Ya Burnt: Pepe Le Pew, Piers Morgan

Birt 23 mar 2021
Seth sizzles through a list of topics and fires sick burns at some deserving subjects, like double masking and mayochup.
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Ya Burnt: Pepe Le Pew, Piers Morgan- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


  • Isn't Mayochup just Russian dressing?

  • Having the live audience removed just reinforces how unfunny this smug puppet is.

  • At a local korean near me, when you order ton katsu, the sauce they give you is ketchup, mayo, and mustard. Mixed together. They closed down. Before covid.

  • At 4:51, he went right into his John Mulaney voice!

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  • Mayochup is basically French salad dressing

  • For those that have hair that can be put into a pony tail, use an "ear saver" They're on Amazon and other places, I put that in my pony tail so that I can wear 3 masks on top of each other and this thing saves my ears.

  • Mayoketchup with a hint of garlic. Then you dip in some fried tostones delicious yummy. 👍

  • Unbelievable that people are getting this much upset over Pepe Le Pew not being in the Space Jam movie. First of all, no one cares about a new Space Jam movie. Second of all, Le Skonk Le Pew was designed by Chuck Jones as a parody of Ze Great Franch Lovair, a la Charles Boyer. Is joke, no? IS JOKE! Get over it! Ya burnt!

  • They had multi-layer masks like, the whole time.

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  • Kat Turd

  • Let's not forget that Penelope Pussycat did the same thing to Pepe when he finally didn't stink... But equality only goes one way and Pepe, being male, is the only bad guy.

  • Love Pepe. People are too uptight. Darth vader killed kids. Everyone think he’s cool.

  • What's funny about Heinz making mayochup is that here in Utah that's been around for a long ass time and we just call it fry sauce

  • Instead of complaining about masks, just take a small string, connect the two loops and put it over the head.. However I would complain why they aren't manufactured that way in the first place...

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  • My oldest kid (12) loves a closer look!

  • Are you serious tho on the Pepe Le Pew?? SMMFH Yall are too sensitive n it's sad #snowflakeMofos

  • “Mayochup” is called “fry sauce” and its been around forever in Utah.

  • Mayochup has been around for a very, very long time: it's called fry sauce and it's delicious.

  • I love pepe le pew

  • Mayochup isn't the already existing (and for decades) golf sauce?

  • well I have to say this program wasn’t that bad you might be getting better, well maybe;:::;;;::;;;::;;;::;;;;::;;;::;;;::;;no

  • here’s ol seth again trying to be funny what a butt face bit:;:;:;: ch

  • Americans saying Wanker is so funny.

  • Mayochup is essentially Thousand Island dressing. How dumb are people?

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  • I have adjustable elastic loops on a 4 layer + filter mask. I don’t understand why it’s not more common or just selling the little silicone tubes to make other masks adjustable. I also wear my mask for 10hrs a day with no issue - haha glad I didn’t get a nose job!

  • Mayochup is called fry sauce and it’s from Utah. Heinz can suck it

  • I’m gonna guess that there are no latin writers on this show if they’re making fun of Mayoketchu AND didn’t know that this is old news already. remezcla.com/lists/culture/with-heinz-releasing-mayochup-everyones-fighting-about-who-invented-the-mayo-ketchup-sauce/

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  • the thicker mask is a ffp2 mask. now mandatory in europe.

  • Kenneth Cole sells masks that are 6 layer all-in-one solutions which are as effective as double masking. I'm sure they're not the only one. So they do exist.

  • Whoever did the graphic made the skunk stripes transparent and now they're blue.

  • Mayochup...known here in Utah as fry sauce

  • You know *actual* mayonnaise is made with mustard and it tastes nothing like your tasteless generic whitish chemical paste. (and even less like that stupid "mayomust")

  • Why can't Seth have more time?

  • You need music

  • Humanitarian Butt Goblin had better be someone’s Twitter bio

  • "This has been a Close Ya Burnt"

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  • You might have the right to steal from people like you but you dont have the right to steal from me.

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  • if i didnt wanna taste anything while i was eating , i would just get covid.

  • You 'Muricans are only now getting the Mayochup? Over here we've had it for ages now; we call it "pink sauce", and it's the best thing on our tacos (they're different from Mexican tacos, so there's that)

  • The mayochup of humans - Piers Morgan

  • Comedy showcase at junior high talent show.

  • American bagel gloating is cute once you've been to Montreal.

  • Ya thats right. You're no scientist.

  • “Back that tail up” - Pepe Le Pew

  • I love how everyone missed the real joke regarding Pepe Le Pew: The cat is male. XD

  • Is it legal for Heinz to be conducting focus groups in an elementary school cafeteria?

