care. While living with their grandparents the relationship between the girls and Douglas CARES has gone though many challenges. The grandparents would continuously get involved in their treatment and berate them into telling them about their sessions. The grandparents strongly discouraged any positive conversations regarding mom. For example, **** has reported that if she was to behave poorly in visits with her mother or Douglas CARES staff, she would be rewarded with bubble gum ice cream. When **** was ask how long this behavior had been going on with her grandparents, she reported “my whole life.” During **** and ****’s time in care, they have had an estranged relationship with their mother and stepfather; both have been working on reestablishing this relationship in therapy. Both girls are wishing to spend more time with their mother and stepfather at this point. Since the girls have been asking to visit and go back to live with their mother, they have been feeling as if their grandparents are treating them differently. **** has stated that she feels as if her grandparents are mad at her due to wishing to return home. When in sessions with Douglas CARES staff, if they attempted to identify strengths of their mothers or past positive memories, the girls would become agitated and not speak to therapist working with the girls the following visit. Due to these concerns, it is my recommendation that any visits between the **** and ****** family is conducted at the child welfare building. Weekly visits with the girl’s grandparents had become detrimental to the progress the girls are making in treatment. Visits with grandparents should be limited to once a month, supervised at DHS. Since starting visits with their grandparents, **** has begun to act out, including harming her sister, being defiant and having (bathroom) accidents both at night and during the day. I am concerned that these visits are causing a relapse of post trauma anxiety for the family. Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter. And the judge knowing all of this and more still is trying to force us to place our child in the care of people who have done so much to our children already. We as parents are absolutely mortified at the way everything has transposed. We have much more information please contact us by email:

  • You are the bad guys , Hollywood creeper face.

  • This is a very serious issue that we all need to discuss and find a compromise on.We as Americans should be able to defend ourselves from the people who have guns and mean them for violence. Also,we need to be able to hunt for food if we need to as well.Outlawing guns is not the answer.Protocol in line for responsible people is.Felonies on your record should not keep you from owning one.I know a lot of people that made mistakes long ago and are now responsible citizens but are being deprived of the right to own guns to hunt or defend themselves.

  • Bet you them republicans are more worried about other Americans than they are Chinese, cuz I yet to ever see trump anyplace care about Taiwan’s invasion and if he did he had 0 transparency while doing it, probably should care more about getting drafted, than worrying about liberals taking your guns DJTJ

  • all guns that aren't fully auto are semi-automatic. it literally means that the gun type is 1 bullet per 1 trigger pull. a revolver is a semi-automatic, police service pistols are semi-automatic. you cannot ban them because that will be banning ALL guns. stop perpetuating ignorance about facts.

  • Ummm, Seth,, Deborah is one of the oldest names still used. Deborah was one of the Judges who ruled Israel before they crowned King Saul.

  • You just said all semiautomatic weapons? Lol nice we going back revolvers and lever action. Wild west. Good luck with that.

  • Some of the most effective legislation would be to require all firearm owners to have insurance, and I can't imagine what resistance either side could possibly have to it. We have car insurance, life insurance, homeowner's insurance. Dental. Vision. Pet insurance. Cyd Charisse's legs were insured. I just insured my insurance while typing this, for your assurance. My carry insurance covers hospital and legal fees up to a million dollars; given the political power they already yield, you can bet your ass there'd be some serious change if the insurance companies had to pay every time there was a shooting.

  • But... Greenland was called like that because it probably was greener the time it was named. Grænland after Eric der Rote, around the year 1000. Maybe he was exaggerating to lure people there, but basicalli the assumption of that dude was right.

  • nah, your current hair situation is smexi. when it's long enough, tie it up with a scrap of chamois like hawkeye in "the last of the mohicans." then go home and play natty bumppo with your wife. (you're welcome, ms. meyers; the women of america appreciate your sacrifices.)

  • Paul Ruud is fine.

  • Well Hannity and all them there fox people aren't really considered an actual "news"| channel, are they?? They are an "entertainment " channel. When Bigotry, lying, and whatever other crap it is they do, since I have never seen a full show in my 60 some years, became "entertainment" Ill never know.

  • Death to the liberal agenda

  • I love Seth but don't pretend we didn't laugh at Trump walking down a ramp. No there wasn't a gun tragedy at the time; but you have to*expect* the other side is going to talk about Biden and the stairs

  • Guess what, Seth? Driving a car isn't a Constitutionally protected right. Which is almost funny, because you made the exact opposite point in another recent monologue, but in the opposite direction. It's almost like you're a hypocrite and only believe in defending the rights you yourself see a need for.

  • Jesus, it's hard to watch you be so ignorant about what the 2nd Amendment means. Do you think the 1st Amendment should be limited because they didn't have the internet in 1789? Fucking Christ this is moronic. Which is sad, because I generally like your monologues...

  • I'll agree to a license to own guns when Seth needs one to do his monologue 🙄 It's called a Constitutionally protected right, friend. You can't pick and choose which ones you like (absent an attempt to repeal the 2nd Amendment, of course, but we all know that won't go anywhere). And you can't justify putting a poll tax on one while complaining about Republicans putting one on another - it kinda makes you look like a hypocrite.

  • National Russia Association

  • Oh wait! We’re riffing on Biden because he tripped? Quickly forgetting tRump’s Air Force 1 moments like TP on his shoe, or the Great Umbrella Battle.

  • Correlation doesn't mean causality - We have a pretty high per capita gun rate in switzerland but almost no gun related incidents. It's all about the handling of the weapons and the mentality behind gun safety and what guns are for. But background checks and required courses for gun owners are a must to get there

  • "The left is more and more extreme". Ohhh I forgot that why every mass shooting is committed by radical right wing legal gun owners?

  • Umm. Ben Franklin, had children and many descendants. However, he was never married.

  • That guy from Louisiana is a senator? Wow! I guess the only thing dumber than a cop is a senator these days.

  • Eff Me, Seth, you're the Best !

  • Paul Rodd is the sullen remnants of a long dead god of eternal youth and plentiful scowls.

  • The problem is that gun legislation almost always serves to make the people who actually need guns -- racial or sexual minorities with few means to defend themselves from cishet white men who would murder them -- less able to get them. Gun rights are trans rights. Gun rights are black rights. Gun rights are human rights. Sure, make it hard for criminals to get them. Sure. Good fucking luck with that.

  • I've given up on American justice, there is none.And the republican senate still prevents it, and with Joe Manchin, Mcconnell maintains his power, ridiculous! and abhorant. Get rid of Manchin in the upcoming senate elections

  • I actually heard that rumor too that Greenland was named because the first thing they saw was greenery. But searching online it seems it was named such to attract immigrants. Regardless it's not a stupid thing to say, a absurd comparison to say it's the same as saying Germany was named such because of germs. I mean Greenland does get it's name from land and vegetation, that's like the whole idea. There is alot of things to criticize republicans and democrats who are much like republicans about, this isn't one of them.

  • Sean Hannity had a meltdown over this Seth Meyers editorial and called him names.

  • I usually share most of the same views as you but not here, democrats from heavily populated areas seem to forget that other democrats who live in rural and areas ALL over the country, deserts, woods, long highways with no cell coverage and could be hours before you happen upon the next traveler. There’s an awful lot of democrat voters in these states that are feeling forgotten in all this.

  • Sen. Kennedy is correct OUR country does need "idiot control." The "idiot control" should begin with the resignation of Sen. Kennedy, and Sen. Cruz from Congress.

  • Our lord fell three times also on the way to Calvary,he was a great hero,just like President Biden.!!!😇😇😇

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  • The NRA sociopaths are ALL Jesus freaks. Am I right? Creepy huh?