  • Ah yes, Piers Morgan. He "fled to America" to "escape the climate of Britain". Y'know what that climate was? As an editor at The Mirror his team hacked the phones of a bunch of celebrities while his colleagues over at The Sun (a Murdoch shitrag) were hacking the phones of a bunch of dead kids' relatives so they could spy on the investigations by listening to voicemails left for the parents by the police. When the public found out we were unimpressed. 32 journalists were arrested over it but Morgan sat the whole thing out in America and has so far avoided any consequences. The "hostile climate" is the fact that Britain's utterly lawless press is apparently still subject to at least one law.

  • I can't believe they got rid of peppe le pew😞.

  • Oh wow, I never realized before that "Ya Burnt" was just as segment about cancel culture. When Seth burns things it's just like trolls trying to cancel comedians for being funny.

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  • Yo Dawg, I heard you like masks so we put a mask on your mask

  • Whatever Seth! CA bagels are awesome! I love them!

  • Piers Morgan's middle name is Pugh.

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  • As a vaccination clinic volunteer... I’m burnt.

  • Maybe I'm alone here, but i didn't like the deep voice coming in each time. Felt unnecessary.

  • My dad called mayochup "fry sauce" when we were kids.

  • 👌👌👌👌🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • love mayochup

  • OMG!!!! those writes killed it and you delivered it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How would they call in the States mayo with chipotle chili peppers? Mayopotle? Mayochili? Chipo de Mayo?

  • Fry sauce

  • Mayochup is what every family in the 80s and 90s called French Dressing (if you add relish, it’s Thousand Islands dressing). They’re behind lower middle class families by about 30 years

  • Ketchup and mayonnaise = thousand island dressing.

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  • i like ya burnt, but one of these times i just want to hear the story about the migrating tree frogs.

  • Pickles are revolting anyway so I'm definitely not gonna eat the before version either.

    • Pkl can be wonderfulness. Look at Popeyes..super but u only get 2 chips. I need 4! Great on chkn sans.

  • WTF did a cucumber ever do to you Seth? FYI pickles are disgusting

  • Hahaha haha I am exactly 4 blocks count them 4 blocks away from Boichik Bagels. And as a transplant from Queens I can tell you I know a bagel when I (almost) break a tooth on it. Neener neener neeeener, yer just jealous.

  • Sorry. Thumbs down for dissing double masking. Who mocks people wearing protective masks? Trump. You are better than that, sir.

  • Cucumbers are always cool kuz that's where pickles come from nit wit!

  • We have to cancel MS. Piggy also. She harnessed and stalked Kermit. Kermit told her all the time he was good. Peep le pew always hit on the same chick. She showed interest but was playing hard to get.

  • Western Bagels are great. I don't have to go more than a couple of miles to get one!

  • Nice segment - MORE!

  • This segment should be called "Ya Not Funny".

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  • What's an "8-mile"?

  • I had never heard of Mayochup, and now I wish I'd still never heard of Mayochup.

  • Much as I enjoy a good A Closer Look, and I really do, the thing that leaves me weak from laughter is always Ya Burnt.

  • Isn’t mayochup just golf sauce? They have been selling that in South America for ages, we call it golf sauce

  • Piers Morgans' punchable face and the reference to Boris Johnson gets my vote as joke of the week. I haven't laughed that hard for a long time.

  • My understanding about double masking is that it's not just about the thickness, but about how two different kinds of masks can better seal the edges by having different areas they're tight against, if that makes sense.

  • Backup to cloud means that some company out there gets a complete copy of your deepest secrets, and maybe even your passwords. They pinky-promise not to look, but still need your permission.

  • Stop calling it “Ya Burnt” just call it “A Closer Burn” - know your brand!

  • it sounds really weird when an American says "wanker" and Isn't mayochup just 1000 island dressing?

    • @Evergreen Spring no, in the UK it doesn't always have pickle in it it's just mayo and ketchup,

    • No. That has pickle and maybe other things

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  • Mayochup is a bad name but doesn’t make it less delicious.

  • Jumping on the Pepe le Pew bandwagon. Disappointing. There hasn't been a Pepe le Pew cartoon for decades but someone decides to make a name for themselves by writing an article calling him a bit rapey. It's a bloody cartoon and was a parody. If you take life lessons from screwball cartoons more fool you. But everyone likes to pat themselves on the back for misrepresenting something for likes. See how 2021 I am. Now how about MGM cruelly stuffing a lion inside their logo? Not a word

  • 'butternut squash' still sounds like some kind of wrestling maneuver.

  • i love that seth continues to use the migrating tree frog fake out intro from weekend update

  • Mayochup is mayoketchup in puerto rico and with fried plantains is super delicious