  • SETH ! Love ya dude

  • Also, 1) stop speaking for the majority, you have no idea what the majority wants. 2) you don't even understand what came out of your mouth, "universal background checks, mandatory gun licenses, ban on semi-automatic weapons". YOU are the cause of dumb people who I have to talk to who want "a ban on semi automatic weapons". Who have no idea what semi-automatic means. Really though, how can you have gotten to this point and not know what semi-automatic means? Do you know how to enforce universal background checks? "mandatory gun licenses", where did those even come from? 3) "showing off killing machines is demented". Just stepping back into the braindead liberal hole you've been in. You so woke bro. 4) You don't get invited to diner parties, so you won't have to worry about that. 5) the founders had semi automatic weapons. stop with your nonsense arguments 6) when you say the nra is bankrupt, you do understand what chapter 11 is, right? Or are you just trying to give your sheep "talking points"? GOA, FPC are the new NRA btw, get used to saying their names. 7) If I see one more manipulated graph, and some crazy leftie quoting it, imma blow my top. If you want stats, go to the expert, John Lott 8) Ted cruz says "these laws will do nothing to stop these shootings". This joker goes off on his vacation. That's called ad hominem, please stop supporting laws because you don't understand guns. Learn guns, then you can introduce non-infringing laws that will do something. 9) someone who calls the entire republican party idiots, is weak, low iq, and desperate. 10) You are really off your rocker. When trump was talking about taking the guns first, he was referring to red-flag laws. Go look them up. something which..certain..democratic presidents have supported LOL. But you won't tell your sheep that this is about red flag laws, because if you did, then you'd imply that democratic presidents don't support red flag laws...which is false. 11) once again, stop saying the majority of americans want tyrannical gun control, because they dont. Go learn about guns, then tell your president what you learn, and maybe he'll introduce some helpful gun laws.

  • watch as the comedians gravitate to the next poison agenda.

  • And you lied about Biden and his son's involvement in China.

  • While it's true the gun ownership was for volunteers trained in a state militia, the idea was to eliminate the need of a Federal army, which the Founders saw as dangerous. Since the government has abrogated the original idea of not having a Federal army, the argument now is, our government is our most compelling threat. Given how government condones the killing of unarmed black men, over and over, I'd say it's a good argument.

  • Unfortunately gun control won’t solve our mass shooter problem. It’s a symptom of a much deeper problem in America.

  • Republicans have become obsolete. What is it they actually do?

  • And don't forget the liability insurance. Windfall for the insurers, and people accidentally shot.

  • Regulate guns exactly like cars, and you'll get it right. Both are potential weapons, only one of them takes you somewhere besides jail.

  • Hey im british + resent being compared to the creepist looking guy in your politics. He looks like a rent boy hunter to me sorry its the mouth creeps me out.

  • ''Thanks for standing up for our constitution, many aren't''. Especially those who were shot dead thanks to your constitution.

  • Good God, that Pezident joke gave me level 3 Diarrhea. Not a fan of Trump. Not a fan of Fox News. Voted Biden. That being said, that joke was awful.

  • I belonged to nra till I saw they were stealing my money

  • Kennedy is absolutely correct. We need more idiot control in Congress but the "poorly educated," keep voting them back in.

  • A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. This means there is a natural right to keep and bear arms. And the federal government shall not infringe on that right because it is the citizens who make up the militia. It does NOT mean only members of a well regulated militia have the right to keep and carry arms. Stop fucking lying. no, trump, the gop and the nra are trash.

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  • Technically, Cruz is right to say that every time there’s a big shooting, “we” play a ridiculous theater. The theater is conservative histrionics about how we absolutely mustn’t do anything to try and reduce the incidence of shootings.

  • The founding fathers were kind of extreme. They went into a seemingly unwinnable war over tea taxes. I don't doubt for a second they would LOVE modern firearms, and that they would support private ownership. This doesn't mean we don't need gun laws, but I disagree with the notion that the founding fathers were the pinnacle of rationality and civility.

  • I guess the GOP thinks we should be satisfied, since they finally stopped saying, “thoughts and prayers”, which makes anyone want to claw out the eyes of whoever says that!

  • Ted Cruz was great in his childhood role of Eddie Munster. He's been totally useless since then.

  • This comment section is scary

  • Greenland WAS named Greenland because it was marketed as green by Erik the Red. So not even that wrong.

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  • Yeah, we need to start with putting a muzzle on senator Kennedy for his idiot control policy. Charity starts at home.

  • I can't think of anyone that fits the word 'spineless' more than Ted Cruz. It just fits perfectly with his character.

  • American is brainwashed by gun culture

  • filming Americans unflatteringly 101; film the people you disagree with at an upward angle from waist level to show their fat bellies and double chins. Cheap technique; just saying.

  • What would you think if an Asian country all of a sudden decided that it was "too Asian" and that it had to bring in millions of non-Asians to make itself less Asian? Would that make any sense? And what if people who objected to this were condemned as "racists" and fired from their jobs? Could you imagine any Asian country doing that to itself? Diversity and multiculturalism are foisted on ALL White countries and ONLY on White countries. They are codewords for White genocide. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  • Wow Seth Meyers is a fucking narcissist. Just like Jimmy Kimmel.

  • This is neo-Marxism by Biden: He opens the boarder for drug cartels and disarms Americans who want to protect their families?! These are created conflicts to divide and conquer, everyone made "equal" and disarm citizens so the political ruling class elite with armed security can have total power over us "little people" who have been “equalized”. Sorry the only ones running around with guns in streets in BKLYN or Chicago killing people are those who don’t follow existing gun laws.

  • I enjoy hunting and own several rifles and shotguns but I cannot stand pro gun nuts. I'd love to involve them in coming up with a solution but if you even bring it up to them they just throw tantrums like toddlers

  • ... plus, you have to carry insurance on a car to drive it and every time you get into an accident or you get a traffic ticket your rates go up. Let's treat all guns like cars.

    • @Martin Hearn Except owning and driving a car is a privilege in this country and not written in the constitution as a right. But I do agree that if you drive drunk you should be put in jail and have your driving privileges taken away. That's where the analogy comes in to play to driving and owning a car. If you want to purchase an actual machine gun or a silencer for instance, you have to apply and register it and pay a special NFA tax for around $200 dollars. Much like getting a commercial drivers license is tougher to get and probably costs more money . So what you said is already in place for some types of guns.

    • Every car is registered by the government. Police have constant access to that data base. You need to do lots of training before you can gain a licence. If you want to use bigger vehicle you need more training Every sale is recorded by the government. If you move interstate you need to reregister. Yep, that could work.

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  • FoxNews should stop feeding coco news!

  • Its crazy how in democracies a few can overrule the many.

    • The founding fathers were aristocrats who are whining about about abuse from a monarch. Basically a bunch of elites whining about an elite.

  • boy am i glad cocaine is so hard to get. bans really work. no way criminals would break the law

  • This guy is an idiot. Maybe he can explain then why prior to 1965 and mass immigration there was almost zero gun crime and zero mass shooters.

  • Crazy to think if only England would have banned guns.... there wouldn’t be a USA Today... fun fact... when purchasing a firearm you have to undergo an FBI background check. As well as completely fill out a form stating your identity, place of residence, as well as your Social Number. Not to mention if there’s a ban, it will begin the fall of of freedom. The first order of action Hitler inacted was a ban on guns before starting WWII... just an FYI, not a lot of people know this information. Have a nice day. Don’t just listen to public figures do you’re research, because people lie. A lot.

  • Find the hypocrisy when Trump himself infringed on the 2nd amendment after his bump stock ban. Of course his cult will forever support him.

  • This was really informative, however. When did Seth Meyers get so unfunny? I remember skits of him back in the day and he was hilarious. Like.. what happened?

  • As an outsider looking in, can the Supreme Court not revisit its original decision?

  • America has an unhealthy relationship with gun violence staring with westerns to violent computer games where killing is rewarded with points.

    • Here in Australia we watch all the same movies, play all the same games, but the gun death rate in the USA is 12 times ours. Why is that?

  • I guess his security is done with bad jokes.

  • Does anyone think anything proposed will stop anything?

  • "Idiot control" Let the GQP GENOCIDE BEGIN!

  • Why do I always end up in this channel when the videos i'm watching end?. Arg!

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  • WE ARE PATHETIC. News doing anything other then be objective is not new. FOX=CNN=Reagan/fairness doctrine (look it up) = 0

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  • That is excellent. One point is that the guns were not confiscated in Australia, some types of guns were banned and compulsorily bought back by the government and destroyed. And it was a conservative government that did this in response to a mass murder of 35 people. The US politicians who oppose gun control make Australian politicians look smart.

  • I can't wait for Fox to be slammed with over a billion for the rubbish they spew.Hopefully they will eventually be taken off the air.

  • The title says "a closer look", I was assuming Seth was talking about a closer look at the facts of new gun law proposals. Nope, it was a closer look at how ugly Ted Cruz is and how one senator used a bad analogy about drunk driving? What a let down. Nothing about actual facts or crime stats.

  • Too bad one of the mass shootings doesn't happen to the republicans, like Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz, Mitch Mcconnell, Lindsay Graham, and their ilk that are so against any gun control. Wonder how quick they would change their tune? Although I'm sure it's not likely as they would just find something else to blame for the cause of death rather than the guns (i.e. mental health, different race, not strong enough family values, etc.)